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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Hi ladies smile
My name is Renee and i just found out yesterday that im 5weeks pregnant with my number 4 smile
I have a 8yo DD and 6yo DS from prev relationship and a 7yo SD from hubby, and we have a 16mnth old DS together.
We are also not telling anyone about this until 12weeks!
FB groups are awesome lol, hope i can be added in time.

Oh and EDD is 21/09 smile


Hi Ladies!

I have recently found out I am preggy with #2 due the 19/9. I have one DD who is 2yr8mths. I requested to be added to the fb group also smile

Congrats to all
mummy23preciouskiddies wrote:
Oh dear I hope for your sake you manage to keep it down.
Where in NZ do you live? Im in te awamutu.

Hey yea i did in the end, I have had a good day today, just started feeling really sick again, and looked at the time and its the similar time to yesterday! weird!! might wait for dinner for a bit.. lol

Im in auckland smile

well the morning sickness has kicked in with full force today sad and i am exhausted, been falling asleep all day lol justa good thing my kids are home to wake me up lol. i am looking forward to return of school next week so i can nap when my boys nap while my girls are at school tongue

would love to be added to the facebook group if there is one too please smile as i am on facebook every day and i find it easier than here to catch up on everything smile
Soontobe7 - if u add 'Rebecca Payne' profil pic is a sepia photo of her kissing her little boy. or use her email which is- i used the e-mail, and it came straight up. once you ad her as a friend, she will ad u to the secret group. maybe make a note saying u want to be in the due in sept group. There is always alot of chatter on there smile

Ill keep my eye out for you soontobe7

Sorry I have disappeared lately. I have been using fb more mainly because its easier from my phone and I have had a CRAZY week!

Had heavy bleeding yesterday. Went to the hospital, expected to lose bub, had a scan this morning and there is one healthy baby with a hb of 122 and a 2nd perfectly developed sac (so maybe twins ?) not sure what's happening there, either bub is hiding or maybe a little less developed than the other and hard to see or maybe it's not there (which is strange as the sac as perfectly developed as the other) also Turns out I'm 6 wks not 8wks (due sep 15). I have a scan next tues, and a doc app tomorrow so hopefully we can shed some light on this. So stoked to see 1 healthy bub though considering I was expecting the worst.

HI Girls,

Do you mind if I move into this thread??

I got my BFP this morning grin Very excited but still in a bit of denial like "No way, I must have dreamed it!" despite 3 VERY DARK hpt's! LOL! I had a Dr's appointment this afternoon who did a test also which was of course BFP, and had a blood tests with results due in a few days. I also have an ultrasound in 3 weeks time as a dating scan smile

She said my due date would be approx 2nd October, however dating scan would of course be more accurate.

And since there is no "Due in October" thread as yet I was hoping I could hang around in here until there are a few more Bubs due in October... pretty pretty please!

No probs! You never know, you may come early anyway!

msloz wrote:
No probs! You never know, you may come early anyway!

LOL You may be very right! DD1 I went into labour on her due date and DD2 was a week early! LOL!

lol i think i would have done the same Mum2Olivia.. When i got my BFP i was on here telling everyone.. I can help myself.. Talking to us ladies is better then waiting for your group to get up and running. We are all pregnant just due at different times!
Just like PP said baby could come early tongue

HI Ladies! How are we all doing?
I had some bleeding over the weekend and I was very worried given that I have had a mc before. Went for an ultrasound and saw the glorious little flutter of a heartbeat!!
My due date has been reviewed to the 9th of September. Gaining more confiendce that this pregnancy will stick!!
Hi everyone, I had my dating scan today and it seems I'm not as far along as I first thought. Due the 21st which just so happens to be my SIL wedding day oops! I will try and join the FB group so hope to chat to all there smile

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