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Due August 2011 Lock Rss

Peaches your kids sound adorable, how cute smile Was DS's name suggestion a good one? My DS suggested Batman LOL blink Hope the ms doesn't get too hard to cope with

hehehe batman! I love it!!
Morning all,

Mind if i join? got my BFP on Friday. This will be #3 for me, and DF's #2. but our first bubba together. so excited. and really nervous. not going to tell kiddies for awhile (dont want the ex's fam to know)

my belly is already quite sencitive and feels like ive pulled a muscle or something. i dont remember feeling anything this early with DS or DD.

Congrats to everyone who has got BFP smile


Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

Hey princess congrats on your BFP!!!!!
Congrats on your BFP Princess grin and so glad you are joining us. I've been getting the pulled muscle feeling too, I dont remember it being this early either but I'm thinking my tummy muscles aren't quite what they used to be smile

Peaches, Theron is a much better choice than Batman LOL!! Feel your pain with having a snoring DH sad That's weird - I was thinking of trying to go through my local Dr this time instead of the midwives lol. I saw midwives with both my kids at the hospital but it is a fair distance from my house (and the waiting time was horrible) so thinking might try shared care this time smile All the midwives I've seen were fantastic though so feeling a bit torn. I've been checking for AF too wink

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

I don't know aye Batman has a certain ring to it, and he doesn't have to have a last name PMSL. I am so sick today, I thought I would be able to hold down my quiche but I couldn't unfortunately, it was such a yummy quiche too! So I'm sipping water and ginger beer and having a ginger nut every now and then, seems to be stopping the vomiting but still feeling queezy in the tummy.
Can you imagine the poor kid at school? Especially if its a girl LMAO

You poor chicken sad Hope the ms doesnt last long - keep up the bikkies if they are working smile

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Batman still has a nice ring to it lol at least you won't have to give a last name, and if it was a girl she would be the coolest kid at school!!
Hi Girls - looks like I can join you all smile

I got my BFP on sunday after 18 months of TTC a sibling for my 2.5 yr old DD. Yay!!! I look forward in sharing the pregnancy with all of you... where are you all from? Im from the Central Coast NSW in Oz.

Not many symptoms as yet. Sore BB's on and off. A little bit nauseous occasionally but still feeling quite good. I didnt find out with DD till almost 6 weeks and MS didn't kick till around then so hopefully this is the same smile

I think Im due around the 7th of August. Going to GP tomorrow so I can get a blood test to confirm and hopefully some weekly blood tests to monitor if they rise. I had a mc in June so im a little anxious.

Congrats to all of you smile


LOL Peaches still think Batman is a yeah nope though grin DS would love that you were on his side hehe

Congrats on your BFP Jodie smile YAY!!!! Glad you are joining us!! I'm so very sorry for your loss oxo, pregnancy after MC is pretty nerve racking. If you ever need an ear I'm happy to listen. I'm in Adelaide in South Australia. I'm not having many symptoms yet either but I'm sure they will kick in very soon for us all smile

Goodnight and sticky vibes to all


DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Fingers crossed i get to join this thread!!!

Congrats on th BFP Jodie.

lol. now i have the batman tune in my head. the kids at DD's daycare hav a batman song. lol

Im already planning suitable clothing to wear for xmas and while around friends. going to keep this to ourselves for as long as poss. looking like no bikini for me at new yrs. lol Have a feeling im going to show pretty early too. im a size 6/8.

Havnt had much ms yet, just feel abit off every now and again, FX it doesnt get too bad. with DS i never vomited, just felt sick all the time.

I havent been to the doctors yet, going to wait another week. then gotta find a midwife. scary stuff!! lol

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

Princess - I am the same 6/8. I when I had #3 I was showing at about 10 weeks so I guess I will start getting a bump soon then.

I had a bit of brown blood this morning, nothing major but of course i panicked because i had never had that before, called the midwife and she assured me it was fine, thank goodness I sorted midwife yesterday! She it is perfectly normal as long as I am not in pain and it isn't bright red and lots of it. It seems to have stopped, really only noticed when i went to the loo so fingers crossed it doesn't happen again. Guessing all is ok anyway because I'm back to having the niggly fealings in my tummy and still a bit queezy. lol

I have been looking on TM for maternity clothes but where else is there to look? I think kmart has a maternity section too don't they?
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