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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Hi Banana

I just added you, my profile pic is on me,hubby & DD!!

Hey ladies,

I think im coming down with something as I feel really sick, exhausted and i think i have a temp (its not pregnancy related). I have a ton of housework to clean but no energy to do it, which is frustrating me as i really hate having a messy house.

Anyway, would anyone mind if i joined the fb group? I ask because Dh and I share the same page, it saves having to log in and out every time we use the computer. we share everything-bank, e-mails, fb ect. so does anyone have a problem with me joining? Last time when i was due with DD, i wasnt allowed to join as some ladies have photos of their bellys on it and didnt feel comfortable with the thought Dh might look. He's not interested in anything pregnancy related really so i cant see him reading or looking at it (i think its one of those ones where you have to go to the page to look at the updates right????)

Anyway i wont mind if someone has a problem, i'll just stick to the huggies website like i did with Dd (i made some really good friends because the group got so small).

I just added you Bannana my name is Jess Sculley:)

My last group still has facebook and it is great:) so much easier lol

Hope it is ok to join:)

Hey Ladies, Im due with our 1st about the 17th.

[IMG]smileys/smiley28.gif" align="middle[/IMG] Oct '12

Manda- I have no problem with you joining the fb group. I've had others in my other fb due in groups with a joint account and it never worried anyone.

I'm pretty sure I have added everyone that has requested me, if not, let me know smile

grrr my phone will not let me find u banana. shows 8 rebeccas none of which are you lol and hubby is a computer hog. could u please add me my names renee ladynski pic is a pic of me
Hey ladies, I can join you now smile I got a faint positive today at lunch time.. i will do another test tomorrow with first morning urine. My partner is iffy about what he sees. He says yes more then unsure. But hasnt said no. But mind you he couldnt see the ones with my sons pregnancy tests.

I was in the same group as Manda and our children were borns days apart smile

This is number 3 for us and i live in Townsville QLD and based on ovulation i would be due around the 26th but my babies need to be early as i get OC and i have gestational diabetes as well. My last was born at 37wks weighing 8lb 10oz. They said if he had gone to term he would have been over 10lb easy cause i was gaining heaps with a horrible craving of iced coffee..
Hoping for a better round this time.

May i join the FB page too??

Hi cheeky chops, you can join our fb group, if you just friend request me first then I can add you, my name is 'Rebecca Payne' and my profil pic is a sepia photo of me kissing my little boy. Or I'm pretty sure you can search using my email which is-
My kids have all got heavier. My first was 5pd then my last was 10pd, all born natural and drug free and quite honestly my 10pder hurt the least, I think it's a common misconception that the bigger they are the more they hurt. Or as my husband says 'I just farted him out' lol. 40min labour from my 1st contraction and 1 push. My labours all got quicker, so technically should mean I have an 11pder in half an hour. Lol

OMG cheeky - i was hoping you were going to join me XD. Thanks fro cheering up my day. today i've been so incredibly sick, just laying in bed because if i sit up/stand up i vomit sad And to make things worse Dh is working today an extra long shift. Thankfully Ds has been helping me so much, getting nappies for Dd and taking the dirty ones to the bin, getting Dd drinks/fruit/chips ect and Dd has been great too, she has been very content playing by herself and instead of me rocking her to sleep she just layed down beside me and went straight to sleep (she's sleep for 4hrs today instead of 2). Im so proud of my little kiddies smile

Hey I remember you too Cheeky Chopz as DS2 was born 2/11/11. I was a bit slack on the forum after then as he was a very very very trying newborn/baby. Manda that must mean we were on the same one too? I used to read the comments but not have much time or head space to comment smile

Haha yes i remember your posts Ems77.. Thats crazy that 3 of us that delievered our babies just days apart are back doing it all again and due the same month again.. Friggin AWSOME!!!
Very happy..

I will re-test in the morning i am hoping its much darker.. But either way i am going to buy bigger tests as i didnt realise the ones i bought were strips.. Seriously how do they expect anyone to see faint positives with them haha we are impatient enough. My test did get darker but my partner wants to see a line he doesnt have to squint at lol Dont blame him..
I usually take (and keep) all test i do with my kids and its about 5 with all kids. Seeing 2 pink (Or blue) lines are just the best thing.. I cried!!
My hormones are crazy and all over the place.. I cried on and off with all 3 Jurrasic Park.. SHAME The slightest things will bring tears to my eyes..

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