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Due June 2011!! Rss

Congrats Ezzybee on the arrival of Michael.

Well i have a June baby. Flynn Christopher was born yesterday morning (29th June) in a real hurry weighing 7lb 10oz and 51 cms.

I started getting irregular contraction from about 2pm on the Tuesday but they were so irregular and slight that i couldnt feel them most of the day. So i organised my mum to have the younger kiddies for the night. At approx 9pm i jumped on our tredmill to try and speed things up which it did and contractions got stronger but still irregular and not painful. 12pm is when things started properly. Contractions were still irregular but within a time span of 4-8 mins but got quite painful so i rang my midwife to say we are coming in. Arrived at the hospital at approx 2am and said my waters havent broken can she break them as i believe this is what was stopping things. Waters broken at 2.20am and then i jumped in the bath. Pretty much staight away i knew he was coming. So 2.45pm and Flynn was born in the water with no pain relief. Oh so glad i will never go through that pain again, its a joy but im so over it after 3 drug free births.

We have had a tough start to his life as he was whisked away as he was blue, and had shallow breathing. My cord snapped when i grabbed him in the bath so they were worried about him losing blood through the cord. It turned out that he had fluid on the lungs due to a quick birth as a slower delivery squishes the fluid out of their lungs in the birth canal. He returned to me 4 hours later but was heavily monitored. Finally got home today and he is all clear. However i have a very hungry boy and my milk hasnt come in yet so he is quite unsettled. Im living on approx 5 hrs sleep in the last 40 hours but otherwise i feel great. Dont even have any soreness down below which is nice but the after pains are killing me. Crossing fingers for a good sleep tonight.

Hopefully the last few girls are doing well and you have approx 9 hrs left to have a june bubs. Best of luck ladies.
Dani09- I had my June baby too!

Jaidan Michael was born 7:24pm on June 29th, weight 7lb 9oz, length 49cm

I started the day with my usual labour pattern of period pains & the odd contraction. My last labour was only 1hr 25m so as soon as these pains started I made the decision to go to my mums (I live 30mins from hospital) as she is closer to the hospital. Got there at 10:30am with still just mild pains, they got regular, but not really painful, about 1:30pm. The contractions got a bit more intense about 4pm. Then the real labour started about 5:20pm with strong contractions at 2 mins apart lasting for 20seconds each. I tried to wait it out til they were longer but the pain was strong so we went to the hospital. Got there about 5:45pm. By this time they were lasting a minute each & about 1-2mins apart. I got into the bath at about 6:30 which was amazing. I was able to stay calm until the real work begun to start pushing. My waters broke at about 7:10pm & our baby boy was born at 7:24pm after 2 big pushes. Am very proud to say that was my 3rd drug free labour (and 2nd water birth). Jaidan was born with the cord around his neck but there was no problem with his breathing & he pinked up very quickly. We came home this morning with 2 very excited & proud big sisters! They are just gorgeous with him but my 20 month old still needs to learn to be gentle.

Dani I share you thoughts, it is a joy to see your baby for the first time but I am so happy to not have to go through that pain again! It hurt! And I came out of it with stitches, so its soft comfy chairs for me for the next few weeks.

Hope the last few mums have their June babies too!!

congratulations Shaina and Dani.

see you over in June babes 2011.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Just wanted to announce the safe arrival of my 2nd son. He was born last wednesday 29th of june at 3:25 p.m via c-section. I had a few little scares threw surgrey i had trouble breathing and my blood pressure went a little crazy but i'm back on the road to recovery and came home on Friday afternoon. I can do what i was doing there at home which was nothing. But i'm home with my hubby (who is amazing) and my 2 beautiful boys.
Little master loves his baby brother and trying to help me out has much has he can.
The baby weighs about 7-7 pounds and looks like his daddy.

congratulations on the birth of your little one my_little_blessings. glad to hear you are home recovering.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Willow Sirih finally came into the world on June 30 via unplanned C-section. My waters broke at home on Wenesday morning and labored at home for about 8 hours until contractions were 5 min apart. At hospital things slowed down about and by 8 am the next day dr had to induced to reduce risk of infection. Sintosin drip put in and labor come hard and strong but I just was dilating. Baby starred to go into fetal distress with ever contraction so after 30+ hours of labor and little dilation a cesar was planned. The birth experience of a Cesar was still an amazing experience and I was calm the entire time. When they lifted her up and my husband said it was a little girl I was just overwhelmed bc I really wanted a girl. The recover was special too as they took of my shirt and Willow got to suckle for over an hour on my chest. While it is not the labor I planned for it is the baby girl I dreamed for and she is just so special. I am all loved up on new baby goodness.
Congrats to the new arrivals!!

Is there anyone left?

Is there anyone left?
congratulations on your little girl IBU.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Hey ladies, congratulations to everyone, I cant keep up sometimes. I had my 3rd boy on the 29th June!!
Congrats!! Another June baby!!

Hi Girls,
Sorry it's taken me so long to come back and catch up. I had my 3rd child a beautiful baby girl. Chelsea arrived in a hurry on 21st June 2011 2.32am weighing 3.85kgs (8lb 7oz)
Congrats on all your bubba's safe arrivals.

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