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due December 2011 Lock Rss

hay all well thought i should get this started so im due 1 december very excited and so shocked about how early i have found out about think lil bundle of joy .!
ok so about a week ago i was feeling a bit ill, and have to be honest forgot when my period was due ( we all do it lol ). realized i was a few days late so did a PT and hello baby number two. so got my midwife on board and had my first skan Tuesday but as i was so early we couldn't see anything, i have to say i was very upset you just don't expect to see nothing at all.! have another appointment when i am 6 weeks cant wait to see this little sprog! but worried i have had 3 miscarriages then 3 years ago had my georgus daughter have been getting slight cramping but its normal was naughty any brought bub 1 lil thing ! but nothing else for 8 more weeks ! lol
oh congrats that is so awsome so you would be about 5 weeks so ruffly the 25 november
Hi roll eyes I got a BFP (well 3 lol) on Thursday which by my calculations means I'll be due on the 4th of Dec. I'm period isn't due till tomorrow so I'm hoping it's not a false alarm! I had a miscarriage early in Jan so I'm a little nervous this time but it's nice to be able to share it with someone!
This will be my 3rd baby I have a 3 1/2 DD and a 26 month old DS.
Looking forward to getting to know you a bit better!
aww congrats love, defently no the feeling of miscarriages i have previously had 3 before my daughter and am so nerves about this one but im also so excited. but we can all go threw this together !
congrats to you too! hopefully we both have sticky babies:)! Have you had any symptoms yet?
oh yes i get pains and cramping allot but thats ment to be normal in the first 6 weeks no bleeding so am kinds getting excited but not getting my hopes up just yet! should be having a second skan in the next 10 days just to make sure everything is still going along.
Hey ladies,
So just found out im due 8th Dec with number 2. Yey. So very early days yet but very exciting none-the-less. Where u all trying?? or are these bundles a suprise??
SUPRISE!!! lol my daughter was a 43 hour labour so wasnt planing on a second time but in for the long hall now
congrats !!
Yeah i was hospitalized for 9 months of my first with severe morning sickness... but we still planned this one!! Beginning to think im crazzzzy haha. But no real ms yet. But usually kicks in at 5 weeks!
oh yes!! mine was bad to but it hasn't kicked in yet ! but got my hcg levels back to day and on Thursday they were at 700 and a week earlier they were only 46 so they are defently going up !! yay after having bad morning sicknes and being in and out of hospital and a 43 hour labour deffently makes you wounder y a 2nd time. we were thing about it but wanst going to start trying for another 5 months. but im still taking this day bye day waiting for the golden 13 weeks
Hi Ladies

I'm due in December too with 2nd bub ! I'm starting to get tired thinking about it !!! Hopefully this one will be a better sleeper !!!

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