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Due Sept 2012 Lock Rss

Mel - I hope you feel better soon smile

Emma - that is such a cute way to tell you parents. With our first we were so shocked that we didn't even think of doing it in a cute nice way! Lol. How far along are you? I didn't get ANY symptoms at all with my first until 6 weeks a.d then I got really sore books and mild morning sickness for a couple of weeks.

I should get my blood results today. I don't think it will feel like I'm pregnant until they confirm it even though I have had 3 positive HPT! LOL

Hi ange22! I think I will be due in september, possibly the same time as you, what date did the doctor calculate for you??? I am in the same boat as you I know when I o'd so I am only 12dpo not 3.5 weeks pregnant. I am going to the doctor today for tests. I am really nervous as this is a clomid baby and I hoping that by testing early I haven't got my hopes up only to have a early misscariage or chemical pregnancey before week 5!

Anyway if you are due near me, I would love to stay in contact so we can go through it together! I am guessing I am due around the 25ht Spetmeber but will ask my GP today! smile I am excited but nervous!!!

Hi ladies,
I think it is time for me to join the group...
Hubby and I have been ttc for about 3 years now. I had a m/c in feb last year. I also have a bicornuate uterus which complicates things a bit.
I got my bfp on the 27th. I have had light spotting since NYE but my hcg is still going up so we think bubs is ok. I also had an ultrasound but they could only see the sac and yolk, no foetal pole or heartbeat. I actually thought I would be due on the 28th August but my bloods and ultrasound suggest that I am not as far along. So here I am...
I have had mild morning sickness, really sore bb's and lower back and am always tired.
I am getting another u/s done next Saturday so hopefully they will be able to give me a due date then.
Fingers crossed for sticky babies smile
- Mel

HI Girls,
Hope I can join the group! We got a BFP on new years day! this would be our second bub. DS is 20 months and we're really excited about this baby. We've been trying for 11 months.
I thought I was about 6 weeks which would give me a due date of 7th September but according to my Hcg levels I'm only 4-5 weeks along.
I have a dating scan in a week and hopefully I'll get a confirmed due date then.
Well the dreaded morning sickness has really hit over the last few days and I feel awful!! I haven't had it as bad as this with my other pregnancies and I'm hoping it doesn't last like this until week 12! So hard to do anything with this strong nausea going on as well. Only time I feel ok is when I am sleeping!!
OK, complaining time over - I know it is a sign of a healthy baby so I just need to suck it up smile
My hcg levels are increasing but not as much as we'd hoped. They went from 20,000 to 22,000 over 48 hours. So everything that I've read says that is an acceptable gain but Dr still wants me to go for another scan on Wednesday to try and find heartbeat. Fingers crossed for me please ladies.

We were trying for 27 months before we fell pregnant with DD2 and during that time I had an ectopic pregnacy and then a blighted ovum, I really don't want to go through anything like that again.

Morning sickness has hit, feeling nauseaus most of the day and really dizzy all the time. I'm ready to leave work already lol.

Hi Ladies, I'm 7 weeks & last fri had an early scan that showed a strong heart beat, we are due beginning Sept smile
I've held of joining any group as I MC last Aug & been very nervous as my symptoms come & go, one day I feel pregnant & the next nothing. Also had some slight spotting. Trying not to stress but it's hard.
We've told a our parents & a few close friends as we were about to go through IVF & this group knew about this + no drinking over x-mas/new year made it obvious. The support network does help.
I would love to join the FB group - my pic is a stuff orangutan & duck (story behind this smile)
Congrats to everyone & I hope you are all doing well.
Hi Ladies!!

Welcome Kerry, Melissa and Nicky smile Best of luck for sticky babies XX

Leah - hope the morning sickness eases soon!

Kubota chick - I think I'm due the 26th smile

My blood tests confirmed I'm pregnant, even though you would think that 4 strong positves HPT's would be enough, lol.

Still no symptoms yet.... I feel tired but I've had a couple of MASSIVE days with my sons birthday so I think it could just be that.

We have our OB appointment on Friday as the GP thinks I'll be 6 weeks but I'm still certain I'm only 3!!! So I really don't think that we'll be able to see/hear anything when she does the scan which will just freak me out!!! How early were you when you heard things with this or other pregnancies. We found out really late that I was pregnant with out son and so we didn't see our OB till 8 weeks and when she did the internal ultrasouns you could see the little bub kicking and squirming so I think it will scare me not to see that this time even though it will be about 4.5 weeks earlier. Wish me luck!!!

Ange X

Hey Everyone would love to join this group smile Hubby and I were very excited to see a BFP test today smile
So according to my LMP I should be about 4 and a half weeks!!!!

Congratulations to everyone else in the group also !!!!

And would love to join the FB page (Mandy Hughes and pic of hubby and on our wedding day)

So after my eventful day of trying not to smile to much and burst it out to everyone I see lol, i'm off to get some rest. Night ladies xo
Morning ladies, after a BFP on Friday i am hoping to join this group.

Going by my LMP I am approx 5 weeks. I am so excited, Hubby is shocked that it happeded so quick, lol but excited all the same.

This will be the third and final one for us, we have DS1 who is 5 and DS2 who is 3.

Looking forward to the next 8 months or so.

Have a good day everyone, hoping mine gets a little better as I sit here typing feeling sick and tasting metal/blood in my my mouth and I have to go to work!!

Sheree, QLD Dylan 3/6/06 & Heath 5/9/08

Hi everyone,

I'm five weeks pregnant, due 17th September. This will be our second child. I have been feeling nauseous in the evenings but also getting (right now) fairly strong achy pain in my chest and back about bra strap level which makes it impossible to sleep. Never had this pain last pregnancy and it sucks :S Other than that I'm excited and can't wait to meet our new addition! grin
Hi ladies smile How is everyone going? I have finally come to the conclusion that I am due the 23rd september but will have to wait for my scan in just over 3 weeks to confirm that(Longest three weeks ever!!!) I just want to see my baby's heartbeat and know he/she is doing ok.

I have been a little bit tired somedays more then others. No moring sickness yet but a little bit nauses. This morning I ate fired eggs for breakfast, I ahven't eaten fried eggs for about 5 years but I went out of my way to cook them! I wouldn't call it a craving more like something I just felt like I wanted for breakfast! I did antother Digtal test yesterday and it said 2-3weeks which is great as last week it said it 1-2. I know I have done this before but It just seems to good to be true, so I am really hoping this baby stays sticky!

Hi ladies, how is everyone going?

I am 7+5 and feeling very much bigger than usual around my middle. I that even possible? I haven't been pigging out or anything but my clothes are definitely sitting tighter and some are just uncomfortable.

Could it be bloating? It's far too early for it to be our little bean, isn't it?

I just feel fat and flabby sad can't wait for a real baby bump instead of my usual flab!
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