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Birth Plans first time around Lock Rss

Hi all....

I am currently 29 weeks with my first bub and just started looking into birth plans, as i was unsure of exactly what they are.
How do you know what you want during the labour? I naturally suck at making decisions, but how do you know what you will want until you are actually there, especially when it's your first time and haven't experienced anything?!
Reading all that stuff gets me a little scared, i know i have a while to go, but im really scared of what drugs to take and how i want things to happen, i, like most people want it pain free obviously, but my mum is really worried about epidurals...its sooooo confusing!!!

Any tips on what you did first time around would help!?????

I don't know about birth plans i had one with my son nothing happened the way i had planned, I think the most important is to say who you want to be there who you want to cut the cord if you want drugs you will decide that at the time i think the best thing is to go into birthing with an open mind about what can happen i am sure others will have other opions but that is how i felt about it.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

Hi penny, the first thing is your mum is not the one in labour.No offence to yuor mum, things where a lot diff back then for our mums. Epidurals do help some women as do diiff drugs. with all things in life there are risks. 99% of the time all procedures and drugs go fine. first thing though is what do you really want(besides no pain during labour) explore all avenues talk to mid wifes ther can be really helpful. As for me, we did many plans and changed and added all the time until we came up with something close to what we would like to happen, just try to cover every scenario e.g if cesar is needed do you wish to be awake in my case no way but some womem are awake. what pain relief would you like to try again e.g i am opting for no peth and no epi but the gas i will try and lots of baths. The only reasons for no peth and no epi is i don't like the feeling it gives me not any medical reason. I hope this helps a bit and tell your mum to back off...

lana & chris NSW 2wks to go....

Hi Penny

it is a good idea to think about what drugs you want to take ie gas, pethadine or epi but you realy do need to keep an open mindwhen you get in there

i went to an antenatal class and this helped to explain what different things can happen and what effects different drugs can have.

before i went into labor i was thinking i would use gas and pethadine if it got really bad and i would have lots of baths etc and i was not planning on having an epi
well that all went out the window when i got induced and the babies heartbeat had to be constantly monitored. i was unable to get out of bed much except to go to the loo basicaly.

also due to a long labor i had gas to start then 2 shots of pethadine (at seperate times) and in the end i had an epidural and had to have three shots of it because the first only numbed my left side and the second started to wear off after a few hours but it really helped and they let it start to wear off before you push so you can feel the contractions.

hope this helps

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Penny,
I didn't have a plan wheni went into labour with my DS, he is my only cjild at the moment, hopefully that will change soon!!!!
I was ok with having drugs and thought that when i was in labour i would take it as it comes and that's exactly what i did!
As i said i was ok with drugs, i said i will have them as needed if needed!
As for the epidural i had one and swear by them, but i know that they my be scary for paopl, i was scared to have it but had it for blood pressure and turned out the best thing i could have done as when i wasrushed down to theatre for my caesar, they just had to top me up with the drugs and didn't have to wait ti have one! I think an epidural is a personal choice and i understand why people don't want them, but i personally was scared but got to the point where i didn't care and whatever they could do to stop the pain i wanted them to do it! I also had gas for awhile before it, but found the only relief that gave me was that i could bite down on it during a contraction!!!
I had nine hours of full labour and was induced and had to have a caesaros my baby was too big to pass thorugh the birth canal and for my blood pressure!
Do what you feel is going to make you comfy, but i am happy that i went in there with an open mind and just did things as i felt comfy to do them!
Good luck with it all!!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Hi Penny

I am also pregnant with my first and have the same fears as you. I was really scared at the thought of an epidural. I don't know if your going to antenatal classes, but I recommend it, it helps shed light on a lot of horror stories. The midwife running my class showed us an epidural and told us exactly what they do. It made me feel loads better. I'm still not sure that I want to use it as I'd like to try and go natural but I won't rule it out if I need it. I think it's a good idea to make a plan but don't look at it as set in concrete and just in your own mind plan to go with the flow. As my midwife says , during labour you are no longer in control, your body takes over.

Hope this helps

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Penny, i think it best if you discuss with those who will be in the room what you would like. as previously stated go in with an open mind. don't be disheartened if your baby has not arrived within a certian time frame or the drugs you didn't want to take you needed. my birth plan was based on two things. 1; my heath and 2; the health of our child. After that i wanted as pain free as i could tolerate and i challenged my self to not have to have a ceaser. [i do know that this was a possibility] my baby was posterior. my support people were my advocates and i trusted them enough to make decisions on my behalf. [i was there in body but not too sure where my mnd was;)] My main influence on birth was the sheep and cows that i grew up around and witnessed many times. for some it was a short process but others long. odd isn't it, that nature can inflict such an undescribeable experience but for many of us we go back again. take care and let us know how you go

mum to ben 20/4/03, Riley 19/4/05, Megan 15/9/06 &

Hi All,

I went to the trouble of writing a detailed birthplan for my first pregnancy - by using the basic template given from our antenatel classs. Just stating that it was by trial of the labour as to if and when we would have pain relief from me asking or their offering if needed etc, that I wanted to be mobile, have my partner present at all times, etc etc.

However, once in hospital (for 17hrs of a 40hr labour!) and to be completely honest of my experience - I had the birthplan in my hand ready to give to the midwife and she just looked at me and shrugged! seriously! so i left it on the side table and thats were it stayed! Sorry! But we discussed BRIEFLY what was in it etc. The hospital was that understaffed I was flat out having a SINGLE midwife with me, let alone the DOUBLE team they advise you are meant to have! So I ended up having a emergency c-section. But the labour is a whole other story!

So as long as you are aware of your options, just take your labour as it comes and let them advise you of what they think you need etc, then you can make your decision based on that etc. Depending on your hospital (compared to mine) what you want and what you get are 2 completely different things! Sorry, I hope that doesn't sound bad, that was just my experience, as its something that can be out of your control.

Good luck! I am loving every minute of having a newborn again!

Karen, FNQ, Danika (May 03), Jarrad ( Feb 06), Ama


I didn't have a birth plan, I sort of knew in my head what i wanted and i told the midwives what i wanted but was open to options. As the labour went on i just made the decisions at the time cause you know at the time what you need - until then you don't know what you want.

Hi Penny,
I had great difficulty writing out my birth plan. How can you plan for something that you have no real idea about. It's not like we have done it before and know what to expect, even with all the information given to us prior the birth. My birth plan never came out of my bag. My advice would be just go with the flow, you will know what you want and need at the time. If you have anything that you feel really strongly about that you don't want, like certain pain relief etc. Tell your husband or birthing partner or even your midwife prior, just so that they are aware of your wishes.
Apart from that good luck with it. You will be so relieved and overwhelmed when it is all over you will wonder what all the fuss was about.
Jo, Allira's Mum

Jo, Tassie. First Daughter Allira 20/6/05

Hi penny

As long as you know all your options i believe its ok not to have a set birthing plan. i didn't when I had my daughter (1st) 6 months ago. I just thought i'd go with the flow and see where the labour took me, i knew all the drugs that I could have if need be and I knew all the equipment etc the hospital had to offer e.g spa, gym balls etc.

Honestly your right, you don't know what you want until your there in the middle of it all and even then your not quite sure lol. Your fantastic birthing plan could go out the window fairly quickly or you may be lucky enough to see it through,the body sort of takes over and you just do what ever you do to get through it.

Best of luck with it all and what ever plan you decideif any make sure your the one comfortable with it

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

my birth plan went exactly the way i hoped i think you just have to look at birth in a positive way my birth plan wasnt set in stone when i made it i knew what i didnt want but i have no idea how i managed to have such a straight ford birth for my 1st baby wasnt enough to scare me off babies coz im having another and im not even going to bother making a birth plan
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