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Due August 2011 Lock Rss

Fingers crossed Mrs26!!! Hope you are joinging us very soon oxo

LOL Princess I dont think Í've worn a bikini since I was..... eek cant even remember back that far bahahahaha. You can still wear one, perhaps pop a sarong on as well?

I'll go to the doctors later this week. Still no real ms for me and the metalic taste is only fleeting. Wish I had a crystal ball ....

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Peaches hope you are feeling ok, I've had bleeding early on with both my kids, it is very common (still damned scary though). So glad you had the midwife to reassure you smile
Target have a maternity section too, from memory they had a better range than kmart.

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

hi everyone,

congrats to all the lucky ladies who have joined since my last post! and FX for Mrs26 too!!

just got some FANTASTIC news, my SIL wo got a BFN over the weekend, has just got her BFP and i was the first person she told, we work together so its a bit hard to hid, she hasn't even told my brother, her DH yet. Its their first and i think i am more excited for her than for me. I still had to lie to her saying i wasnt, as DH wants to keep it quiet for a while. i hate lying and trying to make up stories to cover my lies. but i want to let her have the spotlight for a while, #1 for her is much more exciting than #3 for me. our due dates are 2 days apart!

still feeling ok, i only said to DH this morning, i dont want to jinx myself but apart from a bit tired and sore boobs, i feel ok.

we are in Tweed Heads, just moved here from Sydney last year and LOVE IT up here!!!

Peaches, Big W has a maternity section too, and they have the cute tops like cookie monster saying eating for two, and does my bump look big in this. as well as the bonds maternity stuff which is great and very comfy!
Well I dont know anything about the abbreviations on here but I can join as well.

I am due August 3rd. Have a beautiful little girl who is 1 and my husband and I were trying so we are both so excited.

I have the sore boobs at the moment and the smells have just hit me, which isnt good working in a child care centre
Also has anyone else had any sort of ache in their pelvis region. I have had it all day today. I never had it before and because I have had numerous misscarriages, I am just a bit more nervous than normal
Hi Jess, welcome to the thread and congrats on your BFP!!

Yeah I have been having on off tiny cramps and sore hips over the last week, apparently it is just stretching and your bones softening I ouldn't worry about it smile
Sharyn how fantastic that you and your SIL are so close in due dates. Exciting times in your family smile I'm pretty impressed that you didn't tell her that you are pregnant too, I wouldn't have been able to help myself LOL.

Congrats Jess smile and welcome. Yes I've been having an aching lower pelvis too, Peaches is right its all normal and nothing to worry about. The abreviations do take a while to get used to, DH= Dear Husband (or can be taken as another D word if you aren't happy with him grin), DS= Dear Son, DD= Dear Daughter - it goes on and on - took me ages to work them all out smile Childcare would have some really stinky smells I'm thinking - hope morning sickness (ms) doesnt treat you too harshly

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Hi Girls,

I had my GP appt today, I felt so silly sitting there saying I was only 4 weeks and 2 days! My regular GP is away, whom I have gone through alot with, so i felt funny being there sooooo early in the pregnancy.

Anyway, I got a blood test to confirm pregnancy, and I will have another next week. Got referral for scan, which hopefully I will get the week before chrissy, and my referral to my midwife who will see around 16 weeks. Wow, so far away lol.

Welcome to the new girls. Jess I am getting alot of aches in the pelvis but they arn't like period pain so Im trying not to worry.

Sharynd+2 I am envious of you up there. I would love to move up north but with DH work it isn't possible.

Hope your all well smile

Morning all smile

Jodie I was at the Doc's at exactly 4 weeks asking for a blood test with DS smile Making an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to see the GP. I'm feeling really anxious - I still dont have any ms and was sick as a dog by now with both my other kids sad trying to stay positive though smile

Hope you are all feeling good and having a great day

Linda smile

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

wow I use a lot of smiley faces LOL smile smile smile grin

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

hi everyone!

i have my first drs visit today. a bit early but oh well. we have a lots of twins in the family and kinda wanted to check early to make sure it is only one. I have been told a few times by tarot readers and phycics that my third pregnancy will be twins, not that i believe everything i'm told but when twins are in both my and DH's family, i'm a bit scared, but it might just be my SIL is due two days after me.

still feeling suprisingly well, considering i was soo sick for my last two pregnancies, just feeling tired now. DH must have asked me 10 times last night if I was ok.

hope everyone else is feeling ok!
Hi Girls,

Glad im not the only one going to the GP so early smile I guess we are all just so excited.

sharynd+2 - How would you know this early if its twins? Does your hcg levels double if its twins?

Jellum - I am feeling anxious too. My last pregnancy was a mc, so I keep thinking this one is going to end the same way too. Im sure everything is okay, just try and keep thinking positively. I am not feeling pregnant either!

Not many symptoms yet either. I guess it is still early. I wasn't sick until 6 weeks with DD so I just keep telling myself its too early. I have done 4 HPT's so far, with the test line today being darker than the control line, so I guess that means my levels are rising.

Cheers Jodie smile

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