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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Congratulation Gabberqueen you must be over the moon xx.

I have changed the privacy settings - oops.
Ok I have copy and pasted the link lol
How exciting grabber!

Lol that makes sense thought I was going craZy
Hi my name is Erin,
I am a student midwife, graduating at the end of 2014.
I am looking for women (In Melbourne) to take part in a continuity of care program (CCE).
Through the CCE program I can provide you with support during your antenatal period, labour and postnatal period. Being involved in the CCE program provides an opportunity for you to share your pregnancy journey with and be supported by, a bachelor of midwifery student (me).

The aim is to build a professional friendship by interacting with you; simply talking to you about being pregnant and hearing about the decisions you have to make during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal time.
As a student I am supported and mentored by a registered midwife. If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of (or you've been through it all before and you would just like to help a future midwife out) then please contact me, Thanks for reading - Erin
Hi girls, im due 12 September very excited, it is my second and my daughter is 14 months now smile we are in Adelaide. where is everyone else from?
Hi Ladies,
Positive test today. We already have a DD who turns one on January 16th.
Think I'm due around the 15th, but can't be too sure as my cycles are all over the place as I'm still breastfeeding my daughter. We are surprised we fell so quickly!

Doctor is on holidays, so crossing fingers until then, so I can get bloods and OB referral.

I'd like to join the group, but won't do so until we've announced the pregnancy, unless the group is closed/secret, as I don't want this popping up in my friends newsfeeds smile
Hi ladies I tested positive 4 days ago we have been trying for only 2 months and we where lucky 2nd time round, We have a little boy already im a bit nervous as I tested 5 days before period was due and 2 bright red lines appeared straight away this happened in my last pregnancy and scans later revealed I was having twins unfortunately one of my little boys passed when I was 19 weeks pregnant. My sister was with me when I tested and she said she has never seen such dark lines for me being this early so that has me a little worried have had bloods and a urine test and have a scan booked in for the 21st of jan. congrats to everyone on there positives, so so sorry for your loss nurerR
Congrats to the new comers. So exciting for you all

1st coastline and Danni
Is anyone else sick?
I'm very tired and very queasy. It lasts all day. It's pretty gross.
Is anyone booked in for an early scan?

Just tested for the second time this week. Both positives. Yay. Have been trying for 2 years so over the moon- fingers crossed for the twelve week mark. Based on my dates due about the 11th September. Off to doctor this afternoon.

Quite new to Brisbane (from NZ) so keen to join facebook group once reach 12 week mark.

Best of luck to you all.
Hello Ladies,

Congrats to you all! A very exciting and somewhat nerve racking time it is.

I did a test this afternoon after feeling very nauseous over the last three days, The result was a faint but definite positive, wonderful news as we have been trying for approx 12 months. Early days yet, but I'm hopeful that all will be ok. My DPO etc puts my EDD at approx 20th Sept.

This pregnancy is already very different from my other pregnancies as the symptoms are very strong very early, I am only 13 DPO, has anyone else experienced this?

Safe and sticky dust to all smile

woohoo we did it!

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