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Drugs during labour and birth Rss

Hi girls,

Iam looking to hear some stories about using drugs or not using drugs in labour. Are you happy you decided one or the other? Would you choose a diffrent option for your next birth? Any replies would be greatly appreciated smile

With DS1 I had gas and air (about 5 puffs total) and later found out I was using it wrong. LOL It helped to take my mind off the pain by focusing on my energies but didn't take the pain away iykwim?

With DS2 I had nothing and I have to say, even though I questioned my sanity for that decision and wondered why I was stupid enough to think I could do it without drugs I was so glad I did and if I can talk dp into a 3rd will be planning to go drug free again. I am super proud of myself for coping without the drugs and of my 2 births, I preferred my second one.

Now having said that, I had really short labours/births; DS1 was 3hrs 56min all up and DS2 was 2 hours all up. DS1 was a hospital birth and DS2 was a planned home water birth. I could have ordered gas and air for my home birth (midwife doesn't carry the stuff as standard) but decided as I barely needed/used it last time that it would be a waste of money. I think being at home helped in that the drugs weren't "on tap" so even if I wanted them I would have had to transfer to hospital to get them and I knew that unless I had a medical emergency I wouldn't be doing that.

I guess at the end of the day I trusted in my body's ability to know what it was doing and I kept repeating to myself that the pain was there for a reason and that each contraction was bringing me one step closer to meeting my new baby.

So that's my experiences, but I know that everyone is different, everyone copes with pain differently and that no two labours and births are the same so I think it is perfectly normal, and even understandable if someone does it one way for one birth and then another way for a different birth.


I had gas while waiting for an epidural (took 4 bloody hours!) and that made me pretty ill but took the edge off some of the contractions.

This time i dont really have a choice but to have an epidural because of the VBAC. They said i dont have to but its safer and dont need to wait on an anaethetist incase i need an emergency c-sec. they would rather have me prepped in case!

I have no issues with that though LOL!
When I had DD I had pethadine and gas. The pethadine made me really sick and woozy and I wasnt with it after the birth.

When I had DS I didnt have any drugs.

This time I am aiming for no drugs again, but if I dont go into spontaneous labour before my EDD Im being induced the night of my EDD so I am open to having an epidural if the contractions come hard and fast and I feel like I cant handle them.

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My first labour I used the gas before opting for an epidural and I was very glad I did lol, that labour really sucked!

My next 2 labours were fairly straightforward and I didn't need any pain relief at all and again I was happy about that too lol.

Go with an open mind and that way you wont be dissapointed!

i had gas and a shot of pethedine with my labour and next time i would either opt for an epidural or go natural because in my experience, the gas and the peth did absolutely F all!!!

the pethedine didn't make me sick or woozy or sleepy etc. it didnt take the pain away either.

the gas, i was using on the lowest setting without realising and so that did bugger all as well and it wasnt until after my baby was born that i realised you could turn it way up. not happy jan!
This is what i had...

Drip - cause i couldn't stop vomiting and was dehydrated.

Pethadine - cause had no sleep night before from strong contractions.

Gas - tried it towards the end but made me vomit even more!

Epidural - cause it was a slow progress labour with bub in prosterior position, i was so exhaused the midwife said i needed a break.

Drugs to speed up contractions - after my epidual break they gave me a little something to help speed up the contractions. like forcing my body to go the extra mile (sounds nasty but true).

I used the drugs cause the birth took a few unexpected turns of it's own. It was also very painful having all the pain in the lower back area.

Having said all that... the consequences were I didn't eat for 2 days after cause of the amount of stuff i had taken. Hopefuly this time round it would be as bad. fingers crossed.

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with ds i used gas.
I LOVED it. It didn't take away all the pain. BUT it gave me something else to concentrate on.

I suggest you get the midwife to tell you how to use it correctly.

In fact it was so effective for me that when it came time to stitch me. The dr wanted to take me to the OR. my midwife convinced her to let me try the gas ( full on) first. I was able to handle the 2 and bit hr of stitching by using the gas.

Will not hesitate this time around if i need something.

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Everyone is different and you will do what is best for you... I went in with the mind set that if I found it too painful I was having drugs!

Drug 1- Gas: I found useless (DP thought it was great)

Drug 2 - Sterile Water Injections (OMG) They were supposed to assist with the back pain (My son turned in labour into the posterior position, little darling). They nickname them the "Bee Sting" and let me just say that obviously these people haven't been stung by a bee because this was horrendous pain and it only lasted an hour. I don't recommend this at all.

Drug 3 - Pethadine. I thought it was useless but it made me sleep and that is what I needed after the amount of hours I was in labour

Drug 4 - Epidural! LOVED IT!!!! I could still feel the contractions but with little pain only pressure. I felt my entire birth and I felt him crown etc. This is not always the way for some but for me it worked. I was up and in the shower after 2 hours of delivering and I had no side effects. Keep in mind I did have a 25 hour labour so I was totally exhausted and bubbs was getting stressed as well as a very low heart rate due to the chord being tightly wrapped around his neck twice!

Do what you feel is right... Good luck with it all.


with my first birth, i wanted a natural birth, ended up having the works including an emergency c/s... i was pretty upset.

second baby, i pulled out all the stops to ensure i was physically & mentally prepared & i had a fantastic birth. no drugs & i mean no gas, no nothing. i had booked the hospital based on its large spa baths & never used them because i never felt i was in bad enough pain. i got my VBAC & i was stoked.

next birth i'll do the same thing again. lots of visualisation (i pictured waves crashing on a beach with the contractions), picturing my daughter & her beautiful smile helped (reminded me why i was going through what i was going through), silly drinking games (obviously without the drinking part, but they worked as a distraction & i often came out with silly answers mid contraction) & lots of moving.

congrats on your pregnancy & hope this birth goes well for you. lots of time to prepare....

p.s. i had the gas first birth & didn't love it. it made me sick (combined with the pain of labour) & i didn't like breathing it & i thought i was tripping out. epidural was good though. all pain disappeared.

[Edited on 02/06/2008]

i had gas (hated it... did nothing)
pethadine (this was good but wore off far to quick)
epidural (totally loved this)

I didn't have any drugs with any of my labours

I wanted a drug free birth with all my kids & that is what I had

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