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c-section mummies... Rss

Without scarying me too much LOL would some of you be able to answer a few of my questions that i have =]
that would be nice =]

1) what can you feel once they put the epidural/spinal block in place while they are doing the procedure?

2) how long were you in recovery for? or can you be taken straight to your room after?

3) is a spinal block better or an epidural - ive never had either -

4) do they tell you what they are doing while doing the procedure because id rather not no when they are cutting me etc?

5) how long after does it take to get out of bed and move around?

6) do the staples hurt? are they annoying? does your clothes rub on them?

and lucky last

7) am i freaking out over nothing LOL

sorry for so many questions.. just tryna prepare myself as this will be number 2 for me but my first c-section has my little terror is breech sad

1) You can feel pulling and shoving and your body being moved around but that's it.

2)Not sure how long I was in recovery for, half hour maybe. Had my babies been better they would have been in recovery with me and had a breastfeed and skin to skin... alas not in my cases.

3)I have had spinal and epi - pretty much of a muchness, one works faster than the other but they feel pretty much the same to me.

4)I had emergencies and they didn't tell me much at all. The Dr said "hello darling" when they yanked my 2nd daughter out and that's the only way I know she was out. Don't look in the big light above you (and tell your partner not to) as you can see the reflection.

5)My first time I had my daughter at 4am and was up at 9am the next morning. My second one was at 1am and I was up about 10am the same morning.

6)I never had staples or even external stiches. Undies can rub on the wound so you need big nanna undies tongue

7) Both mine were emergencies so I had no time to dwell on it but it is fair enuff to worry. But it's not that bad really. Just take things easy afterwards.
Hi there my c/section was done via spial block (i liked this as I was up 5 hours after wards I never had an epidual so i cant say which is better. Once they are sure the spial has wokred the run ice from your toe to your neck and you have to tell them when you feel it, i felt pulling and that is all it was not painful just wried I was in recovery for 1 hour (my blood presure was very low) I asked in my birth plan for the cirten to be down so I can see everything (ask them not to tell you)I was up having a shower at 7am dd was born at 1:25 so I was up in less then 6 hours I had stiches and a plactic strip over them it was not as bad as I thought it would be..

I am having a c/section in 17 days would love to chat any questions just ask smile
It isn't that bad. Mine was emergency so i just wanted him out. I had a doctor stading beside me watching my blood pressure and he was talking the whole time which was good. I liked knowing what was going on. It is a strange sensation of pulling up under your ribs but there is no pain what so ever. I was in recovery for about and hour i think. They had to take DS up and warm him up but DH was with him and i told him no one could hold him until i get up there. My whole family was there. i didn't want everyone holding him before i could. One thing i didn't like was i couldn't hold him much that day cause it hurt my belly. But DH sat right beside me all day with him. Also when you breast feed you get bad after birth pains. The worst part for me was the cathader. I hated it. Ds was born at 5am and the took it out at 5pm they didn't really want to but i told them i din't want to sleep with it and i was fine. They just like to keep it in incase you need to get up during the night and go to the toilet but i was fine. They usually take your baby into the nursery for the first night too but i was able to get up and check on him.
The stiches didn't hurt. Mine were dissovable and they put a bandage type thing over it so they didn't rub.
You will be fine. C/s aren't that bad!!!
Plus they dose you up on pain killers!

Hey sweetie.

I agree theyre not that bad but I havent had a vaginal birth to compare to! I had my son at 7pm and was walking round the next morning, took a while to feel my legs. My sutures were also dissovable and it didnt hurt when they took the plastic off, my scar after 10 mnths is barely visible. Just thought id mention some things that other ladies didnt. A cssec is quite a big op but keep on top of the pain by accepting it when the nurses give pain relief to you and it will be fine. ill never forget the sharp pain when i first got out of bed, not trying to scare you but you most likely will experience some discomfort I dont wanna lie to you. But the more you walk around the better your recovery will be and after a few days it gets easier. Thought Id mention that you still bleed vaginally after a csec, my sister couldnt understand why cos i hadnt had him naturally. Its also hard to cough or sneeze too. Sorry for sounding negative, but it really took me a while to recover from and I dint get to bond with bubs straight away as I couldnt stop shivering, but trust me you wont feel pain it'll just feellike tugging and a bit of pressure. They will take good care of you you will be fine!

I had to have an emergency CS with my DS he was born at 12.02pm I had an epidural which was to be honest abit painful as my doctor was having trouble getting it in but I survived. I did feel the baby coming out like as the other mums have said lots of pulling and yanking and he popped out and I felt like a big suction feeling once he was out. They showed me him over the curtin and he looked like a little frog. I did get to have a hold of him once they weighed him and checked he was ok which was nice I was a mess by then crying my heart out. I was in recover for about an hour and in that time my DH was with my DS giving him a bath. I was wheeled back to my room and all the family were there waiting for me and i got to hold him again. I was in bed most of that night with a catheter as well. My doctor also had put me on this machine where it felt my legs were getting blown up like a baloon (prevent blood clots) by the next day I was up having a bath of course in abit of pain but I thought it would be worse. Sorry I forgot to mention one thing I vommited most of the night because of all the medication (anthestic) they had given me. Sorry for raving on abit but thats my story

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

well i asked for stories and thats what i got..
so thank you girls for being so open and honest about the whole process..
i watched from here to maternity last night and a lady had a c-section and she cried the whole way threw it and i really think that is going to be me. LOL

Thank you for asking for the stories Bec. I have followed this thread as there is a chance I will need a c sect myself. I either have a big bub or lots of fluid. My last bub was 8 pound 5 and got stuck so if this is bigger it is c sect time.

Thanks again and thanks to all the mums with their stories.

currently being updated please check back later.

Hi there, I had my DD by emergency c-section 19 mths ago and I'm having my second bub in Jan via elective c-section (had the choice and opted for this way again for lots of reasons).

I had the epi and honestly, I didn't feel a thing during surgery not even pulling or pushing. I was in labour and trying for a vaginal birth so had already had an epi and when the decision was made for an emergency c-section they just upped the epi. They checked it was working by asking me to move my feet and also running ice over me with me telling them when I could feel it. They asked if I wanted to know what was happening during the surgery, but I said no. They talked quielty amongst themselves and I really couldn't tell what they were saying. It was all over pretty quick.

I was in recovering for about 30min I think then taken to my room. My DH went with our DD when she was checked and then they both went to my room before me. She stayed with me the whole time (maybe its just the hospital I was at but babies stay with mum 24/7 unless there's a problem).

My DD was born the Sat night and I was up and around late teh next afternoon. I had the disolvable stitches and had no pain from them. They covered them with a bandage thing so my clothes wouldn't rub on them. I was a bit sore moving around for a week or to, but nothing major. I couldn't bend over or anything like that but I was still able to hold and carry DD.

Just remember a c-section is major surgery so its only natural to have some fears before hand. Just talk things over with your doctor and the midwives before and afterwards. I'm sure you'll be fine.


Jen - Vic. Mummy to Bella Alex & Tasha

dont be scared... i am a huge fan of c-section had an emergency one last time and am going back for another one this time.

only had tugging sensation but not pain
told me what was going on but you can ask not to
recovery for 20mins
baby was in intensive care born 7weeks early so didnt get to hold
operation at 230am up walking by 10am
all internal stitches put a maternity pad over scar to stop undies rubbing

you will need help from hubby the first couple days as bending down, getting out of bed ect is difficult but its not the worst thing in the world - before you know it all the pain is gone. goodluck.
I think i had a spinal and throughout it all felt a lot of pushing and pulling - very odd sensation, not a bad one, not a good one, just odd!

i kept talking to the anasthatists because i didnt want to really know what was going on. kept asking them what they were up to and the guy would tell me (like have they even started yet???)

was in recovery for i think an hour at the most then moved into the room - bub was in scn for 36 hours so didnt get to 'worry' about a baby

i was up and walking almost 24 hours later - once they took the cathetar out

i had 8 stitches on the outside (had the option of stitches or staples and i knew staples would need to be removed so went for the dissolvable stitches) and i wore granny undies - felt more comfy in them anyway. the dr took all the steri strips off me before i went home and i wasnt comfortable like that so i got mum (who is a nurse) to put more on the next day)

I was very lucky had only some stinging with the whole thing - and was completely ok after 3 weeks. not so sure how things will be this time if i have another cs as when i am due ds will be 2.5 so may need some more help than i did last time but i had no probs with my c/s.

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ive taken notes LOL
and will
a - get alot of help in the first 2 weeks
b - get up and move around as soon as possible even if it kills me
c - cry if i want too
and lucky last
d - its not the end of the world

and before i no it ill be back to normal and enjoying every day with my baby =]

thanks for all your posts girls it really is such a big help

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