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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

I think I've found Rebecca Payne but the profile pic is in colour? Is her cover photo a bunch of people around a table at a restaurant?

Edit - don't think that was the right person, unless you live in the uk Rebecca lol.

jimberly - try finding her by using the e-mail adress. i did smile look forward to chating to u there

Liz- that's great to hear that you seem a heartbeat, I too had bleeding and I expected the worst. Looks like I most likely lost a bub but luckily there is a back up. Fx though that all these bubs stay sticky.

Jimberley- did u find me? I've added a few ppl today so not sure if you were In The mix,? It is heaps easier to search by the email address smile

Found you I wasn't adding the .au to your email lol!

hey ladies can i join??
expecting our 2nd around the 14th of sep. bit of a surprise!! but definitely a good one. hope u dont mind but added myself as a friend so i can join the fb group too. smile
Hey Girls, I have removed myself from the FB group as I had a miscarriage this week. Am really devastated. I'm 35 and feel like this was my last chance, particularly as DH has now said that he doesn't want another. I really hope you all have sticky bubs and great pregnancies. xxx

I'm so sad to hear your news. I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling right now. Maybe hubby might change his mind once the shock of your loss has settled down a bit with time. *virtual hugs* xxx

Hi Ladies,

Had my dating scan yesterday and my little surprise is due 9/9/13. This is baby number 5 smile My eldest is 21 and youngest 4..

So sorry to hear of your loss ems77. I can't even begin to imagine what you ate going through. Hope each day gets a little easier. GBH to u. xx

ohhh Ems77 sorry to hear about your loss GBH. I hope your partner changes his mind after he gets over the loss of your baby. If you decide to have another i wish you a very sticky baby and a healthy baby..
Good luck with the future.

OMG i am sooo tired today and its bloody hot.. Our house keeps the heat in which sucks but also knowing we have 4 days of 36 degrees coming up i am not looking forward to this!!

Hey ladies I am due 30th September, would it be ok to join the group.

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