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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Go back through the older posts, there was a link for someone's Facebook, add them and they should add you to the group smile I just got added.
So you have twins already? Or runs in the family?

I hate the waiting part! I too wish I didn't know so early but when your period
Doesn't turn up it's quite obvious! Lol

I'm holding off until the 12 week mark to announce it, have told
My parents and Husband wants to tell his when we have had the dating scan,
He must be still in shock! Lol
The link doesn't work! Can anyone in the group add me? I prefer FB!
What's your name I'll try to search you
Trying to send a private message with my name! I'm an old member and don't want people to know I'm pregnant yet smile have to be a follower apparently?
mz211 my name is Jodie St Ledger can you please add me thank you. Scooby doo my last pregnancy was twin but I lost 1 of my boys at 19 weeks but proceeded to have a healthy boy twins run very strong on both mine and my husbands side
lol yeah we are waiting until 12 weeks too
Sorry to hear that Jodie. Will be interesting to see if you see two little ones on your scan then!

OK ladies, I had my appointment with my GP this arvo and he did another lot of bloods (last lot was done on Friday last week). Hopefully the figures go up and we have just caught the pregnancy very early. Fingers crossed!!!
Hey ladies,

Had my blood test results today so HCG 151.
Now to book in for dating scan & antenatal appointment getting exciting smile ????

Will be interesting if we have a few sets of twins on here ????

Hi! Found out today i am due 21st sept! super excited! would love to join the fb group - do i search for serise reese? Thanks!!!!
Ill have just one bubs thanks. This one is a Suprise and a half! Lol a welcomed Suprise all the same.

HCG levels are all different for everyone tho aren't they? So one person could be a set amount for 5 weeks
Compared to the next?

I sent Serise Reece a message on FB. It's not spelt the same as she said tho but
There was no Reese on there.
Erin I think we are due at the same dates! 11th/12th Sept?
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