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Hi everyone,

nice to see this list growing!

Deb - OSFA stands for one size fits all smile

Nikki - congrats on the birth of your son, and what a gorgeous name too!

Welcome all other new mums and congrats too to all the fellow pregnant ladies!

Hating this weather at the moment - Wellington is having some torrential rain and winds at the moment, not cool!

Hi everyone what a great thread!

I'm Jess, we live in Wellington, I have one ds who is 16 months old and pregnant with number 2 (and last) due 22 Feb 2010. Very excited!

As for nappies we will be using pea pods during the day at home or if we aren't going too far when this baby is a few months old and they fit and the bowel motions are quite so newborn like, and disposables at night time or if we are going out for a long time. We do the same with ds and found we've saved tons on buying disposables which are so costly, and buy bulk huggies through nappies direct website. We have a nappy account with them which has been so good, we put a bit away each week so every 3 - 4 months when we need to buy another big box of nappies we can do so and not worry about tying it in with groceries. We'd use a cheaper brand, but found huggies best for night time.

The only thing with pea pods is that we found we had to buy a dozen or each size - small, medium and large, so that through winter when it takes longer for the bamboo liners to dry you at least have a supply of dry ones at once, but it only takes about 30 mins in the dryer if we are desperate.

Am not enjoying this Wellington weather! It's disgusting!

We need a map so we can put where everyone is from lol.

Great thinking Vicky smile

Would you be keen to make one??

Hi everyone smile

How was your weekend, mine wasnt to bad, i had a full on day both days, saturday u spent the day cleaning, and sunday we went to Nelson for the day, as my brother had a rugby rep game unfortunaly in the rain and it was bucketing down poor boys.

Managed to some light shopping, and also had x2 accidents in that horrible town, stupid rain plays a contribution!!!

I have found a lump in the crease in my groin area, im not to sure if it was wher my brother kicked me when we were play fighting, so im getting it checked out tomo, rather scared about it so hopefully things will go ok.

Getting a filling done tomo, tomo is a rather busy busy day for me, geoing to dentist, drs, and a work experience interview also, so hopfully it all goes well. Belly is getting so much bigger now, still havent been bra shopping, some bras are at riductilas prices, so gonna wait till some sales, or maybe check back at the end of this week as am in need one one.
does anyone reccomend to keep going with underwire, or without? what are your thoughts.

whats everyone doing this week? u all busy?

hope all is well. tummy rubs to all


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Hi Jenna

New bras were the first things I had to get (at only 5 weeks - I think my boobs doubled in size overnight much to hubby's delight and I wasn't small to start with!). I got some at Farmers. I can't remember the name of them but they are Triumph ones. No underwire and a soft knit kind of fabric. Very basic and plain looking but at least they are comfortable and I'm sure they only cost $35 each. I asked the lady serving and she said all the pregnant girls swear by them.

Hope that helps!
[Edited on 01/09/2009]

how does any one get over the 12 week mark with out tearing there hair out? i can't wait it seems to take ages,


Hi mrsnew,

i was vomiting the constanlty from 6 weeks on to 13weeks, now just a daily thing but we were counting down the days and weeks till the spewing stopped and that 1st scan. Its such a hard time you want to tell the world but your too frightened.
Just mark on calender when 12weeks is and watch that time tick away LOL
Hey ladies smile

hope we are all well.

I'm wondering if we post where we live in nz and when our EDD or if bubs already come when it was and bubs name and then we can have ike a list and make it easier to see where everyone is? what do people think??

Mrs new - only advice i have is pregnancy goes really quickly just enjoy it and still keep doing what you do and busy so you're not calendar watching and it will be 12 weeks before you know it. I was a bit different and didn't know was carrying till 13 weeks so didn't really know early on or have that worrying feeling. Hope it all goes well and that you can tell everyone soon enough smile

Have a good day everyone, and it's shining here in sunny south auckland today YAY! a nice change smile


Hi Paula,

I live in taranaki and due Dec 18 with baby number 1 ( sex is a suprise)
Hey girls
i think the map idea is a great one, i'm from Queenstown due on 19th of april. Not sure if we are going to find out just yet.
oh and Kezzabelle your due on my brithday its a great day to be born lol
hope everyone has a great weekend


Why hello everybody!!! smile

I live in auckland (west akl) me & hubby are expecting our 1st baby in Jan 2010!!! im over the moon!!! All the best to every1 with there birth's!


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