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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Hi ladies! Just found out we are due 22 September with our first grin

Question - how early are you all researching your midwives?

Can I be added to the FB group too please - Bex Chubb
Hi Serise, It says there are no people called Serise Reece on facebook, could you please add me thanks
Hi Serise, is the Facebook page private?

woohoo we did it!


Can you add me to Facebook page -Danielle Milner. It is great that it is secret since I am keen to wait to 12 weeks to tell everyone.

Try searching Reese with an S not a C.
Hi ladies,
Just got my BFP this morning. It was very much a surprise as we thought we were done with kids but oh well!!

I have a boy who was 2 in September and a girl who is 1 next week.

Muma_Ash I only have 16 months between my first 2 and I love the small age gap. even though this pregnancy has been a surprise I'm happy that there is only going to be a 20 month gap between this one and my youngest. For a little while I'll be the crazy lady with 3 under 3!!

I haven't have bloods or anything yet but according to my dates I'll be dues around the 23rd September. I'll try and add Serise to join the FB page.
I couldn't find Serise on facebook either but I did a google search and it pulled up some posts she had posted on various pages.

Oh I sound like a total stalker don't I!?
I found out 2 weeks ago that we were expecting, due around 14th September, booked in for dating scan 29/1. 3rd pregnancy for me & 2nd with my new partner. So excited to be expanding our family.
lol I don't mind Ash. Erin I think I added you, hope it was you. I will keep looking for the other ladies xx
Hi Ladies,

I would like to join this page too. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our second child for about 2 months and on Friday last week I tested positive. Hopefully I will get my blood test results back tomorrow! So exciting, I still can't really believe it! We already have a 17 month old Son, who was conceived on Clomid. We are so over the moon that it happened naturally this time! Wish me luck for my results tomorrow. Congratulations to all the other expecting mummies out there smile
Good luck "keen mummy" for results tomorrow I'm getting my bloods back tomorrow too! So fingers all is well

Congratulations to all the new expecting mummies September will be a great month smile looking forward to sharing this journey with you all

Hi ladies, my names Jessica & I found out last Monday that I'm pregnant. My daughter is 15 months & we had been trying for around 6 months. I am so excited.
I had some bleeding on Tuesday, so have been having bloods taken every 24 hours to make sure my levels are rising. I think the calculators are a little off for me because I have long cycles & ovulate late. Its saying I'm due 18 September & that I am 5 weeks 6 days, I think I'll have to wait for a dating scan to be sure.

Could someone please add me to the Facebook group please smile
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