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isnt it empowering Rss

I had a long natural labour...with epidural....YES THATS STILL NATURAL. And i just want to say to all the mums out there whether you had a natural (VAGINA) birth or cesarian birth.....(Both cases are unique and still an amazing process to me in the end).

As i was saying.....even though it might take a while to get over the trauma of the whole bloody thing....when you look back....isnt it incredibly EMPOWERING to know that you did the HARDEST thing ever imaginable and got through it with a tiny little bundle of joy that continues to empower you to be a better person every day!!

[Edited on 23/12/2007]

Damn straight Sista!!! - I went through all manners of 'intervention' to achieve a pregnancy and when I did - I made sure I made the most of it - I suffered through morning sickness from week 6 to 20, the excrutiatingly bad pubic symphasis and all the rest of the associated pregnancy stuff - only to end up with a C/S - (not telling why cause that's my bizzo) and despite all the stuff I went through - and I mean stuff@!!!!!! - my DS is 5 days shy of turning 3 and ya know what - he's my miracle and no one else's - and I'll be damned if anyone calls me less of a mother because he was C/S or for any other matter - (insert worst expletive said many times by a very drunk woman) YOU - who says I am less of a woman for doing so!!!!!!!!!!!!

I joined this site in March 05 searching for help/answers and immediately back then I was pouned on by two memebers in particular who treated me like dirt because I didn't natural birth/breast feed/cosleep etc etc etc etc.

Sorry but now I refuse to let anyone tell me I'm a "bad" mother for my choices - (expletive) them - don't preach to me the natural way - cause that is that way I wanted and prayed and planned for - but...................the best laid plans of mice and they saying goes.........

Just cause you read books, go to meetings of 'natural birth', 'breast feeding', or 'home birth' does not mean you will get want you want - stop trying to equate reading a book with obtaining the same result as the retched book you read - and PLEASE PLEASE stop trying to put down other motherws who don't meet your 'natural requirements' for motherhood.

Geez if we all read the books and did as they say - we would all have pleasant/spiritual/drug free 2 hour vaginal births in an area of our choosing with breast feeding 30 seconds from birth and a baby who sleeps through from 2 days of age who does not scream at all hours of the day - and I'm so bored with this topic I won't go on....


edited to say - YEP WE SOOOOOOOO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Edited on 26/12/2007]
just to make it through a pregnancy is empowering, no matter how you got pregnant, or by which method your baby was delivered..being pregnant is like running a marathon only there is a great reward at the end!! No matter what people say you went through a hard slog to get to the end!! Everyone should give themselves some credit!!
I never appreciated women with children until I fell pregnant (after over 3 years of trying and fertility treatment) then went through pregnancy and vaginal birth which was induced, with epidural which was not managed well but that is another story.
What us women go through is nothing short of amazing, it is such an emotional and physical roller coaster and absolutely nothing can compare.
So to all us mums and mums to be, we are amazing!
While I'm on the topic, to those mums that are lucky enough to have multiples, I really take my hat off to you, one baby is hard enough at times, you are more than amazing!

Haha yeah cassie71 having multiples is definately a shock to the system but a very nice shock..
AND that even though you may have gone through the worst labour imaginable, all is forgotten as soon as that baby is in your grasp. (at least for a while!)

I never thought of labour as a big part of being pregnant, geez it was only 12 hours of 9.5 months. I wanted to hold my baby more than anything else. It didn't matter to me if I had a drug-free birth or I was drugged up to la la land (I was la la land!) as long as I had my baby in the end.

Shame on all the mums putting down other mums for their different birth decisions.
If it wasn't for intervention, Lily may not have been here because she was so stuck. She was posterior, big and wedged in.
I ASKED for intervention to get her out.
I knew she wasnt moving down anymore and I was getting too tired pushing when I knew nothing was happening.


after i had my first baby all i could do was think of how much admiration i had for all the women bedore me who had giiven birth, i actually didn't think whether by c-section or drugs or however the baby came out, i just knew that i admired every woman especially my grandmother and great grandmothers, wow strong strong women to labour back in the day, My nan was in labour for 3 days walking around the house still doing housework. now after 6 babies i even admire myself for just getting through the pregnancies labours and births... now if i can get through childhood and adolescence then i think i can celebrate,!
I think as long as you feel empowered that you have done the right thing for you.

I am a big homebirth advocate (simply because it was the best thing for me) but I HAVE had two induced/epidural hospital births and they were harder than my homebirth, so YES however you give birth is damned hard work and you should be proud of yourselves.

It is only when you dont feel empowered or seek something different that you should worry about the "natural or not" comments. If you are happy. GOOD! To me, me being happy is the only thing I care about. Same with everyone else.

Regardless of the birth, being a mum (and I can only imagine multiples!) is damned hard and as long as you enjoy THAT and can say at 77 that you have had a happy life, that is al that counts.
Sharoo I had intervention too, same reason by the sounds of it, Tayla got stuck and was posterior so out with the vacuum. After I made that decision she was born about 25 minutes later, who knows how long we could have gone on for if not for the help, or how distressed she may have become.
I desperately wanted twins because I didn't want to go through 2 pregnancies, but now I'm glad I've had the opportunity to do it all again.
It never ceases to amaze me, how we create this human from almost nothing!

WHOO WHOO WHOO....Slow down there....i havent been here for a while so i havent read where this post went. I need to stop you Jacobs Mum. I was having a dig at those damn people on this site who are anti c/s. I wasnt saying that its bad, i said....i think both ways are amazing. I was also having a dig at the people who said an epidural makes your borth unnatural....i dont think so. I am also tried of those particular people on this site who are narrow minded.

I think you are a fantastic person for having a baby regardless of how you bought it in to the world....they are amazing little things.

Im so sorry if you took my post the wrong way....i was trying to remind us all about how great we are as mums to go through what we do....regarless of how we get there.

[Edited on 30/12/2007]

Yes Steph26, you did say that both were empowering. I didn't think you were criticising C/S at all...people just ned to read posts correctly (I know I am setting myself up for a hammering but if you read this post correctly, there shouldn't be any offence!)

I think pregnancy and birth and after birth are the most amazing things. I hated every minute of being pregnant as I was so sick the whole 39 weeks. I nearly needed forceps for delivery, but was able to go without. And I am breastfeeding but I am struggling with it. But throughout all the problems we all have, the human body is able to adjust to all it throws at us! I am impressed with how our bodies cope with it all, change to provide all the requirements our precious lil joys need.

Men are just so inferior to us women!!! LOL (Now please, everyone read the LOL so you dont take offence!) BUT (always a but) their bodies certainly dont go through what we women do and cope with all these pressures either physically or emotionally. No I am not a feminist, I love being a stay at home mum, and after going through pregnancy and birth and after birth, I have just realised how amazing our bodies are!

Being a women is empowering! And the whole baby process is amazing!
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