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What do you class as..... Rss

A natural birth??
Because a friend of mine tried to tell me i didn't have a natural birth because i had drugs but to me i think its natural as they came out the va jay jay!

So what do you consider natural?

yep out the jay jay thats what i did,
yes deffiantly a natural, i was like you had drugs but dd came out my va jay jay to.

Natural to me is a vaginal delivery. I couldn't care less if the person was drug free or not.

Is OVER rude people

A va jay jay birth is natural in my opinion weather you had drugs or not

There's nothing natural about something the size of a baby coming out a hole that small...!!!
i didnt want to be a marta and do without nothing,
like my sister told me its like squeezing a watermelon out ofa lemon
[Edited on 22/05/2008]

"I" would say natural birth is a vaginal delivery....

"Some" would say a c-section is a natural delivery too..

I actually class natural as Drug Free.

Let it naturally happen without help...

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I think natural is a vaginal birth
and you either have a vaginal birth with drugs or without drugs

Nothing to see here folks!!

I agree with Paula...
I consider natuaral a vaginal delivery.
But then I don;t class a Csection as 'unnatural' either, just a different way of giving birth - hope that makes sense!

for the ones who say drug free is natural not having a dig but what is a vaginal birth with drugs called?! I always wonder as people ask if I had my kids naturally I usually say yes but after reading some of the things on here i wonder, I didn;t have them naturally but didn;t have a caeser, what did I have?!
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