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May Babes 2011 Rss

Ladies I am still trying to find this fb page sad Trooly I have sent you a friend request! Please help he he

Id add you, but I cant on my phone, sorry. Hopefully someone will add you soon.

The hospital post poned my induction to today, as there were no free beds yesterday roll eyes, so 230pm today I go in for the Prostin. So, by tomorrow Ill have my lil girl!! wub

Has anyone here been induced! Or had Prostin gel? I feel a bit bad cause bub obviously isnt ready yet, and Im forcing her out, but I guess the doctors see a good reason to get her out now otherwise they wouldnt do it...

Danielle&Koby- Can I search the group then ask to join?
How exciting for you!! I was induced with my little girl (last pregnancy) at 37+5 which is what I am exactly today he he. I had the same problem as you I was suppose to be induced the day before but when I called they said they had no spare beds, so i had to go up be monitored for an hour or so and then call the next day, which is when i went up! It was so weired saying, Im having my baby tonight or tomorrow and people would be like? How do you no lol. With me they used the tape I think by the time they inserted it it was nilly 10pm and they told me I may feel some discomfort, I went into labour pretty quickly but just stayed in bed thinking it was just discomfort from the tape by 5am I was asking for heat packs but the midwives told me to shower, then I started walking the hospitals floors until I was taken to birthing at approx 8am, and my daughter was born around 10-ish! I was scared because I did not no what to expect and also because induction ending in c-section rate is pretty high, but mine went perfect, if anything they said too quick and at one stage were going to try slow it down, but my thoughts were obviously my baby girl was ready! I am so excited for you anyway and enviouse I want my baby girl now he he. But GOOD LUCK! And i hope everything runs smoothly for you!!
Apparently a couple of people have tried to add me to the FB group but i haven't got an invite :S can one of the ladies on my FB please try add me names Lucy Kilmore btw

Danielle-how exciting!! annoying you thought you were going in yesterday though and then they postponed it but yay not long to go now!! Although I'd be pretty nervous about being induced...good luck, ill be thinking of you smile

So how are all the ladies that are still pregnant going?? I'm 38+3 now and getting soooo ready for my baby to come!! I had the most annoying experience yesterday, I started having what felt like contractions and they kept coming for like 2hrs, my stomach would harden with each one and it felt EXACTLY like when i went into labour wit DS. I was getting excited thinking this could be it...but then they just stopped after like 2hrs grrrrr!! We had sex for the first time in 3wks yesterday and now im gunna try have it more often to try bring on labour haha....after yesterday i just feel today im cleaning cleaning cleaning grin I've vacuumed the car, washed all babys new towels, scrubbed/cleaned one armchair(still gotta do couch and other armchair) and done the last of the unpacking. I'm going to bake some muffins for the freezer and maybe a pumpkin soup if i can be bothered lol....

sending labour vibes to all those still waiting smile
lucy i will try & add you now & shannon whats your name? i will add you as a friend then to the facebook group

i had my photo shoot this morning & i really aren't model material but hopefully there are some good pics in there, they took heaps & lots of different poses too
my midwife appt was cancelled today cause the midwife was off sick so now its on friday morning!!!
i am hoping that bubs comes before saturday morning cause my son is playing footy & its over an hours drive probably closer to 1.5hrs just to get there & i have to be there by 9am, but if bubs comes someone else will have to take him (bad mum i know)LOL


CAI- Can you add me please? My name is Tanya Caisley smile. Yay with the photo shoot how fun i loved doing mine, it actually made me feel REALLY good about myself and photographers no how to edit and trim grin they will look great!
Shame about your appointment, I have mine this arvo! smile
congrats ShannonJ- how nice to have a mothers day bub, thats super special!!

Lucy- I friend requested you to add you to the facebook group, dont know if CAI had but i did it anyway.

Good luck Danielle!!

Sounds like everyone is on the wind down waiting for bubs to arrive. I was having some niggles during the weekend but all settled down now, damn it! Heading to Dunedin on Saturday for the day with MIL to meet SIL to pick bridesmaid dress material for SIL's wedding. It's a 2 and a half hour drive. Looking forward to a day out but a bit nervous to wonder what will happen if I go into labour and DH isn't around!
hey ladies!!

wanted to pop in and wish everyone lots of labour vibes xoxo

hope everyone pops soon!!
hi everyone - its so exciting to see everyone having their bubs

i go for my first appointment at the hospital tommorrow - not sure what they do exactly because last time I was preggers I went into labour on the day of my appointment.

have mixed feelings whether i want the little fella to come early or not - was giving me lots of pain with all his moving on Monday but has been very quiet since.
well i'm now over 39 weeks pregnant & i had my midwife appt today & while there they hooked me up to the monitor & it showed that i am having painless regular contractions, but they may go away or they may progress, i'm hoping that they progress into full labour!!!!

hubby & i had sex last night so that may have helped???? if nothing happens tonight i told him that we will be doing it again tonight!!! he liked that idea hahahahaha


Hey all! Well i haven't been on here for a while as I have made the big move from Queensland to Western Australia in the last couple of months so have been settling in, getting the kids settled into school, and the list goes on!!! whilst still "remembering" that im pregnant!!!

Well my due date has come and gone! I was actually due on 6th May and its now the 13th so im 7 days over! I went and had a stretch and sweep today to hopefully try and bring things on but have also been booked in for Sunday (2 days away) to be induced if nothing happens in the meantime... im pretty nervous about being induced as with my other 2 kids one came on the day and the other was 6 weeks early! So this one is definitely making up for it!!!

Docs told me that i have to be prepared to have a c-section JUST INCASE the baby or myself doesn't react well with the meds they use to induce... im sweet with whatever as long as baby is ok, im ok and he gets out ok...

So wish me lucky ladies! Hope all goes well with all of you who are about to, or have given birth this month!!!

Congrats to all the ladies that have had their bubs - its getting exciting with everyone due soon or not too far away.

Good luck Renabelz, lets hope you don't have to the CS as you have said, and bub comes on its own.

Cheers, Mez

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