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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Thanks "Erin_86", congratulations on your exciting news too!! Good luck for getting your blood results today. Let us know how you go! I will keep you all posted too. I think the results will get in after 2pm today!! Such a LONG wait!! smile September is going to be such an exciting month for all of us!

Congratulations "Mz211", like you, my cycles have been getting longer and longer and I ovulate later. At this stage I am 5 weeks and 3 days, with my due date being the 19th September but will have a dating scan next week to see how far along I really am.

Yay for everyone!! smile
Good Luck with your results this afternoon Keen Mummy, let me know what they are =] I got mine this morning, they are doubling as they should however they are still low at 76. I think I am just a little over 4 weeks though not the 5 weeks 6 days like they think. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Hi ladies!
I'm due around 11th of Sept. Feeling very nauseated at the moment, not enjoying it at all.
I've had bloods to confirm and waiting to feel ok to have the dating scan done. When did everyone else
Get their dating scan done?
I'm keen to join the FB group but can't find Serise or the actual group at all!
Thanks Mz211, I have just had an early phone call from the nurse at my doctors office. I am definitely pregnant but my levels are only 32.6?? She said that anything over 25 is definitely a pregnancy. Maybe I ovulated later than I thought, but the report from the IMVS said that it happened earlier than LMP?? I am so totally confused but have an appointment with my GP this afternoon to confirm and having another blood test to see if my levels are rising!!
Keen Mummy, mine so far have been

13/1 BFP - so faint my dp thought I was crackers!!
14/1 HCG 17
16/1 37
18/1 76

They should have you do another so they can see if they are doubling, My fingers are crossed for you that they are and that it is just really early - they have to start somewhere right??
Scooby Doo im waiting a week or two, I think anytime before that will be too early and I don't want to upset myself. When are you thinking? How far are you?
Thanks for your levels Mz211. I'm hoping that my pregnancy was just caught really early, and yes like you said 'they have to start somewhere'. Here's to positive thinking!!

Scooby Doo, with my first pregnancy we conceived through a fertility specialist so we knew our exact dates and i thinki we had our first dating scan at around 7 weeks to make sure there was definitely something to be seen. What an exciting time for you. Congratulations!!
Are you able to add me to the fb page to please if its private my name is Jodie St Ledger our profile pic is with me and my little family on santas lap thanks
I think I'm about 6.5 weeks along now. According to the EDD calculators.
My blood test showed that I was in the 4-5week range on the 14th of Jan tho,
My HCG was 8927. I have really low iron too so on tablets for that aswell.

I think I had my last dating scan at around 6 weeks with my son. Not sure tho..
Been a while and I can't quite remember!

To be honest I prob won't get in until the end of the week with this sickness sad

How are you all feeling symptoms wise?
Going for a scan tomorrow so excited although nervous as my hcg levels are double close to triple of what they where suppose to be at 4 weeks so interested to see if its possible that im pregnant with twins again. congrats to everyone who has got a positive smile
What were your levels? Has everyone else been able to get into the FB group?
Im not in the fb group yet, well I was actually 3 weeks 5 days when I went for the blood test and it was 258. I have a strong feeling its just 1 but cause of history the doc said there is a high chance that there might be two. This pregnancy is going to take forever should not of tested so early lol
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