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Will it hurt MORE Lock Rss

this is my second pregnancy and my boss told me it hurts more the second time around. i see how this make no sense, but last night i had a dream that it was unbearable and i died......strange yes i can anyone put light on this honest so i can prepare


My second time was better than my first just because I knew what to expect and I wasnt as scared as the first time.

I didnt use any drugs for either of them and I can honestly say that the pain was just as bad as the first one but not worse.

Your boss shouldnt being saying that sort of stuff to you and pregnant women has enough to worry about.

The only thing I must say was worse was the pains after giving birth. They are not unbearable but it is like really bad period pain, I was not prepared for that because I didnt get any pain after my first.

I'm going to bring some nurofen or panadiene into the hospital with me for my third because panadol did nothing. The midwifes said that the after pains are normal for women who have already had a child.

But anyway good luck on your journey and tell your boss to keep her advice to herself if its negative,

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My second birth actually was more painful, but it was a completely different birth. It was BOOM! 4 hours and it was all over, as opposed to 24 hours.

I wonder if second time around your body 'knows' what to do so well that it is super efficient, and works a lot harder?

Dunno, that was my experience anyway.

I had both births without pain relief, so pain can definitely be managed by techniques, if you are that way inclined.

You can do this, your body was made perfectly to do this. smile

homebirthing mum to three boys!

My second was less painful. When I spoke to the hospital on the phone I said they were just strong period pain like contractions but they were regular - 5 mins apart. They told me to wait until stronger but then 5 mins later my waters broke so I went in. I had my DD 10 mins after getting to hospital. My third was my worse but I had to be induced with a drip.

Good luck

currently being updated please check back later.

my second birth was a breeze, as the birthing goes. I went into labour with contractions so went to the hopsital, they sent me home. I had to go back because i just knew i was in labour. They sent me to maternity ward as the policy is that you can't be sent home twice, so themidwives all thought i was making it up and I was 38 weeks so noone was concerned. Well up in maternity having contractions, (nit that painful) the nurse had stated to go for a walk or a shower but i am not in labour so not much i can do, i felt something wet and it was blood! I asked her what that could be, she told me it was my baby's head crowning.OK so am in labour do you think??? i got sent to labour ward, 10 mins later out came my DD, so for me the second was way easier, although mentally it is draining cause you spend the pregnancy worrying cause you know whats to come. I think the fear of the second is worse than the actual whole process itself...
aw hugs!
What a silly thing for someone to tell you!
I cant comment to much as only one ds for me so far but I have to say I think always awake hit the nail on the head there cos I am not even ttc with #2 yet but it already plays on my mind what I have to do to get it out iykwim!

You will be fine tho and do a great job!
For me the sceond was heaps less painful and quicker and I think that was mostly knowing what to expect and knowing that you will get through it. Visualise yourself having a manageable labour - don't bother with visualising a painless one as you know damn well that won't happen so it's a waste of time. I found the first stage was so much better second time round - nto even half as painful while "opening up"
What kind of a rambling idiot would want to scare you like that? Obviously her second time was worse than her first (if she has kids at all) I can tell you that my second labour was a walk in the park compared to my first. With my DD it was over 17 hours of pure pain and agony resulting in an episotomy and many, many stitches - not a good time had by anyone present at the birth. However, my DS who was born 2 years later, was onyl 3 hours from start to finish (only just made it to the hospital in time!) and I would say that his birth was more uncomfortable than actually being painful. I think it was rude of your boss to say this to you in the first place, don't worry about it. What will be will be. Good luck with your pregnancy, enjoy it and don't let anyone tell you any bad stories to fill your head with worry.

I just read your post Cyathea and you are totally right in your presumption that your body knows what to do second time around. The midwife present at my son's birth told me that first time labour your cervix has to dilate and efface at separate times, where as in your second labour it does it at the same time. What clever bodies we have!! I had a drug free birth with my DS and I have never felt so empowered in my life before, I felt like I could achieve anything after that!!!

well i am pregnant with my second. i am expecting the worst. but i have been told that is alot easier than your first. my mil had her 2nd baby in 45 minutes and she got induced. i think it just depends on your body

Hi there
I am up to baby #6 and I can say that if it hurt too much I think we all would only have 1 or maybe 2 babies. My second wasn't too bad but my first was very easy and with no after pains. The after pains get worse but the actual birth doesn't. If your boss told you this maybe they are a big sook and cant handle pain at all.

wow, thanks girls, you have put light on the situation. i didn't believe it at first but when you are pregnant, everything plays on your head til you let it out. its so good i have a place to do that........i just hope i don't have a drip or anything...too many horror stories.....thanks again guys ""MWAHHHH""


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