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HELP AM I IN LABOUR?????????? Rss

I am getting extremely serve back pain, more to my left side than my right and it continues around to my belly button every now and then. the back pain is constient and worsenes every now and then. I had diarehoa all day yesterday and feel very nausea today. Does this sound like labour. I am only 33 weeks though.
HELP? dont wanna ring midwife and sound stupid if i'm not.
Hi,im not the best expert on wen is it labour or not.. However it does sounds like early sighns of labour, or your body Preparing For labour, you wont sound stupid ringing the hospital!!better to be safe then sorry let me kno what happens. N good luck. xOx
You won't sound stupid, just ring them! If it isn't labour, then they might want to check out any other possible causes for the pain and make sure you and the baby are both ok. Don't feel stupid for that, you are always better to be safe than sorry.
Hi there,

I agree with the others in saying that you should ring your midwife/hopsital and just explain to them what is happening. They definitely won't think you're being stupid!

It does sound like the start of early labour or your body may be preparing for labour. I had the same symptoms in early labour.

Good luck smile]

you should check with your midwife anyway but i had that with DD#1 so more than likely its branxton hicks but if you do get a show go to the hospital immediately
I would be calling the hosptial and talking with a midwife or even better go into the hosptial.Good luck.
sweeite go ring the midwife! they will not think you are stupid, far from it!! They get these kind of calls all day every day! I rang them with similar things when I was about 32weeks. Turned out to be early signs of Labour, but they stopped it because it was too early! ended up lasting another 6 weeks till she came!

Let us know what they say can what happens - GOOD LUCK darl.

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