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Due August 2011 Lock Rss


I'm Linda, lucky enough to have a DS 3 and DD 16 months and now expecting number 3 wub . Hoping there are some other mummys joining me soon grin

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

not expecting yet (going to TTC in jan) but wanted to say a big congrats!! hope all goes well!!! smile

not expecting yet (going to TTC in jan) but wanted to say a big congrats!! hope all goes well!!! smile

Awww thanks Connors.mummy that is so kind of you grin all the best in January to you too

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Hi Linda,congrats to you!!

I can join you!!!! yay, kind of...

haven't told DH yet, found out on wednesday, we weren't trying, i was hoping to but DH hadn't decided yet, so a little nervous about telling him. I have DS1 - 4 in Jan, and DS2 just turned two, so hoping for a little pink bundle this time.

Are you feeling anything yet? I'm not really, kinds doesn't feel real as I haven't told anyone yet. I have done about 4 HPT though, all BFP!
YAY!!!! Congrats sharynd+2 smile how exciting!! I was a bit nervous telling DH too, he wasn't as keen on numer 3 as I was. He is excited now though. I hope your DH takes the news really well, I'm sure he will.

I'm not fussed if this bub is pink or blue but DS has decided he wants a brother.

I've got that delightful metallic taste in my mouth and feeling really hot but apart from that nothing really.

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Hi there! Can I join as well? Just got my BFP yesterday!!!

I am 26 and my DH is 27, I have 3 kids from a previous relationship so this is my 4th but it is my DH's 1st after trying for a little over 2 years. Have got my first dr appointment on Thursday. We are really really excited!!! grin
Hi Peaches! Congrats on your BFP grin that's fantastic!!! How very exciting for you and your DH. Have you told your other children yet?

I haven't made a drs appointment yet blink I better get onto that on Monday

I have to keep reminding myself that I'm pregnant, just waiting until the all day sickness kicks in, then it will all come flooding back LOL


DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Hey such a hot day today!! No we haven't told the kids yet, we want to wait til I have seen my Dr and we know everything is ok then we will tell them, I am pretty sure once we tell them then everyone else will know within a week lol

Hope your day is going well
hello again ladies!

well, told DH yesterday and was very suprised at his reaction. I was the one shaking like a leaf and heart pounding, and he just kept saying its alright, sit down, dont stress. He said "if it makes you feel any better, i decided yesterday (friday) that I wanted another baby" thank goodness grin grin . he actually said he was more excited than he thought he would be, i said i thought i'd be over the moon but i wasn't, but only because i was scared what his reaction would be, but i am getting excited now!

My first pregancy i had really bad morning(all day and night) sickness for 8 months, not so bad with second, so i am wondering if it will kick in this time. I have had the odd wave of nausea and i hope it stays that way.

hope you are all well!!
That is fantastic sharynd!!! Congrats on your BFP!

I am starting to feel so yukky at the moment. If I don't eat for ages I feel really sick, couldn't hide the sickness from the kids so we told them this evening. DS wants a brother of course and he has already suggested a name lol and miss8 was excited and miss 5 smartly said "I know mummy sheesh" lol hmmm so maybe she knew before us lol
You must be feeling so relieved sharynd, how sweet is your DH smile I had all day ms for the whole pregnancy with DS and nearly the whole time with DD but tbh I felt slightly reassured by it (meaning bub was hanging in there - this is my 6th knowm pregnancy) so hoping it kicks in soon. Feeling slightly queasy sometimes but not often.

Peaches your kids sound adorable, how cute smile Was DS's name suggestion a good one? My DS suggested Batman LOL blink Hope the ms doesn't get too hard to cope with

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Hey, yeah DS's suggestion wasn't too bad it was Theron after his best friend of course lol.

Yeah am up late at the moment, DH is snoring his head off next to me and I'm feeling a bit queezy, I can't lay down flat. Sitting up helps. I suppose it is a good sign isn't it.

I was going to go through my Dr like I did with the others, but talking with DH more there is a big chance we won't make it to North Shore hospital so will have to go to Waitakere, I have never had a midwife before only my GP who is registered as a midwife too. So going to make some phone calls tomorrow, it is weird though I was still going to the loo all day checking for AF PMSL!
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