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Hi everyone.

I had my baby shower over the weekend, was full on and got lots of great stuff and cute outfits and bibs lol.My major present was a portacot form the family lol so that was awsum.

Im so huge now. i look like a massive balloon lol. even with my tops i like massive lol. Babys mvoements have slowed down dramactily - should i be worried as the last few mornings i would normally feel him kick, i have been getting out of bed really quickly with my crazy cats scratching the couchs at 5am and i felt a big strectch down my tummy, and ever since then i havent felt much movement so have been a bit worried.

I start my antenatal classes tonight so am looking forward to that. Will meet up with the Obsitriton on thursday regarding our c-section plan. im hoping he wont be awful and say have a natural birth or wait and see as i want an answer then and there as this concerns me and my son for the rest of lifes otherwise.

Whats everyone doing for the weekend?
As ive said we are going to lkae rotaeti lol cant spell at all. OUr family has a batch down there which i have never been to so we go after the fireworks on sat night which should be great fun!!

I hope all is well. let me know how you are all doing please.


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Hi ladies,

Wow it's been ages since I've been on here! We're 34.5 weeks now, so on the final stretch...phew! Only one more antenatal class to go & after the next midwife appt (walk-through of the maternity ward) we will be on to one visit a week. Everything's good, I'm just really tired & have a sore back - the girls from work gave me a massage voucher though, so can't wait to book that in! Went away on Labour weekend to Ohope, the trip over was a bit of a nightmare but once we got there it was so nice to just relax in the sun smile

Baby room is all-but ready now, we just need another couple of sheet sets and a nappy bin... apart from that we're just playing the waiting game! We have so many clothes, and our family has bought us the pram/capsule etc so it was a massive relief that we didn't have to fork out extra cash for those!

Had great fun painting my belly as a pumpkin for halloween (it's SO big now!) - just a shame I get so tired now, we had to go home at 10pm!

Anyway, I think that's pretty much all the latest goss with me (who knows though, I'm super-forgetful!). Oh yeah, think we're settled on Jack for a name, but still have a list of options in case he's something different when we get to meet him (don't want to set anything in stone until then). Starting to get a few bits & pieces together for his Xmas stocking too (I'm being hopeful that he will be here before then, as our due date's the 10th!)

Big rubs to all tummys,

Betsy xx

Congrats Betsy On Jack!!!!

Hi everyone

hope everyone is doing well. its getting so exciting,

I see the midwife on Friday. Im getting lots of lower pains just around the pubic line and they are getting stronger each day.
I am stillyet to pack my labour bag. ive got the things to goin just havent packed it yet. Ill do it this week while i have the time and reorganise the nursery again lol, so fussy.
I am still waiting on my mother to buy my cot matterus so i think ill be the one ending up to buy it cause im freaking out over the time. not long to go at all.

Hopefully if all goes well at my scan and he is hitting a certain weight they will induce me. Im already engaged and with these pains i have been getting im sure i must be even more!!
My scan is for the 26th jan and get to the mdwife again on the 28th.

who has inducements dates already?? And whos having scans
that are coming up? Godd luck for them.

Hope to hear from you all soon,

Jenna xox

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Hi Everyone!
Great to see a kiwi thread on here. I am from chch and wanted to know if anybody had been through or known anyone that had had a c-section (either elective or emergency) and then had a "natural" birth next time? I would love to know if anybody knows of nay great midwives in christchurch that have dealt with this?
Sam smile

hi everyone

my name is becs and I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my first - i'm from morrinsville

hi everyone.
Sorry been a while since i posted in here, i usaully am on facebook lol.

Well i still am getting lots of low pains, backache and my stomach just killing me really low down. my stomach is all hard up the top but now near the bottom its getting softer is anyone elses tummy doing that? Weird...

i had my ultrasound and the weight they gave me was 8.6 pounds so thats 3.9 kgs. Im seeing the mw this friday as im hoping they will induce me, the mw has been saying now i dont wanna do that Jenna, we would rather u go on ya own, but im over pushing out a 9 pound baby when the time comes.

Also someone told me i should ask for an internal to see where i am at. Im still 2/5th engaged according to last friday, and have been measuring 4 cms more for that week. so in a way im getting really annoyed that i feel not much is happening.

Gosh everyones getting there shows and i still havent, i did ask everyone how can you tell the difference between the show and normal discharge as i get a bit of discharge and hoping i havent missed it.

I hope everyone is well and ready for our babies as it surely wont be long now at all.

Best of luck

Xoxo Jenna

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