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I am booked in for my dating scan this Arvo, by my calculations I'm about 7 weeks today. That's off LMP. Will be interesting to see what scan comes back as. Feeling a little
Nervous and anxious about it. I think seeing it will make it feel a bit more real for me, still in a little bit of shock that I'm actually having another baby!
How's everyone else going symptom wise? I am still incredibly nauseated, rather short fused at the moment too which I don't like, and I seem to not be able to eat too much at the moment..

I am feeling quite un social at the moment also, I'm Normally the complete opposite.
Terriharford wrote:
hello ladies. I am 29 years old have DD who is 19 months old and have just got a positive test for no. 2. I am due 1st October but was a week early with my daughter. I was apart of huggies group with DD and found it so valuable. I look forward to following you ladies on this journery. Could you please add me to the facebook group... laugh

Hi 'Terriharford" Congratulations on your BFP!! Exciting times ahead for you smile I look forward to sharing this journey with you also. So how many weeks does that make you? I am pregnant with number 2 aswell. We have a DS who is almost 17 months old (who was also a week early), but we aren't too sure on our due date yet! Will find out more at my scan on the 12th February. But I have a feeling we are going to be due around the same time as you.

"Scooby doo" how exciting, you will get to see your little bubba today!! (No more sleeps) I am so jealous smile and like you said it will definitely make it feel more real for you! Yay!! smile Let us all know how it goes!

Symptoms wise I haven't been too bad yet. Today is the first day that I have felt a tiny little bit nauseated! I was really lucky with DS, I only felt nauseated from weeks 6-8 and only vomited twice and then it completely disappeared so I'm REALLY hoping it will be the same this time haha smile My boobs have been a little bit sore too and have also been getting cramps (my uterus growing) like I did last time too!
I think I am 4 weeks but need to wait and get a dating scan before I will know dates for sure. Jessica I tried to add you as a friend but I think your privacy settings wouldn't let me, it just said send message.
Well.. I had my dating scan today. LMP put me at 11th sept, dating scan puts me at 15th December. Only 4 days difference so that's all good.
They told me in the scan (after I told them about ovary pain) that they could definately see that the egg had come from the left ovary. It is what is causing me the discomfort. Left a hole or something like that.
Anyhow- baby's heart beats around 120. So all is good. Now just to get thru the next 5 weeks so I can then tell my 3 little ones we are having a baby!

Wondered if the sept FB group is still happening? If not I was going to make a new one. I'm keen to chat about pregnancy on FB Group as I havnt told anyone else really and would love to chat to others that are around the same time smile
Scooby do - the FB page is up and running. Search FB for Serise Reese (with either c or s in Reese).

How many weeks does that make you? I'm 8w 2d but haven't had a scan since approx 5w (where we only saw a sack).my scan is ths Saturday!
I did that already and PM'd her on Facebook. Assuming it's the wrong Serise.
It was reece not Reese like she said.

I am 6w4d now. Feeling like this is going to be the longest pregnancy ever! Lol
The scan just looked like a little blob that had a heart beat. Looking forward to finding out the sex of it!
That's the right person. Perhaps she is just a little busy - as life gets.
Don't forget to add me Serise Reece on Facebook to be apart of the secret group smile
Hi Ladies,

Great to hear all is going well. I am booked in to have my dating scan tomorrow, I'm feeling slightly anxious and a tad nervous, going by last visit from AF I am around five and half weeks, but I'm irregular and my doctor seems to think its around six and a half, so tomorrow will tell... Fingers crossed all is ok.

Scooby Doo, I too would like others to chat to, I don't want to tell anyone we know until at least the 12 week mark, assuming my belly does'nt give it away first as I am already showing quite big, this may be due to previous pregnancies? Maybe it's a multiple? Wouldn't that just be divine!
I have tried to find the Facebook page also with no luck, also using each spelling, I don't want to post my full name on here so if anyone has any better ideas, it would be very much appreciated.

As far as symptoms, boobs have not really done anything at all, maybe the slightest bit heavier, nauseated generally only if I don't eat regularly, a few pelvic twinges, little tired during the day, then feel like crashing around 8pm, sense of smell is off (opening the fridge is the worst- not that the fridge has anything bad in it or it's dirty) just pregnancy, I explained the sense to my husband this morning (if you could imagine the wheely bin out the front full of food scraps and goodness knows what sitting in 40 degree heat for a week then you open it.. Yeah kinda like that) the absolute joys of this magical time LoL!

Just wondering if any of you are planning for this baby/babies to be your last, if so (if you don't mind me asking) will hubby/partner be having the snip, or you tubes tied, or some other method, I would just like some opinions as this will most likely be our last (I dread this as I LOVE the whole pregnancy baby experience to bits, even with the severe hyperemesis).

Will you be finding out the sex or will you keep it a surprise?

Ok, I really should try and get some sleep, sooo excited!

Take care

woohoo we did it!

Hi Kris!

My husband had put garlic in the fridge and it's all that I could smell every time I opened the fridge, I normally love garlic but right now not so much.
I'm actually finding it really hard to drink at the moment, it's kind of makings feel yuck! Taking my tablets in the morning is really hard.

I woke up at 4am starving today, got up and had a bowl of cereal! My husband asked me what I was

This will be our very last pregnancy, I have 3 already and thought that was going to be it completely. Suprise!!! I don't have anything at all left asy youngest is now 4. Going to have to buy a 7 seater car, make a new bedroom as we only have 4 bedrooms, luckily we have extra living rooms to use. Lol
My husband refused to get the snip. He is now going to get one.

I am incredibly bloated, and look about 5 months pregnant. I had the bloating with my boy also so wondering if this is a sign it's a boy! Haha
My boobs have grown, and at the moment I am really short of breath.

Good luck with your scan! Makes it more real! Look forward to hearing about it!

When the time comes ill definately be looking at finding out the sex! Think
Hoping for a girl cos I have a name picked out but another boy would be good too a mate for my son already!
My hubby sprays 1/2 a bottle of cologne on every morning in the ensuite and the smell wofts out and greets me while I'm still sleeping. I can't stand it. Then he tries to hug me which feels like I'm being smothered in the stuff. I use to love his cologne, but now it's waaaaay too much to handle at that time of the morning.

This is my first, but I'm hoping for a boy and then a girl then we'll stop. But you never know what life will bring.

I am out a breath too. I can't even bring in the washing or wash the dogs without puffing. At work we could return to our classrooms to have m'tea but only had 20mins to get there, eat and come back. I walk so slowly nowadays that I decided to eat my m'tea right where we were having the meeting. It just wasnt worth the effort. Kinda sad as I'm 8.5 weeks. Lol. How willi be in the last trimester!! Oh, and I tried to run/fast walk today as I forgot something and my classroom was about to be locked up and I got some pains in the lower abdomin. Won't try that again.
Hi again girls
Spoke to soon last week, unfortunately the sickness has come with full force i feel so sad because i just feel so sick all the time except wen i sleep. I wake up vomitting and try to fall asleep without having to get up and puke. I know this is common but i have turned into a hormonal blubbering mess now! Just trying to hold it together without puking on myself and not cry feeling so sorry for myself. Normally i dont cry at anything now i see cute things on the internet and im bawling........... One good thing i have had no luck losing weight this past year with not holding any food down this week i may have dropped a kg hopefully!

Anyway i notice most of you have mentioned that you are having dating scans. Is this common? I dont see my OB till im 11 weeks i dont recall seeing her earlier in my past pregnancies.


This will be my 3rd and last not sure about the snip guess thats up to him. My friend just got some thing put in her arm that is supposed to cover her for a year or something see how she goes with that.

Hope u r all doing ok i wouldnt wish this sick feeling on my worst enemy!

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