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middle names -help!! Lock Rss

Hi, I am a new member to Huggies smile
I am pregnant with my 3rd child and am having difficulty with middle names. First names for our bumpty are Ashlee if it's a girl and Bradley if it's a boy. We have a one syllable surname and I'm looking for middle names that will flow with the firsts we have chosen. I would love to hear some of your ideas!!
Hi Nikki,

Some suggestions;

Ashlee Sky
Ashlee Jane
Ashlee Marie

Bradley Dylan
Bradley James
Bradley Stephen

If you don't like them, at least it narrows down the list a little tongue Best of luck!
[Edited on 14/07/2009]
Oooh I love the name Ashlee

What about...

Ashlee Eden
Ashlee Taylor

Sorry no good with boys names.

Hi there with my children I have used names that older family members have had my oldest has the middle name luke and my 2nd has the middle name david my 3rd which I am preg with now will either have james if its a boy or dawn if its a girl.
Hope that helps smile

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