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May Babes 2011 Rss

Well I wasnt going to buy anymore HPT till the end of the week but I couldn't resist when I was at the shops just before, then I wasn't going to do one till tomorrow morning with FMU but I couldn't wait and I got a faint BFP!! yayyyy!

I'll do another one in the morning just to be sure, but I'm so excited!!

I'm not sure when I'd be due as I had a very light bleed coming off the pill on the 2nd, it wasn't a period though, but if I do take it from then I'd be due 9th of May, DP's birthday! haha

BTW I'm Danielle, 19, DP is Daniel, 23.
This will be bub no2, and we live in Sydney.

grin grin grin

haha that is awsome news:)
big congrads lets hop the BFP gets darker and its a sticky bub
new it would be your turn next let us know if its darker tomorrow


Girls, im from the ttc Aug thread and im expecting bub #3 on the 27th April, im in the Due in April thread but I dont know anyone and none of them even acknowledge im there, do you think I can be in this thread?


of course you can be smile
welcome to our little group more ppl the better


haha there pretty kewl arnt they ..
its quite intresting seeing what our penuts look like at the monent

Welcome Nicky - we are happy to have you in our group. You never know you might go a little late with bub, and it will be a May baby anyway. Welcome aboard.

This was our second month of trying too. We were going to try in June, but I think we missed ovulation then, so I am not counting that month.

I am an older mum, and my darling little boy is already 16 months, and I can't get enough of his love. Should have done it a lot earlier I guess, but sometimes we don't think about the choices we make at the time we make them.

Looking forward to getting know all you lovely ladies during our pregnancy journey.

Cheers, Mez

Hi Girls,
I am due May 2nd! Very excited! This will be number 2 for us, we have a 23 month old boy so kind of hoping for wee girl this time smile

Congrats to all of you smile
Welcome Woo! your due the same day as me smile

Nicki!!! come on in! lol I know with DS he was due at the end of the month and by the time i joined the thread (when i was a few months along) no one ever replyed to me. I think the same happened to others as someone then started a late feb/early march and that was a really nice group. Sorry off the topic!

Newbies add your names to the calender list so we can keep track of all our due dates smile

Following Mez's lead I'll do a little background on myself... I'm 29, married with a 18 month DS. Have had two m/c and the ttc journy is not the best for me... but am praying for a sticky wee one!

DR appt tomorrow yay! ( I think its the only time in life you are excited to go to the dr lol)

Stay sticky Maybabies!

Welcome Woo! your due the same day as me smile

Nicki!!! come on in! lol I know with DS he was due at the end of the month and by the time i joined the thread (when i was a few months along) no one ever replyed to me. I think the same happened to others as someone then started a late feb/early march and that was a really nice group. Sorry off the topic!

Yep thats kinda how I feel, because I was one of the last to join, I feel like everyone has already clicked and they are waaaay ahead of me, like some of them are already 9 weeks!

Ive got a doctors app this wednesday to get a referral for a dating scan, even though i know how far along i am, my sister works for a radiology company and I get scans for free so i figure I might as well see that heartbeat early if I can, put my mind at ease a bit.

Well a bit of a recap about me, Im Nicky, im 28and married and have 2 boys aged 4 and 19 months, Im from Perth.

May 1st Basil44
May 2nd Darcystarflight #2
May 3ed bec wa #2
May 4th
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May 28th
May 29th
May 30th
May 31st

I added myself even though it's probably completely wrong. I'll update down the track a bit. Sorry if I cut anyone out, pretty sure I copied the last one added.

So can someone explain to me what happens next? It hasn't been that long since I did this, but I cant remember a thing! lol
When do I book in to see a doctor? and how much does a dating scan cost?

Danielle - I'm seeing my DR tomorrow (so 5wk1day) That said I do have a history or early missed m/c's. So for me it is very important to get a early scan so that mentally I know it will be ok (or to deal with it if its not). I go to a private radiology company (have had bad experience at the hospital one) so I pay $150 and get around $70 back from medicare. On the sad occasions where it is a m/c they have bulk billed me so I don't pay.

Its up to you I guess - with my first pregnacy I didn't have a scan til 12wk, only had bloods to confirm pregnacy at around 6wks I think.

I'll also be seeing my ob dr as he is wonderful.... you could just go to your gp though.

So whatever you choose is good for you!

Danielle, I wouldnt normally be getting a dating scan, usually I just get the 12 week one done, but I usually go to the doctor around 6 weeks and they ask which hospital I want to go to, so they send off forms to the hospital, then the hospital rings me to go in and fill out paperwork which i did at around 9 weeks last time (from memory) then at 11 weeks you go to your GP for a blood test that coincides with your 12 week scan to test for Down Syndrome. Then after the 12 week scan you get a 18-20 week scan to check everything is growing as it should be and to find out the sex if you choose.
Last time the 12 week scan cost me over $100 and I didnt get anything back from medicare because you dont have to have a 12 week scan, like unless your in a high risk category for downs then they dont deem it as necessary, my 20 week scan cost me $190 and i think i got back $100 from medicare.
Oh also the blood test I got done at the doctors to coincide with the 12 week scan cost me $105!!!!!

Wow I'd forgotten about all those costs..
So make an appointment at the doctors around what I think is 6 weeks?
Can a blood test tell me roughly how far along I am?
I'd love to know, as I said before I have NO idea...

yeh im pretty sure a blood test can tell you how far along you are but maybe someone else can tell you as i have never had a blood test to see how far along i am.

Hey how is everyone feeling. Definitely feeling a bit sick today. I will see how I go for the rest of the week. I am feeling so nervous because we have been trying for so long and no it has happened I just don't want anything bad to happen.... Think positive thoughts.

Bit of background from me I am 26, live in wa have a 5 yr old and a partner I have been with for 4 yrs almost. Have been ttc for about 1 yr 9 months. Think I will wait for first appointment unless I have any concerns.

[url=]... a pregnancy ticker[/url]
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