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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

Got my positive on Thursday (yay), due around mid September, not exactly sure. I had a chemical last month at about 5wks so still really nervous. Have an 11mth daughter, this is bub #2!

Would love to join the FB group, just not sure how?
Woohoo! Had my dating scan and midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking great! I must admit it's very hard to enjoy the early stages of pregnancy after miscarriage. Im measuring pretty spot on for dates, due date now 4th September. Bubs heartbeat at 129 so looking good!

I have had non stop morning sickness all day long which I haven't experienced before. And gosh my boobs! I can't lay down on my tummy anymore because they hurt so much. I'm also having a few crampy pains which I've been told not to worry about and it's most likely my body still healing after removing endometriosis 9 weeks ago.

Fingers crossed for sticky bubs x
Hi ladies! Very excited to be able to share this with someone other than hubby. Congratulations to you all on your news!
Im in Sydney and this is my 3rd bub due 1st Sept.
Sorry to hear about the morning sickness for some of u, it really does suck! So far i have only retched a few times this week but still eating like a trojan. With my last pregnancy by 7 weeks i was bed ridden and vommitting water which lasted till 16 weeks which is why i was never ever going to have another but finally decided to just go for it and so far so good:). Bit older than when i had my first 2 so being realistic with the chances it may not go as planned but anyway see how we go! Any crazy cravings? Its only 9.30 am and i would really luv a cola slushy!!! Would not normally touch them. Cant see it happening here in the office;)

Mindbeyondcontrol im from Regents Park so south of Brisbane. I have four boys aged 13,10,7 and 5 and one daughter that's 15mths old. All are 3 years apart except Isabel and this one will be my shortest gap. Isabel had health issues at birth resulting in brain damage so yes im just happy for a healthy bub. Really hate this wait but have felt queasy all day. Still no bleeding or cramping.
Yes it does just feel like I was pregnant!! I hadn't even had a proper drink yet since I've been breastfeeding.

I tried to find the group in the search and with the link but no luck.

Can somebody add me this is me
Hi ladies, if you want to add me on Facebook Serise Reece, I can add you to the secret group then feel free to unfriend me. Let me know in pm your from huggies so I don't ignore it.
Will do Serise. Make sure you check your others folder smile

Hi from SE Brisbane.

I had some strange feelings for a few days and took a test and nearly feel off the toilet when I saw the two lines. I had only just woken up and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me since I didn't have my glasses on. Lol. We got married in September and I had my Implanon stick take out a week after the honeymoon. I got the lightest period for a day or two then saw nothing for months.

I took the test 2 days before Christmas. I took another Digital Blue one that said I was 2-3 weeks. I had to hold my excitement and decided to I corporate this into a present for my Husband on Xmas morning. The photos of him unwrapping a onesie with 'You're going to be a Dad' embroidered on it are priceless. We told both of our parents and immediate family.

Due to not having a period for goodness knows how long I was sent for a Darin US. It was dated then at about 5 weeks but we could only see the sack. I was told to come back in a few weeks. I decided to hold off until 9 weeks, so I have 1.5 weeks to go to check if everything is ok. The wait is killing me!!! I should have just gone for two scans. Lol

So, as far as I know, I am due 2 September 2014.

I would love to join the Facebook page but only if it is STRICTLY secret as I don't want people finding out that way (as it is I'm stressing that my SILs will say something). Please add me: Lena Suze

I am so happy to be talking with people who are at the exact same stage as me. One of my besties is due in Feb 14 with her second, so I have been nagging her with question after question. Lol.
^ my apologies for the mistakes due to predictive text on my iPad. Stupid apple. *shakes fist*

Oh, this is my first pregnancy. grin
Ooh Lena I'm a little excited for you and the other first timers. It's such a magical time.
Serise, I can't find you?
Yep I couldn't find you either Serise - can you add me Erin Strangio

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