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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Can I make a suggestion?
The other facebook group I'm in (January 2013 mums), has the setting to secret group. While it means that the admin need to add you in, posts never appear in the newsfeeds of friends, and no one can see us as we join- perfect for those waiting to announce smile It makes it a little trickier to add new people, but it is fantastic, as we can openly share everything we want, without worrying about it being seen by others wink

Dating scan and first OB appointment scheduled for next Wednesday (22/01), which is good, as my baby girl is one next week, so I can focus on her, and her party this week smile

No nausea yet, which is a surprise, as I was feeling. Dry seedy by this same point in my first pregnancy. Maybe this one is a boy?!
Hi Ladies,

My hubby and I did a test on New Years Eve and got a positive grin . We went to the Dr the next day and had it confirmed, blood tests done! We are extremely excited!!! We are due 7th September (fathers day). This is our first. Cant wait to see wait the next 8 months bring.
Hey Dannibourne81,

I have been feeling really nauseous all day for the past 5 days. I find that If I am slightly hungry its best to eat something even if its only a few grapes and I feel a little better for a while. If I don't eat then I get really sick and just the thought of eating anything puts me off. My boobs are really sore, if I roll over in bed they throb and it wakes me up. I'm also peeing just about every hour!

Hope we start to feel better soon...
congratulations to all the new mummies to be, don't forget there is a Facebook group September 2014 mummies, once most have joined then we can set it to private or do you think earlier?
Hi ladies I'm due in September with my second. Would be keen to join a Facebook page but only if it's secret. I have an amazing support group from my first in May. It was invaluable going through pregnancy with other women
Hey Ladies,
So just found tonight we are now expecting no2 looking about 12th September but still to have bloods & dr appointment to confirm.
Still feels so surreal might take abit to grt used to this.
My name is Erin & I'm from Adelaide this is pregnancy #3 for us we have a DD just turned 2 & Ds1 was stillborn in oct 09. Because of history we we're induced with Dd so pretty sure same this time as well.

Hope everyone is feeling okay & congratulation to all the new expecting parents exciting year ahead for us all ????

Hi Ladies, Super excited to join you all, we are expecting our second baby. Due Mid September, I'm not 100% sure on dates. Is there a facebook group? I tried to click the link on earlier pages, but it comes up as unavailable.
MS hit me today with a pang, just feel yuck - good sign I guess!
Hi ladies my name is Christine and am pregnant with my 6th bub. Had a scan last week thinking I was just over 6 weeks but am around 5.5 so have to go back on the 23rd for another scan which means if im not as far as I thought I wont be due 29 August but in September sometime. The wait is killing me.
It's all starting to sink in as I started looking for a midwife today.

My daughter will be 8 months on Friday so it feels like I only just went through this process.

Am I crazy to have such a small gap? We were trying but last time it took 6 months this time just one act.
Can I join the facebook group? Im due 9 September

Wow Christine 6th Bub you must be super woman! Are all your children close in age hope everything will sort itself out soon for you!

Ash that sure will be a small gap but sometimes guess can be good having that close in she will be great playmates!
Must feel like only yesterday you were pregnant round 1.

Is the Facebook group still open? Only seem to comfy up with a American Mummas group - would love to join if can?

Anyone noticed similarities or big differences to this pregnancy?
I'm yet to notice any ms of nausea thank goodness suffered pretty bad with Dd with it so hoping no return this time. Got an inkling could be having a boy this time!

Hope everyone is coping in the heat cool


Hope you are all feeling well smile

Well AF was due today, so did the digital test just to make absolutely sure.. We are definitly pregnant, will have to head off to the doctors to get the correct dates.

Christine, we too are having our 6th and are also in Qld, what part are you in and what do you have already? We have approx 2 years between each with the eldest being 9 and youngest being 18 months. 4 girls and 1 boy. We wanted them all close and it has worked well so far. Our last pregnancy was a twin but one was lost at approx 6 weeks and was reabsorbed, we would so love to be carrying twins again as this will be our last pregnancy, but as long as the pregnancy is healthy that is all that matters.

Erin_86, this pregnancy feels quite different to previous pregnancies, symptoms have appeared very early, test was positive very early and also showing very early, how about you?

Ash_Bandicoot that's an awesome effort, Congrats wink

Look forward to hearing everyone's updates, makes the time go quicker smile

Take care

woohoo we did it!

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