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Hi everyone,

I'm just curious to see how many 'kiwi' mummies are on here.
I thought it would be neat to have a Kiwiana thread where we can all encourage, support and talk to each other.

I'm 28, living in auckland with my fiance and about to have my first daughter in mid september.

Hope to hear from you others.
Take care
Paula xxx

Hi Paula

You know me already but for everyone else...

I'm 38 and my first baby is due at the end of Feb 2010. I also live in Auckland (Mt Eden) with my lovely husband who has been waiting on me hand and foot 'cause I've been too sick to care about anything for the last few weeks!


hi everyone smile

im alana, 24yrs old and i live in napier. i have 1 DD who turned 2 on april 19th this year and im currently pregnant with fraternal twin DS's due october 27th but im hoping they will will be here at the begining of oct smile


Hi everyone,
I'm Mel and I'm 34 living in Auckland (west side) with DH, 35. We already have a DD born May 08 and now pregnant with our second one. Hoping for a boy this time, but really as long its healthy with all its bits we don't mine either way smile

Hi girls im Tania 22yrs old live in Wanganui with my husband and 2DS almost 3 and 10months old. Found out we are pregnant again due at start of may.

How is everyone?


I'm 23 and living in Taupo - 24weeks with our first & can't wait to meet the little boy smile Due December 10, so hopefully we get to meet him before Xmas & I can get rid of some of this excess weight for the end of summer! haha



im in the Naki having baby number1 in december. Don't what we are having, getting really excited now though smile
Hi Paula,

We already chat on another thread, but it's awesome seeing other NZ mummies out there!

I'm Sarah, 21 and pregnant with my first due in Feb. We'll be finding out the sex (hopefully) in 4 weeks as we're too impatient lol.

I live in Hamilton. Travel to Tauranga on a regular basis (in-laws).

How are you all finding your pregnancies? I can't wait for bubs to arrive, but at the same time I'm trying to enjoy the pregnancy.

Hope your days are going well!
Hi everyone smile

Hope you're all well and bubs are growing and developing nicely

Debs and Sarah nice to see you here smile

All you other ladies neat to know there's a few kiwi mummies on here smile

how exciting for some of you just starting the pregnancy journey till 9 months through... with scans, blood tests and appointments smile

How we all finding our pregnancies?

hope you're all having a good night and taking some time to rest
Paula xx

Hi everyone

For those that don't know me, I'm Jenna and i'm 20 years old, i live in the Marlborough area in Blenheim central.

My partner Chris(23) and I are expecting our first baby on 15 Feb 2010. We are really excited!!!

We have our 19 week scan in four weeks and cant wait to see bubs again.

congratulations to all the mums out there, and hopefully you have smooth and wonderful pregnancy!!


<a href=""><img src="">http://lil

What's everyone going to be using for naps and why??? Sorry just curious who's doing disposables, OSFA, cloth, towling etc.

I'm trying to work out what's best to use for Brylee once she's here.

Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying their pregnancy and taking time to rest for happy mummy = happy bubby smile

Enjoy the end of the week smile

Paula xx

Hey every one
I'm 23 and live in Queenstown, with my husband, I'm about 7 weeks with our first can't wait till end of sep when i can finlly see our wee Baby. i hope it goes really fast. Good luck to all the mums out there


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