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Due June 2011!! Rss

Hi all,

Yes I feel like I have been really bloated lately but am getting constipated every now and then and I cannot stop eating! I have a really huge meal and 1/2 an hour later i'm starving again. I've found kiwifruit 'gets everything moving' which helps a bit with the bloated feeling and its yummy.

Our work shirts show every bump and bulge so i'm starting to feel a little self conscious at work as I don't want to tell people for some time. I'm quite small so its quite noticeable if I put on weight.

I feel like i'm waiting to 'feel pregnant'. Just really have the bloating and sore boobs at the moment. Dreading when the nausea hits (if it does).

What are everyone elses symptoms at the moment?


And also, yes I am having early pregnancy monitoring. The fertility clinic I was with offered it so thought it would be good to monitor and see how I am progressing. I have a blood test once a week to check that the hcg is rising well and then at 7-8 weeks I will have my first scan - which I cannot wait for!

HELLO!!! I am going to see my dr on wednesday so he will more then likely do the whole blood work as i have a heart condition, which mind u is fine, i will go for an early scan so we can make sure of the dates. The reason why i no all of this is because i have had the same dr since i have 16 and he has done it all with my other 3.

Haven't got any real symptoms yet. i mean if anything i dont feel hungry at all. Although i can't handle the smell of meat and seafood eww. so gross!!! No feeling sick or anything. my (.)(.) feel very big and heavy so yeah thats about it.

Will let u all no what my dates are when i find them out.

Hey Guys. I have to admit I am not feeling too confident at this stage. Had some wicked nausea for a few days but that seems to have disappeared. Boobies aren't especially sore although I swear the nipples are a little darker today. Have what feels like some very mild vaguely crampy feelings and noticed tonight that there was a very (and I stress very) slight pink tinge when I wiped after going to the loo (sorry TMI). I had spotting from 9 weeks when I was pregnant with DD so I am trying to stay positive but God it's hard sometimes. Will be going to see my Dr tomorrow. I won't be able to get an appointment but she's pretty good and will squeeze me in if I need to see her. Hope everyone else is travelling well.


Is anyone else experiencing some spotting ? or discoloured mucus..? Hmm im not sure if i should be worried as i also had spotting when i was pregnant with my first son but i need to go to the doctors anyway today..


Hi everyone,
My name is Lauren, I am 19 have been with my partner for over 4 years and we are expecting our first baby. Had scan yesterday which said I was 5 weeks 1 day yesterday (so 5 weeks 2 days today). Bit earlier than I thought, I thought I was 6 weeks 5 days haha. Doc said everything looks good. Going back in 3 weeks for another scan at docs to see heartbeat etc (he said its not really necessary but I can do it if I want to see more & I do! haha)
So far I have had slight nausea (no vomitting, darkened nipples, bloating and nosebleeds. All normal doc said.

I am due on June 4th.
So excited!!!
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been to the gp 2day and done another pregnancy test came back BFP again !! so next week Thursday im going for a dating scan WOOTWOOT im sooo excited smile Im not enjoying my dizzy spells n headaches though sad my bloodpressure was at 131/87 which i higher then when it was when pregnant with my first it was at 120/70 pretty much though out my whole pregnancy has anyone else had this ?


hi girls

i hope you are all well

i went to the Dr yesterday, still waiting for the blood results to come back.

he did a urine test also but only gave about 2 seconds before he started to say it was a neg, then goes oh no there is a line....i think he gave it about 10 more seconds before going yep there's a line and throwing it away.
talk about scare me!!! i saw the line before he threw it out but it was still developing. he should have given it more time.

anyway other than that going well, probably not eating as well as I should not a big fruit eater. but I'm trying.

congrats to the new girls.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Went to the dr yesterday and because i did 6 test and they all came back positive he said he didn thave to do any further testing. Goin infor a dadtin scan in 2 weeks as he said then we will get a better view n there is more to see. So after all of that is when we will start with the blood test and the referals.

Have had no m/s yet which to me is great. Although i have lost 2.5kgs in the past week, not worried atm but yeah if it keeps goin then i will have to have a talk to the dr.

Hope all is well and those who are goin for datin scans that all goes well. Chat to u all soon.

hi everyone,
I just found out today that i am pregnnt too,not sure on my due date yet.This will be baby number 5 and my last baby.Not to sure how i feel about it all yet as my youngest daughter is not even six months old yet,my fingers are crossed for a boy but will be happy either way.

Hello All...

I am due 7th of June 2011..

Saw Doctor last Thursday, after positive HPT. Did bloods which come back positive. Got more bloods to do tomoz and then a dating scan in about 2 weeks (need to book - dr said to wait a few weeks to make sure they could see something)

This will be bubs no.3. Already have 2 beautiful girls Aged 4.5yrs old and 18months.

Hoping for a boy!

Can't wait to share my journey with you all...
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