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glad we are not the only one with the crazy wind. We have had friends whose tramps are disappearing. hehe I saw on the news about your earthquakes. The 2nd one was bigger than the first. Nuts.... We are having a home arvo as we braved this morn and im shattered.
Hello Vicky!!!!

woohoo we are number 2 on the hot topics list now!!!!!

Hey Ladies smile

What a lovely day today out there. Part from the wind its nice out, especiially with all the daffadills - being the day for it.

Having some nose bleeds at the moment, still doesnt help with my chest and the runny nose which should off left my system by now but hasnt, which is a shame, i hate blowing my nose, and there a lot of blood. Not the nicest thing to wake up too.

My belly getting bigger now and more noticable depending on tops i wear. I need to go bra shopping now as my bra starting to not fit now, which i knew was gna happen sum time soon.

off to Nelson on Sunday, cant wait, my brother has a rugby rep game so hopefully marlborough rep team will do well.

Still getting my restless leg, and im sick off it!!!! gotta keep moving all time, and strting to get really frustrating grr

Hoep everyone has a good weekend

Hugs to all


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Hey ladies, my name is sarah i live on the Sunny (although not right now) Kapiti coast with my partner, step daughter (10yrs), step son (6yrs) and my daughter 9months. we are going to start TTC our number 2 this dec so cant wait getting excited already. I used cloth and disposables, cloth at home and during day and others at night and long trips in car, i also used the pea pod nappies they are really good and dry fast.

Hope that you are all having good pregnancy's and no complications like i had with my DD. If anyone gets IUGR just ask me i know all about it, also learnt alot about premmies and clicky hips and spica braces!!!! lol so much i never knew existed before i had DD. Her name is Niyana, born 20th nov 08' at 36weeks, by elective (actually had no choice) c-section weighting 2.8kg (just) and 29cm long, she was so breech that they had to pull her bum and hip out of my pelvis as she decided about 28weeks it would be fun to engage bum down!!!!

hope you all keeping well



i wish the wind would bugger off lol its throwing all the pollen around which is aggrivating my hayfever and i cant take anything for it *sob sob* lol

oh well hopefully only a few more weeks to go smile]
Thanks Alana for the tip it worked and it did make sense.


hey all im quite new to this site well signed up ages ago just didnt no how the forum worked in here, im from auckland, 22yr old with a 2 yr old boy and 7month old girl grin


Hi Everyone!

We live in Auckland, NZ. My DH is originally from Vic, Australia but he has lived here for nearly 8 years. I am originally from Malaysia but have lived in NZ for 20 years.

I am 28 and DH is 30. Been married for 6.5 years. We have 2 boys who are 4 and 2. We are expecting our third bub in Dec... and the scan says a little girl smile This will be our last baby.

Good to see lots of Kiwi mums on this forum!


im going to be using the old fashioned cloth nappies too. Finding info on them has been a real pain treated like some kinda freak for wanting to use them LOL. Anyway i made a friend in Michelle on December bubs and now i should be away plain sailing ( i hope).

Yah Sarah another Naki girl! Are you all going to ante-natal classes? we have made the descion not to, Hubby does shift work so wouldn't always be able to come and i really think whatever happens on the day happens
Hi ladies,

How is everyone doing? I live in ngongotaha, rotorua. DH and I have to DS one is 5 and the other 10months and pregnant with #3 fingers crossed its a girl but I wont hold my breath hehe.
I'm finding this pregnancy is going quite quickly since my son started school the beginning of this month and I have to walk as DH has the car for work and I don't drive but I look at it as good exercise lol.
Looking forward to getting to know you all
[Edited on 30/08/2009]

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Hi everyone

Ok you're going to have to educate me - what are OSFA nappies?


hey paula,

what a great idea for a kiwi thread.

im nikki 23yr and gave birth to my gorgeous son Xander on 28th june, he is now 9 weeks old today. i live in auckland with my partner (24yrs).

congratulations to those pregnant.

i currently use disposables, mainly cos xander is still in newborn size but i have some kushies fitted nappies but they are still too big for him, also im in the process of buying some flat (old fashioned) ones so i can use cloth nappies dyrung the day and maybe disposables at night or when i go out.

take care


Xander Dean Keery born 28th June 2009.

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