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OH... Buy the way my names misty, how do you get the cute lilypie things on the bottom of your message


Hey lovely ladies!

My name is Ashlee, I'm 23 from Rotorua. My DF and I have a gorgeous DD who is now 10 months old and we have just started TTC a brother or sister for her smile Hope everyones pregnancies are going well!

Ash xx

Im 19 living in Palmerston North and have 5 month old Eli smile
Posted by: mummieme
What's everyone going to be using for naps and why??? Sorry just curious who's doing disposables, OSFA, cloth, towling etc.

ill be using cloth (the old styled ones lol) again. disposables are too expensive especially when buying for 2 newborns and 1 toddler (she is TT'd during the day but still has a disposable at night)

misty - go to it tells you how to make a ticker.

copy and paste the 'PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code' from the [Image Removed] into the signature bit in your profile. it should look like this (with out the *)


hope that makes sense lol
Hi all you Kiwi mummies and mummies to be !

Im Alana, im 30 and live on the North Shore Auckland, born and bread in Otago however gasp)

We are expecting our second and have a 3 yr old son.

Ill be using cloth, hopefully gasp) tired with DS but failed, but im thinking that this time round i know a little bit better about what im doing with a baby and coth will not be a bother. Oh and i agree with Alana disposables are costly!

Hi ladies,
I'm Jana, 30 and have 2 little monkeys!!! I'm not pregnant at the moment or TTC, we are THINKING about having another in 2011, maybe. My DD is 3 and DS is 14 months, and I live in Kaitaia, Northland.

It's great to see a few other kiwi mums in here, I spend alot of time in general, which is usually good for a laugh and great advice, but their mainly Aussies in there (no offence to them:)]).

Congratulations to all the mums who are expecting, hope you all have great pregnancies and births, and of course perfect little babies smile.

Good on you girls doing the clothe nappies, myself, I'm too lazy!!! But the old fashioned nappies came in mighty handy when feeding etc smile.
Posted by: besobeso

Im 19 living in Palmerston North and have 5 month old Eli smile

Hi Im from Palmy North too!
Have DH 30 and Myself 26. Then DD 4 and DS 2 and now are expecting our third child in April.

Great idea about the Kiwi thread!!!

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd join this thread - I'm 27, married to DH, 28. We have a DS who has just turned 2 and are expecting our 2nd little munchkin in November. I'm originally from Australia, met my DH over there (he's a Kiwi orginially) 6 years ago and we've been in Wellington for nearly 3 years. smile

Hey Callums mummy!
is wtgn as windy as Palmy Nth is today? Its nuts here....

Can I join in? I'm a kiwi living in Australia - does that still count me as a Kiwi???

I'm Sarah (29yrs) orginally from Taranaki. Miss the mountain and strangely the rain! lol

I have to beautiful boys - Mason 32mths and Ben 15mths.

We use cloth in this house - love it love it love it. Not to mention its saving us $4400 a year in nappies plus we now have a half empty bin on rubbish day.
Yes it's insanely windy here in Welly today - and last night I woke up to the earthquake at 2am! This weather is crazy. We are in Upper Hutt...

Hi ladies,
I'm Vicky and live in Chch with my partner and 8 months old Ella

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