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i know how u feel about the guilt part, Nathaniels got Reflux and weve had a rollercoaster with it and been very painful tried all diff medications and stuff we introduced a formula at night to see if he settled with it and he was brilliant.. so did that for a few weeks then the reflux flared up and i had to make the hard decision of giving up breastfeeding and put him on a anti reflux formula and he is ALOT better and settles and sleeps so easily like he was before the reflux happened. At the end of the day you gotta do whats best for you and your baby so what if breast is best... in an ideal world but lets face it its not! Its taken me a while to come to terms with it, but if they are happy thats the main thing.

oh no. poor lil guy!! how did u know he had reflux? that must of been hard but its good hes more settled now.
my midwife called tonight to arrange a time to come visit us. as shes been busy with births last week and i told her i was expressing the milk instead and she said hell forget how to breast feed and made me feel guilty about it again.. i dont think she meant to.
i know its better for us to do it this way as hes def more settled.
i hope ur bubs is doing better now uve got the formula sussed.
Hello Mummies!
I believe its been a year since this forum started..
time has flown. This time last year we were finding out we were pregnant =)
how is everyone going?

Hello Mummies!
I believe its been a year since this forum started..
time has flown. This time last year we were finding out we were pregnant =)
how is everyone going?

Hey dolphinmia!

We're doing pretty well. Caleb is almost 4 months old and is well and healthy, apart from one week in hospital at 10 weeks. Older brother is still adjusting but that should contine to improve...

How are things with you? Pity no one's on this forum anymore, I miss the company:(
Hmm ... tried changing my profile pic. Not sure if it's gonna work ...
My little Allie is 4 months on the 17th, she is a lovely little girl, very happy. Have had problems with Reflux since she was a baby but we're using a medicated formula to keep it in check, medication was expensive and didn't seem to work. Her big sister is adjusting better each day and is quite taken with her little sister.
Anyone having anxiety issues?
How come he had to go into hospital?? Poor little fella =( Glad hes good now!!

Nathaniel was 4 months on 4th dec =)

We have had ongoing issues with what they ? as reflux been to constant appointments and various medications. One point he had a scan and they were convinced it was a thing called Pyloric Stenosis which needs surgery so that was scary... He has a paediatrician appointment in January but im starting to think that its not reflux and maybe intolerance.. to the milk protein.

I havent come on here in ages cos i use facebook and talk to some of the girls heh.

Miss belle, how ru coping with the reflux?? What formula did they suggest?

I initially had anxiety problems but now it has evened out a bit!

Dolphinmia - I hope you find out what it is soon, half the battle is over when you know what it is and you can focus on dealing with it!
Caleb had Kawasaki Disease which took a few days to diagnose. After an IV infusion of immunoglobulins he got better, so hopefully there will be no lasting effects. He goes for another ECG & heart echo soon to check.

Miss Belle - what sort of anxiety problems? For you or bub?
Dolphinmia - we are using S26 AR, and things are improving. It is a heavier formula designed to stay in their stomachs. As for ways to deal with her reflux, it is getting easier to cope with her screaming in pain. It's just staying calm for me which is sometimes hard when she losing the plot. I have no ideas on coping, just trying to take one day at a time, the times that she is unhappy is decreasing and she's just such a lovely little girl when it's not bothering her. It is really difficult to pick what the issue is though. What makes you think it is intolerance? Are you also seeing an allergist?

Anxiety - me, hopefully it'll settle down soon.

Kirstysmurf - hope the tests on Caleb go well.
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