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Due in Feb 2011 Rss

Hehehehehe How are you Camz?

KeegansMummy - i would just be up front and honest with him..... That is the best way to be i think. Hopefully he is a great man and will be happy and over the moon with you smile Let us know how you go smile

How is everyone else on this Sunday arvo... i am frezing my butt off...

Does anyone else NOT feel pregnant????
im good im so cold to..i really wanna put the heater on lol

no i dont feel pregnant either..i think it ll sink in more when i get my blood test done next wk lol..

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

im due 4th feb - still feels surreal but im hoping in next few weeks it sets in lol
ive had 2 jan bubs so being pregnant in summer im used to lol smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Oh good so it just isnt me that donest feel pregnant...

i have been getting cramps... like the day before you get your period style cramps. no bleeding or anything but yeah... is this normal?? i cant remember lol... just worried that is all sad
yeah ive had a few little niggle cramps but nothing too serious i think i had this with previous two smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

I started feeling a bit off this morning, never had morning sickness with my other 2, just certain things made me sick, dirty washing, farts poos etc lol. Im going to the Dr tomorrow to get a blood test. 10kg man with my 1st I put on 30kg, an then lost 20kg, got preg when DS was 4 mths an ended up excately the same weight with DD, hoping to only put 10kg this time, it would be nice lol.. Hope all is well xx

morning all
im Bek, 22 i have 3 kids but this is my 5th preg. (mc Jan 2010)
i know Carmyz from the TTC thread smile
i got my BFP yesterday but i knew last week that i was preg smile
im due on 14th Feb 2011, but i doubt i will make it that far.
with my previous pregs i have gone early by about a week or two.
im also trying not to say too much because i dont want what happened last time. i was 11 and a half weeks when i mc.
im feeling preg surprisingly lol
im quite neaseaus, very tired, bobbs are really sore.
anyways better run gotta feed the kids smile
hope you are all well

Congrats on the BFP Bek, hoping for a sticky one, sending you loads of sticky dust, how old are you other kids?? I have a 2.5 yr old an a 18 mth old.

i have 2 girls and a boy, so am hoping for a boy but am happy either way as long as its healthy smile
DD1 is 4, DD2 is 2 and a half (3 in Aug) and DS is nearly 14 months.
there is 16 months between DDs and 20 months between DD2 and DS. if i didnt MC there would of been 15 months between it and DS. but now there will be 22 months between DS and bub.

Yeah I have 14 mths nearly to the day with DS an DD (was suppose to be 13.5 mths but I went 2 wks over).. I really want a boy too, my family is swarming with girls an I was so suprised when they said DS was a boy. Either way I'll be stoked cos its taken me 8 mths to get preg after depo needle, an this is our last, so it doesnt really bother me.

Brrrrr i am soooo cold!!! I cant believe how dam cold i am!!!!!!
How is everyone??
My husband is away for the week! I miss him so much already!
He wont be back till late Thursday night. he is away for work which sucks.. His family are coming up this weekend. So i will have 6 extra adult and a 10 month old as well as Allan, Layla (DD) and I!!! All in a 3 bedroom house.. mind you 2 of those rooms are taken already lol..... So this weekend should be flat out and hectic.. hopefully not too stressful!!!!

My cramping seems to have gone away for now. Lets hope it stays away! Gosh they were stressing me out!!!!

Ohh i have booked in my 12week ultrasounds smile 27th July smile woot woot i cant wait!!!!
Hi Mummys

I am also due on the 4th Feb. Very excited to be pregnant with our second child. Happened first try. Confirmed by doc on Fri and made ob appoiontment this morn for 12th July - so hopefully will get a scan then.

I have been feeling preg especially last week with blinding headaches and a whole day of queasiness. Never had morn sick with first so hopefully nauseness will stay away now. i have also been getting slight crampy-style pains and niggles - a bit scary and always in the back of mind. Can't wait till 12 weeks.

Look forward to sharing the journey with you all!
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