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Due Sept 2012 Lock Rss

HI Ladies, congrats on all ur pregnancies & hugs to all those who have not made it x
I thought I had joined this post when it was 1st started but 4 some reason I couldnt find it again till now ? Weird !
Anyway my name is Sandy & I found out the wk between xmas & ny that we were pregga's with bub #3 very exciting but very scary all the same.I had worked out that I was due on the 8sept but dr told me I was due 6 th sept then 1 scan told me the 11th & a scan I had done yesterday said the 9th
so Im guessing bub is just going to come some where around then lol!
I was a little bit freaked last wk got sent to hospital with a suspected ectopic pregnancy due to extreme pains around the area u would get it if it was, thank god bub was were it is supposed to be!
Im still alittle freaked out though as the pains have not gone. I was kept in hospital for 3 day & monitored but I put my foot down & said I wanted to go home there was no use keeping me in as the only other thing they could do was a laporoscopy to investigate but they are cautious of doing that so early in pregnancy,
I had my appendix out last may & the gastroenteroligst(excuse my spelling lol) seems to think the pains are from scar tissue.
I went fo a scan yesterday & they said that my uterus is pushed up to the right side & the pregnancy is also on the right side so it could be causeing pain. I have a bi corniate uterus also.
Apparently there is a 1 in 10000 chance there is a pregnancy in the tube as well as the uterus (so the dr in the ED told me when i was admitted)
but they cant see the tubes via ultra sound.
Im going back to see my Gp on fri to get scan results & get more bloods done. something weird s going on with those also.
My last bloods detected antibodies wich I shouldnt have for my blood type as im A+. so confused & over this pain just want it to go away!smile ps would love to join the face book page also !

Mel i clicked ur link on previous pages on here my name will come up as Sandra & my profile pic is of my family & I on the beach!

I'm doing public, so that's why I'm not sure if they will allow me to have a scan just for the sake of it!

I don't know with my first pregnancy, my doctor only gave me the 12 week scan, but the doc I have seen for this pregnancy, sent me for a dating scan even tho I was 100% sure when my LMP was... And the scan was bulked billed...

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

Just updating the due date list smile
So many new ladies ~ welcome to each one of you!

~*Due in September 2012 *~
1 - Katie, Sasha1001, Hks12, Live*Laugh*Love, Teen Mummy
2 - Tinchen1984
5 - F_Meadows
6 - Rebecca_Russel-600, jody99, LilahColver
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9 - mumma<3
10 - Emma_D
12 - Leah27*
13 - *Melissa*(Angel Baby)
16 - Em2012, mother~mayhem
17 - SSDH, ksb22
18 - jchaps, zyre
22 - bwenske
23- Kubota Chick, Mellissagreeff
24 - mel-O
25 - Fiona_Hitchie
26 - Ange, ProudMummyC
28 - Ocean princess12,Page83, VeronicaMc
29 - *Mummy+Cutie*

Sorry to anyone I've missed! Please feel free to add yourselves to the list smile

Its sounds like we are all in the same boat as in wanting it to be at least 13 weeks hard to sit and wait.
Im going public too ProudMummyC .When i went to my doc she siad i could get a scan done bulk billed just had to get her referal on my next visit. But she wasnt available so had to see another GP (male) and he was like you will have to wait weeks before you will be able to get in for a scan so i wouldnt bother and i told him i was a little stressed as of MC before.
So anyways i saw another GP (female) and she was like fine no worries wrote referal and just said perhaps to wait another week or 2 which is fine as im off to adealaide on tues for 2 wks.
I sort of also said to her that i was unsure on my dates but i did know them i just wanted a scan.
Mel-O i was like that with my friend too, think its totaly fine to tell BFF. Mine had called me on skype 10 mins after i did the test , hadnt even told parents or DP but just gave her a little hint and told her i would call her back that night after i spoke to DP.

Jody99 where in NZ have you moved from? My DP is from south island.We were just there on holidays for xmas new years..thats when ''IT'' happened.

oh yeah proudmummyc i also had been moody alittle so thats when i did the test.

Im not melbourne but geelong is not far from there use to live in Essendon but i m from Adelaide .
Is any one having issues yet sleeping i seem to not be able to comfy then im hot then cold..thinking too much then woken up by 1 year old at 4 -5am...i end up sleeping on the couch some nites..I did sleep heaps on the couch with last pregnacy.
Chat later should go relax as have been cleaning all day as we are selling our house shortly. nite

good morning everyone, how are you all today?

i did another test this morning (cause i had it sitting there and wanted to see if the line got darker) and the result line is darker than the test line and came up as soon as the pee hit it (it did last timetoo but it wasnt as dark) so im guessing thats a good sign, plus still no spotting.

I did exactly the same thing this morning! I POAS, just to see how dark the line is. It's so much darker than the control line, and the line was there before the pee had even spread its way across the test! So that was a great start to my day! DH says "well there's no questioning whether there's a line this time, eh?" Men! LOL!

I've been at work all day in a meeting and I am just so tired!! And hungry! Oh my gosh! I was about to eat my pen, it was so bad! I'm busy eating yoghurt now. All I was thinking about all day long was how nice it wold be to eat yoghurt! laugh so strange because I like yoghurt, but I don't normally day dream about it!

Hope everyone is doing well smile

Afternoon Ladies

Thanks Bwenske and LilahClover - I have a male gp too, next appt is on the 10th so I will just enquire about it then I guess!

Urgh morning 'nausea' has started. I didn't get it with my daughter at all, but as horrible as it is, I'm feeling a little comforted by it as I keep hearing that morning sickness equals a 'strong pregnancy'.
Hope everyone is well!

LOL, its nice to see the dark line though my DH came in and saw it and commented on how dark the line was.

i havent been able to eat much today, i want to but i just can seem to get past a couple of mouthfuls. water has been my best friend the last few days lol.
i think the sickness is starting sad i just got realy car sick about 20 mins ago and its still with me. oh well at least the dread of birth hasnt started yet, once the worry of M/C passes im sure that will start lol. im going to start nappy and carrier planning soon so that should keep my mind off it lol.

here are my test pics, just cause i love seeing realy pathetic lol.




Ooh that line definitely is getting darker!!!

Sorry you're not feeling good, I've got a burning feeling in my stomach if I don't eat for a while. It's awful!

Bwenske - I grew up in a small town called Oamaru and then have spent the better part of the last 12years in Dunedin, So South Island also smile - It is a lovely place! We're off home for a wedding in 4 weeks - can't wait we hit 12 weeks just before we go and 13 while we are there so very much looking forward to being able to tell people in person.
evening ladies xx nice we are all chatting about our babies xx makes it sink in hehehe...

purplepossum - Peter is lovey xxx also heard great things about Dr Kemper - and SJOG - where you - we are in Skye - guessing you are in Berwick / Narre Warren xxx such a big area - i grow up in Cranbourne when there was nothing there - the circus use to visit - seriously - in the cranbourne car park - which use to be a huge grassed field - talking about 30+yrs ago xxx

many mums over 35+ here - scary to think im one xxx

Page8 - ive been feeling the same way - the key for me is to eat small meals every few hours - and load up on water - and long walks xxx hope it continues to work for me xx

we best be off to bed all xxx hope you all had a great Australia day xx spent the day down the main st in Mornington - with hubby and little man - it was great to get some sun and find an excuse to eat ice cream hehehe

nite xxx sticky baby dust to us all xxx Vx
Hi Ladies (:, hope you don't find if i join in , it is my first pregnancy, and am 7 weeks pregnant, due on september 15th (:

Hi Ladies (:, hope you don't find if i join in , it is my first pregnancy, and am 7 weeks pregnant, due on september 15th (:

Welcome smile

your due 3 days after me, im hoping my baby will be born on the 15th as its my best friends birthday that day and i would love them to share.

hope your pregnancys progressing well.
Hi everyone,

I am due September 15th with my first bub. Excited but nervous! Its so hard not telling anyone, it'll be so good when we are all 12 weeks.

Can you please add me to the facebook group? My e-mail is

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