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Hi everyone,

I'm 20, living in Dunedin and my partner and I are expecting our first child at the end of march. I'm so excited, had my first ultrasound the other day and it was just so amazing to finally see my wee baby.

Also I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some help...I work as a housekeeper and recently have just had my name dropped to the bottom of the roster and now I'm getting less shifts than everyone including the new people who have just started at work (I have been there 2 years and been there 4th longest). I know this is pretty much discrimination against me because I'm pregnant, just wondering if there is any good advice out there as I am still fuming about this but want to choose my words wisely when I talk to my HOD.

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Hope everyone is well.
Ive been busy studying and trying to completed a assignment at the moment. yay cant wait for the holidays 2 and half weeks to go. 13 days till my 19 week scan yay , and i see the midwife a week form today so am looking forward to that.

I also got in the mail an appointment to see Helen Crampton the obstrition regarding my c-section and to talk about it furthur. If eel she will try talk me out of it or blantly say no i cant have one. there is no way im having anatural birth if my infection can or culd get passes on to my baby for the rest of its life. thats torture to me!!! i feel really stronly about this and i know when i go in there she will tell me no so im gna have to have a second a opinion with the doctor i wanteed Owen Jennings, ive dealt with him before and he is lovely so i guess time will tell and i will let you know how i get along with her.

Im getting way bigger now, totally opped out each week its like im getting bigger and bigger and more noticible.

Im having baby boy dreams atm. I had one where i had twins and they were both boys then all of a sudden they were gone and ended up being kittens. very crazy and out of it dream!!!

My cravings havent really changed. im loving strawberry milk insted of normal milk lol. my liquorice and golden syurip crumpets yummm!!!
Im on facebook and looking for other to join me or add me.add me im tkdgurl26 - or under Jenna O'Brien if you can find me. wud be great to talk to others on there too. also i will be adding some photos soon too.

Hope everyone stays well and healthy

tummy rubs to all


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Jenna what kind of infection are you going to pass on to your bubs if you have a natural birth?
Yeah the dream part of pregnancy is really wierd ay.... i wouldn't have believed such a thing expect that i am experiencing too, every night some wacky adventure.
Im also enjoying strawberry milk, but not really a craving just a mmm maybe i will have a glass LOL
Hi Everyone,
I'm another kiwi mum-to-be. DH and I live in Wellington and are expecting our first child on the 29th March. I have finally reached the magic 12 week mark. It's so nice to tell people - I found it such a hard secret to keep.We got to see bubs for the first time this morning - I was very impressed that they gave us a CD of the images, I was just hoping to get one printed out!

Hope all the other pregnant ladies are keeping well.

Hi everyone smile

Got my midwife appointment on thursday so im looking forward to that. Got a few bits and bobs to tell her, and also news about my c-section that i want to ahve

Does anyone know if you can actually request a c-section only insted of a natural birth? I ahve a bad feeling bout my obstriction and i think she will try talk me out of it, but ive made my mind up for us both, i want baby to be safe and free from infection rather than take the risk.!!!

Got scan next weds, im so so excited, it feels like it is taking forever but eventauly next week will come lol.

I wish i had a few boy names just inc ase it is a boy, im so hoping its a girl, lately i have buying alot if it is a girl, if it isnt i might have to keep and part with them lol. But 8 days to go till my scan next wednsday.

I have got a date for my baby shower - labour weekend on the saturday. Gonna have a few people come along, and a few i dont know lol,(the mum in laws friends lol) and after the babyshower its my dad in laws 50th party, so im gnna be exuasted well in truely that day, plus am gnna be the only sober driver. Oh the joys of having a a big extended family lol.

My cats have been good lately, apart from them jumping off my belly and it been sore afterwards, but only if they bounce off. I was worried about it as they do it often, and i try to get them off myself but they beat me too it lol.

I have been getting alot of stretching pains lately. I havent felt any movements and not even what i used to feel, so im a lil concerned about that. Hopefully babys heartbeat will reassure me on thursday. I started freaking out yday thinking what if i miscarried and not even known it and went all emotional. bloddy too emotional if u ask me lol.
I weighed my self on the weekend i put on 6 kilos in 4-half months, is this normal? i been eating alot though lately, i do need to cut back on sugary stuff and eat more fruit lol, this week ive been craving heaps of bananas etc so thats a good sign lol. Have many of you put on weight or not much at all?

My tummy is definitly hard now lol. my tummy is so pregnant and i rellay think i prob look like im 5-6 months insted of 18 weeks preggers lol. whats everyone else tummys up to lol?

Well thats all my news for now.

Hope everyone is well and active. i need to go out for walks more and get more motivated!!
Tummy rubs to all smile smile

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Hi all im Mel im 19 a kiwi mummy just moved back to auckland origanly from Nelson, not long to go now til lil ones born cnt wait to get her owt, hope u all are doing well out there

In the Naki, still can't believe this is for real! No morning sickness either so I'm pretty thankful about that... just bummed I'll be a whale for summer!
Hey stuntcat, when are you due?? wow im excited someone else from the Naki on here!!

Jenna with the bubs not wigglying if you normally feel it have a cup of tea and then put your feet up, if that don't work try a cup of coffee or coke. I first felt my baby at 16wks then had bout 3-4 days of not feeling it, i also started to panic. They say as long as you feel 10 movements every day from 22weeks then nothing to worry about. And once they really start the daily wigglying you will wonder why you were so keen on feeling it so often, my poor ribs LOL
Hi ladies,

My name is marlene I am 27 and live in rotorua due to have baby #3 20th Feb. My husband and I have 2 boys I have my fingers crossed for a girl this time but I am not getting my hopes up smile
Looking forward to getting to know you all

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Hey ladies,

I'm Fran, and living in Chch now (just left Palmy a few weeks ago). This is our first, due mid-march. We think it's a boy, so we've decided we will find out, but we have to wait til the end of Oct.

We're thinking about using OSFA nappies. My aunt used pea pods, and it just seemed like she had to buy so many!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Hi everyone

I went to the midwife on Thursday. Got to listen to babys heartbeat again. Baby was making really good movements really quickly so very active and was very pleased. I get to see the obsitritiion that i wanted to see Owen Jennings, i hav had him before and he is really great! so still waiting for an appointment time to see him now insted of the other lady. I also got told i need to really think about the c section but i know that is what i want!!!

Been pretty busy this week, last week of course till thursday with 3 exams this week. I will also be going to christchurch on thursday for a few days with my partner, then come home that day and fly to invercargill to see my nana for a few days. I havent been to my birth place in 6 years so am really excited to be going back again. and also havent seen my nana in three years and she not doing well atm.

ive put on 7 kilos and only 19 weeks tomo. AI do need to cut out my sugary food and eat more healther as this is extra weight which i dont need.

Hope everyone is doing well.

tummy rubs to all


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Hey everyone

well i had my midwife appoint last week am measuring 24 cm or is it inches?? a lil bit more than 23 weeks but thats ok she said. I have also put on 10 kgs since being pregnant. has anyone put this much weight or more on since becoming preggers? I am jsut so hungary all the time. whatever food i have it feels like its never enough and im starving like 10 mins later and go back for me lol.

Midwife told me i need to do more exercise so im trying but ahvent yet lol to do this. Also start my antenatal classes next wedsnday so am very excited to be doing this.

We have a few names that we like. let me know what you think and if it sounds ok lol i would love to know what u all think lol.We have:
Bradley Francis Difort
Hayden Francis Ditfort
Simon Francis Ditfort

I really like hayden so does Chris so i favourite one so far. its so hard trying to think of a boys name to go with the last name lol.

Bubs has been kicking me lots lately i feel each movement now. Was so cool at the midwife visit, we were listening to the heartbeat then all of sudden he was very active i felt each movement and heard it oo. was so cute especially to know thats him moving around and kicking away.

I hope everyone is well. I have not heard from u all much of late so hope everyone is ok.Sorry for the long post ahvnet been on in a while.

Tummy rubs and hugs to all


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