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thanx hun im just so scared of gtg huge i gained so much wf my boys hardly anything with my girl im trying to stick with myfitnesspal and exercise crazy thought but i dnt wana wrkout till im at 12 weeks alotho ive alwasy wrked out scared of MC but will look for book to thanx :)and im still feelin on edge cz no feeling dif here altho ive nerver spewed while preg i felt it but not yet so hoping it just cz im early not tired kinda sore boobs praying im ok
Hi girls, hope everyone is feeling ok...
I too am having that real tired haze settle over me, just wish i could sleep all day.... except at night, ive takent to waking up at 1am wtf!

Been for my first ob app today, went really well so im exccited! Going for a viability scan next thurs i absolutely cannot wait!!!!
Congrats keeki and Jammy 22!

I'm also so tired I can hardly move! My DS2 has just started sleeping through finally at 14 months but I'm more tired than before! Been waking at 5.30 even though the kids are still sleeping. Just had a nap with them and fell asleep in about 2 seconds!!

I'm a bit bloated so clothes are feeling tight too. Love having a baby belly but not just the fat bloat!

Can't wait till we all get our scans, feels so much more real then. In limbo till then and mine isn't till Feb 5th sigh

My scan is 18 days away, omg it feels like so far away, and just realised that's the first day back at school, argh! I bought all the kids uniforms in October and books, bags etc before Christmas but I just realised that I have SEVENTY TWO school books to cover. Geez Louise. And only half my kids are at school! Also realised I'm cutting it fine as my scan is at 2pm and the kids need to be picked up at 2.45pm, nothing is ever easy! Lol. Oh well hopefully time will go quick, with 2months worth of bookwork to do by the end of the month along with BAS, back to school and my soon to be 4yr olds birthday and party on the 5th of feb, I'm sure this first trimester will fly by, getting back home on Tuesday, so I can get stuck into everything, but in the mean time I'll just stress about it. Lol. Also had a massage today, I definately needed it!

I also am tired n waking at odd times! ! Last few mornings have been 4-5am!! I had to kick our dog out as he wasn't helping (he is use to sleeping in laundry but whenever my DP is away I let him in as he has a bed in our room..)

I was wondering has anyone come across a parent (my dad) not being 100% happy as we r not married? It's really urked me, my brother said a few things n I got pissed off with him talked to dp n he talked to my brother n my brother said sorry, I said to dp it's so nice he is protecting me and he said it's not just you anymore aww made my heart melt! So missing dp right now, also think hormones might not be helping? Cause it usually takes me a lot to get upset/pissed off!

Hi everyone, thought I would join in. I'm due Sept 8th, so I'm almost 6 weeks along (had dating scan yesterday). I'm from Perth and this is bubs #2. My daughter will be 4 in Feb. I thought it might be nice to share this pregnancy with women going through the same thing! I have extreme fatigue and waves of nausea all day, very similar to my first pregnancy. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you all grin

Hi ladies, I would love to join you all, I just found out two days ago that I'm pregnant, due date around the 20 sep but have to get a dating scan to confirm, look forward to getting to know u all and share our journey to motherhood together, has anybody set up a due sep Facebook page yet?
Hi everyone, it's great to see its so busy in here, how is everyone feeling? Welcome to all the newbies. I had my first day yesterday of feeling a bit queasy. It cam and went in small waves and I've had it a bit today. I am also getting very tired and wish I could have an afternoon nanna nap.
I don't think I will have a dating scan as it isn't something my dr does bit i think I might request it. I would just love to even see that little heart beating. I'll probably go back to the drs in 2 weeks as I haven't been back since I had the pregnancy confirmed at 4 weeks. smile

Hi all, I would like to join this group too as I am due with baby number 3 on September the 7th - my birthday!

I'm having a big gap this time as my first two girls were 20 months apart and are now aged 8 & 6. So it feels like I'm doing it all for the first time again. Like other members, I am quite concerned about miscarriage as I had one in October last year, so I am keeping things quiet and taking it easy till week 12 scan. I also had pre-eclampsia with both my girls and had both by emergency C-section at 36 weeks and 33 weeks. I really hope this pregnancy is smooth sailing. I'm in the process of finding an obstetrician in Adelaide as my previous one has retired from obstetrics - he was lovely.

Good luck everyone and I look forward to hearing your updates! grin
deepsouth wrote:
Hi ladies, I would love to join you all, I just found out two days ago that I'm pregnant, due date around the 20 sep but have to get a dating scan to confirm, look forward to getting to know u all and share our journey to motherhood together, has anybody set up a due sep Facebook page yet?

I think I 'm due around the 20th as well but going for a dating scan to confirm!


Is it just me or is anyone else feeling really pregnant this time around?? It is my 2nd pregnancy and I'm not even 5 weeks pregnant yet and I look like I was at about 12wks with my first pregnancy!! My clothes are getting tight on me already and really having to try and hide my belly from everyone because we're not telling anyone yet! I feel kind of silly trying to hide my belly......anyone else in the same boat?

Hey ladies been popping in to read but not got round to posting. This is a busy forum! I will be 7 weeks on Tues and feeling kind of crappy. Hungry all the time, nausea on and off and headaches and exhausted. Plus have hayfever bad but not wanting to take anything for it. The joys of pregnancy eh! Hope everyone else is going ok.

Meeting midwife on Wednesday going to be an interesting time for us as my hubby is off to police college in feb so we will be away for 5 months then back for the birth so will need 2 midwives. Also my youngest (now 20 months) was born with a serious heart defect so am quite anxious about this baby. Lots to think about and organise!

We are off to the beach this arvo sick of sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself lol will go to the beach and feel sorry myself wink

hope everyone is doing well smile
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