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May Babes 2011 Rss

Congrats to the new joiners!

Well, I've already told a few people. Just family and a few close friends. I really can't help myself lol
I don't really believe in the whole waiting until 12 weeks thing, not for me anyway. I'm young and healthy, and I don't have any previous history or family history of miscarriage. I'm a little bit worried though, I cant wait for the doctors appointment.

Are anyone's symptoms getting stronger already?
I feel like I'm a bit hungrier than normal, and peeing a bit more than normal. Might be me just focusing on it a bit more though?

Hope everyone has a nice day smile

Oh and Bek, that's very cute about the names...

Just got back from the doctor and I had to have a blood test and do a urine sample, got a referral for a dating scan (even though I know when my LMP was) i just want to see the heartbeat. My doctor told me today that i need to go back next week for a pap smear, I didnt think that you could have one whilst pregnant, she said they dont go high up but just scrape around the sides, i dont know if I feel comfortable doing that while pregnant, what do you guys think?

My m/s is starting to kick in now, I find myself taking deep breaths so i dont feel as sick, im also going to the toilet ALL the time and I feel alot colder than before.

Nicky_Cooper+Zack, there was a thread about pap smears during pregnancy not so long ago if you want to have a search. Until I read a bit of it I didn't even know it was something to be worried about. With my last pregnancy I had a pap (found out I was preg at the same time) and I also had a colposcopy at around 20 weeks, I think.
Sorry, I didn't really answer your question but I think you'll find a lot of conflicting opinions on it, and probably need to make the decision based on how you feel about it.

Do you think you might have an abnormal pap and maybe you need to get it done? Or you're not worried about that at all and think you can go without it?

Danielle, ive never before had an abnormal pap smear and am happy to wait it out until after my baby is born, ive always waited till afterwards with my other pregnancies, i just felt like the doctor bullied me into having one, like she didnt give me a choice, she was just like "you NEED to book in either end of this week or next week" theres no way im doing it before my dating scan, i just dont think i can do it at all, because if something happened after i did it I would always question it and blame myself.

I wouldn't bother then. When you get your bloods done you'll get results for things like HIV/AIDS, Hep etc etc all the important things anyway smile

Thank you ladies!! That was a nice welcome........

Darcystarfligt I must have missed you in December and to be quite honest I didn't read too much of the forum because I was still down.

Good to hear everyone else is going well. Right now I'm at work and feeling soooo sleepy! it's insane. I'm eating so much gummi bears but now it's left a poor taste in my mouth!

Mez my daughter hasn't eaten this whole week! She's so picky but I just make sure she drinks so she's hygrated. if she wants to eat she'll eat, I got over forcing her because I use to stress so much. Now I leave the plate on her table and she runs if she's hungry smile She has 4 more teeth coming through so that explains it.

Has anyone told family/friends yet? We told the parents last night and I told my BFF because she's moving to the states next week. I'm really keeping this one on the down low just for now. I believe in everything happens for a reason and if something was to happen it will, but I have a certain someone in my life who is so negative and evil so for now I want to keep my mouth shut. Thank God for forums hahaha... at least I can share the news here for now smile

Belly rubs to all
i cant sleep at night like i wake every half hour and i cant sleep in in mornings i wake up at 7 instead of 8:30 its driving me nuts i get so tired at the end of day i go to bed and dont sleep ..

i told my SIL today smile hop she dont tell my brother coz he will tell everyone .with my first preg i told everyone then when i lost it at 12wks i had to tell everyone the hartbreaking news thats why i wait till after 12wks i know you can still loose it after but its just something i like to do.
lilliey had been realy picky with her dinner its bugging me because she has always eaten her dinner im baning her from eating 1hr befor dinner do you think that will help?? im also sick of her eating crap so iv come down realy hard on her trying to feed her as much healthy food as i can its hard when we go out but
anyways enought of my DD haha


mumtolilliey- I dont feed my kids anything after 4pm, we eat tea about 5-5.30pm and they eat everything on their plate because they are really hungry by then.


mumtolilliey- I dont feed my kids anything after 4pm, we eat tea about 5-5.30pm and they eat everything on their plate because they are really hungry by then.


Me too smile

Wow... So I just left work and I have spotting! My period was due today so I'm just praying its just that! Its got me so worried though coz I can't stop thinking about last time.. Fingers crossed!!
Queenb, ive read that women can spot the time around when their AF is due, so hopefully its just that, do you have pain or anything?

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