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May Babes 2011 Rss

I have a quick question before I go out to dinner..

I just went to the bathroom and noticed quite a bit of egg white CM on my toiletpaper??
I only went off the pill a month ago exactly and have been monitoring my CM very closely while TTC and I never had any EWCM.
Is it normal to have it now? Could I have gotten a +ve result on the HPT just from ovulating??

Im freaking out a little sad sad

Hey there, would like to join the group...I am due first week of May!
I dont think you would have got a + from ovulating on a HPT, I think its quite normal to get extra discharge when your pregnant, I know I certainly have. I wouldnt stress about it.

Just thought I'd pop in to say I would be taking him too. 1kg in weight is alot for a little one... it is probably fluid loss so he might need rehydrating. Is he drinking ok???

Hope he's ok.

Welcome to the new ladies - looking forward to sharing this journey together.

Thanks Ladies - glad to know I am not the only mummy that has a picky child. Alex was also a good eater - but had high temps last night. Doctor advised that it could be related to him being sick last week, and also might have teeth coming through. He eats pretty good during the day, and drinks lots too.

Just need to monitor Alex over the next couple of weeks, and see how he goes, if he is still losing weight I have to take him back to the doctor. Sometimes can be stressful being a mummy. Thanks for your support.

Cheers, Mez

mumtolilliey- I dont feed my kids anything after 4pm, we eat tea about 5-5.30pm and they eat everything on their plate because they are really hungry by then.

Same here smile cept he has arvo tea at 3pm then nothing til dinner at 6pm. also I serve him vegies first - so he cant just eat the meat lol

Wow... So I just left work and I have spotting! My period was due today so I'm just praying its just that! Its got me so worried though coz I can't stop thinking about last time.. Fingers crossed!!

honey I'm crossing everything for you........ please stay put maybabe!

Hey there, would like to join the group...I am due first week of May!

Welcome smile please add your due date to our running list!

Mez - glad your lil one is ok.... I'm off work this week with mine!

Nicki - I saw your post in the other sect about pap smear - I would not have it either... and I have a bad pap history and still wouldnt risk it.

I'm feeling pretty tired and icky today... I think it has more to do with the lack of sleep from a sick boy though!

Am trying to cut down my caffine....... anyone else a caffinaholic lol

Kylogie, Welcome and congratulations!

Nicki, thankyou to replying to me. I felt kind of stupid posting that but I was stressing out a bit. Just because it is so early and I haven't seen a doctor or anything, I keep thinking I'm getting so excited over nothing and maybe I'm not even pregnant sad

Queenb1979, fingers and toes! Could it be an implantation bleed though?

Darcystarflight, I wouldn't have thought I was caffeinaholic, I drink tea everyday and also have a coffee every day or second day, but actually being conscious of it I'm noticing I consume alot more than I though.
Some days I would have say 2 tea's, a coffee, a bottle of coke, and some chocolate.
Im trying to limit it to eg 1 tea, and a coffee or a bottle of coke.
Do you think that's ok??

Danielle x

I have been having 1 coffee a day, normally I can have up to 3 so im trying to drink less, I have also cut down my pepsi max intake from 1-2 a day to 1 every few days, ive been trying to drink heaps more water too.

So I dont think I will have a pap smear, I will just get one done when ive had bub, i know alot of people think its ok to have one but after reading peoples stories on the net its put me off. I really should have gotten one before i fell pregnant but i didnt realize it had been so long since I had had one, naughty me.

So has anyone decided if they are going to find out the sex of their baby? we are going to find out this time, seeing as its our last, I want to prepare myself that I may be the mum of 3 beautiful boys and get used to that i may not have a daughter, my DH didnt want to find out but I had a talk to him and told him my reasons and he agreed we could find out.

Ive also been thinking about names and there are none so far that stand out to me.

daniell i to discharge alot in pregnancy.i think its very normal.

yeh i dont know about the pap do what you feel is right dont let your doc push you in to doing something you dont feel safe doing.

my dd has just starting drinking from a cup witch is reali good and easyer at home .. i have started eating my veggies isfront of lilliey so it makes her want to eat them (i h8 veggies).
we are finding out what we having cant not maybe next one will keep a suprise im not telling anyone what we having but smile see how long that last haha./

went to gym today told my pilates teacher im 4 wks she looked at me like what you look to young then she was talking telling us what to do next she would say now the pregnant ppl dont do this and made me feel awquid(how ever u spell it)


welcome to the new ladies congrads
dont forget to add your self to the list


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Just noticed so far im the only one having bub number 3! everyone else is having number 2

Hi ladies, thank you for your msgs. The bleeding stopped this morning though I still had light pink going on. I went to the docs and he took a blood test. I get my HCG results tomorrow morning.....then I need to have a blood test next week to make sure everything is ok. He wants to monitor me until 6 weeks then I need to have a scan. So far no pain and I need to keep my feet up for the next month. Impossible when you have a 1 1/2 year old smile I am going to go about my life as normal. With my first pregnancy I was kickboxing up until 8 weeks because I didn't know that I was even pregnant!!! I got kicked and punched in my stomach so if this is meant to be then so be it.

How is everyone else going? I'm a huge coke drinker so I've already started to cut down ... need to drink more water.

We are going to find out the sex of the baby but not tell anyone and not tell anyone that we even know. With the last one people` were being sneeky and trying to get it out of me! I hated that.

Belly rubs to all x
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