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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

good morning girls, welcome all the newbies smile

I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. I had the blood test for the nucal scan yesterday, had an awesome nurse who did it, I didn't feel a thing. Now counting down the days till the Ultrasound will be done on the 31st. (13days to go smile )

I will be telling work about my preg the week after so in another three weeks. I'm a bit nervous as I was really hoping they would make my contract permanent in the mean time but so far i haven't heard anything about it. Oh well just have to keep waiting.
i so hate not having my computer at the moment it takes me a week before i can log in a read everything in between working that is!!!
i took some notes so here goes
clare - i read up the duff with my dd and liked it so much i read it again and again i thought it was the best book!! have also found a baby book that i found helpful by a lady called sheila kitzslinger i think that how you spell - very helpful after bub born still use it now she doesnt push in any direction just gives helpful advice.
tasha - get a cleaner!!!! i am going to look into that very much although having my hours forcefully cut might make it financially out of reach!
ktjs - i suffered horrible heartburn with my dd especially after tomatoes the best thing for me was called rennie - it worked a treat
mummytojayden&hunter - no ms!!!! i am extremely jealous!!
hope it all keeps going well for you!
jei - dont worry bout weight with my dd i craked the 30kg mark and am also jealous as lately i have been finding i have to eat 3 small dinners!!!!
jamie - dont listen to your so called friends bagging you about smoking, i smoked right untill labour with my dd and she is perfectly healthy and happy apart from her permanent snot from being at day care. Well done for quitting tho!!! i had cut down to 3 a day as midwife and doc said quitting could stress me and baby and be riskier. can say an smoke free now tho and would love to say richer but dd eats all that up!!!

wow i have written a novel so sorry ladies!!
my dd slept in her bed all noght last night which is first time this week!! yay!! always takes almost a week after she stays at nan and pops house. dh benn fantastic and does the dishes for me everday and sweeps kitchen and he even mopped yesterday!!!
must go you are all probably sick of reading this rant!!!
sticky baby dust to all liz

oh yeah forgot to say that all my regular pants no longer do up around belly so it maternity pants fo me all the way!!!
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Thanks Elizpeters, makes me feel so much better now yeh i just dont understand when they have there own child and they think they are going to be a better mother than myself when i know that this is basically the first time they've had full contact with a baby/child, when i have my brothers 3 kids since birth and raised them with mum.

Jei - No bf doesnt see much of his kids and they only live one house down which i think is pretty stupid. But its all her doing, she wants them to have nothing to do with him because of me basically cos their daughter turned around and called my mummy jamie (no one taught her that either). She just needs to grow up!!

Hope everyone is doing fine im heading off to brisbane in 15 minutes with my mum and lil sister to see mums brother and partner. Hope you all have a lovely weekend i'll try my best to have one.

Kisses and hugs to all bubbas & carriers

Hi all, hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. DH is painting our internal doors at the moment so the whole house is filled with paint fumes - getting a bit of a headache but unfortunately its a job that has to be done! Looking forward to doing up DD big girl room and getting her into it hopefully before bump gets too big! I'd hate for her to think she's just being moved from her room to make room for the baby.

Its so hard to keep up with all the posts on here but I read every single post, just sometimes its a few days between being able to get on here and read them and by the time I get to the bottom I've forgotten what everyone has said!!

Jei I think it was you who asked me about my dr monitoring me for early birth? Yeah he will be monitoring me closely as he is concerned this baby will be even bigger than DD was so he's actually hoping I will have the baby earlier. He even said he hopes its another girl as they are usually smaller than the boys!! I don't mind either way as long as its healthy! I have my first trimester screening test booked for 4th August so looking forward to being able to see bubba again and finally getting past that magical 12 week mark. Sticky baby dust to all x
Morning Ladies,
Ok I need reassuring I'm 9 weeks and I still have no morning sickness certain smells every now and then will make me think YUK but apart from that I feel really good.
Has any1 else had this problem as this is my 3rd pregnancy and with the first I was nauseas and the second I was sick everyday HELP!!!

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Hi mummy2jayden&hunter, I completely understand where you're coming from. Have you had a scan done yet to see how things are going?

Lots of people I talk to say that every pregnancy is different and I'm sure everything is completely fine but I understand you are probably feeling anxious. I had three miscarriages before DD was born 2 and half years ago and I never stopped worrying what was going on with her, even once I started feeling her kick I worried when a couple of hours went by without feeling her - I think I drove myself completely nutty!! I have to say so far that I have been a little anxious with this pregnancy although having a scan done last week put my mind at ease a little as everything was where it should be and bubs had a good strong hearbeat. I would strongly suggest getting a scan done to put your mind at ease if you haven't already had one. I'm 9 and half weeks now and my ms has eased a lot this week so I'm feeling more normal now too which is great on one hand but worrying on the other!! Sorry I don't know if I've been any help to you at all but sendng you lots of positive vibes, I'm sure everything with your bub is great.
Hi paige's mum
Thanx for your message. I had a dating scan 3 weeks ago coz I felt to good and got put back 3 weeks thinking I was 9 weeks and being told I was only 6 weeks couldn't see much but the babes heart beat was 100 bpm. I have never experienced a misscarrige and would hate to know what that is like. Id say Im just being paranoid. Just under 3 weeks till my 12 week scan yay

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Hi all

well this will be short cos I have the flu sad

Just had to go to one of those 7 day medical centres that charge a fortune so i could get a sick note for work and some more athsma medication. My boss isnt going to be too happy about the time off but since he was the one who came in with the flu I'm afraid he's going to have to lump it.

Also does anyone else live in Brisbane? I've been referred to the Mater hospital but havent heard anything from them yet, when do they usually contact you? 2 weeks till my 12 week nuchal scan looking forward to seeing our baby, and hopefully this damn flu will be gone by then.



Hi ladies,

I am afraid I am coming down with the flu as well sad I am about to head off to bed (at 6:30pm!) Hope I wake up feeling better tomorrow and not worse.

Are all of you with the flu going to the dr to in case of swine flu? I have heard on the news the last few days any pregnant women with flu like symptoms should be seeing their dr...I think I may have got the flu from my friends bub who visited on Friday with the flu. Dammit, I had been going so well too, not one cold or flu since getting pregnant!

In other news, our secret is out smile Pretty much have told all our friends and family now. And one of our friends posted a congrats on facebook so now it is def out. Hope nothing goes wrong now.

anyway I really feel like crap... Hope everyone else is feeling ok and everyone with the flu gets better soon!

Hi ladies,

I am not quite sure where i fit in yet, have been posting in the March forum, but could be feb...

Mummy2jayden&hunter - i totally understand how you are feeling, i had an early scan two weeks ago because i couldn't understand why i felt so well. I thought i was 7 weeks but all they could find was a sac and yolk,no heartbeat so they said i was less than 6 weeks. My bloods are good and i have another scan next week to check dates again...i cant understand how my dates can be so wrong, i should be 9 weeks on wednesday. But am still feeling no signs of pregnancy. This is my 3rd pregnancy and i definitely felt pregnant straight away with my first two! I had one night recently where i felt a little off while cooking sausages but apart from that i feel totally normal, not even sore boobs. I am putting in down to breastfeeding...i stopped feeding at around the same time i conceived so maybe thats playing havok with my hormones.

Clare - I live on the sunshine coast but am having my bub in bris cause my last baby had heart defects and had to have emergency heart surgery in bris and i dont want to risk that happening again. I am thinking the Mater but the RBWH is a lot not too sure at the moment.

Congrats to everyone.
I went to the dr yesterday and they did the swine flu swab just to be on the safe side, as long as I dont get a call today I just have regular flu.

In other news I'm REALLY annoyed at my doctor. Or the hospital, or whoever lost my referral. I rang the Mater today, 5 weeks after I'd supposedly been referred to them, and they'd never heard of me. I had to ring the doctor today to send through another referral to a specific fax number that they gave me.

Hopefully they will receive it this week and and that I can still get in there! Sooo annoyed that my doctor didnt even follow that up for me. Has anyone else had the same problem?


Hi Ladies gasp) and welcome to all newbies gasp)

Havent been on hear in awhile, as not been feeling the best and have a guy in doing the bathroom, who ive decided i want to kill cos he complains about everything! grrr

Anyway sorry to hear some of you are coming down with the flu, keep inside and relax i say gasp) you dont want swine flu xx

Hope some of you lovely teachers had a lovely break gasp)

The two ladies with no ms (sorry forgot your names alrealy) i hope all is well but to give you some comfit, i didnt get any ms until 8weeks to the day, it is possible that you are yet to get it or... you will be luck and have none at all gasp) but i understand it is hard not to worry xx

Well as for me ive told almost everyone, silly i know hehe, and have first mw appointment next monday, so one week, and i dont have next scan until 21st of aug! 13 weeks gasp( so long to wait, those of you that are almost at the 12week mark are so luck gasp)

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