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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hey ladies,

Jei - Yes i'm glad i did to. Pregnancy with my some of my "friends" true colours are shining big time. Some of them think i don't deserve to be a mother because i was smoking in the first couple of weeks after i did find out (quit now which is the main thing i think) and becuase i am game enough to have 1-2 standard drinks of alcohol a fortnight (when there is nothing wrong with it). I no longer go to school havent since half way threw last year. And everyone knows told them soon as i found out i was to excited, because i do have other pregnant friends to but cant be near them for a while due to my flu. But other wise my support system is great with bf and my family everyone else isnt to happy about it because it is my bfs' third child within a 3-4 year period.

Clare - Have fun with those renos, and stay away from them :|

I didnt read the other posts so sorry in a bit of a cranky mood.

Oh and last night i had a bit of spotting :'( but because bubbles is a fighter we believe in her/him so much we didnt worry as much until it stopped.


Posted by: YODA18
Thats really weird,

When are you due hun?

Who was that aimed at Yoda

good morning everyone,

Clare i would never ever do renovations that we had to do ourselves because DH is no hanyman. The most i hav ever done myself is hire a carpet cry cleaner machine and boy that was a funny afternoon. I am envious of people who have the energy and passion to do renovations themselves.

Well friday is my busiest day at work, i have no free sessions in classes and i have a yard duty as well so its go go go today.

Hope everyone is feeling ok or at least beginning to feel like they are moving past the MS.
Hehe lozwatts my hubby isnt that handy but i'm fortunate to have a Dad who is a builder and immediately offered to build this room for us for free when he found out we were having a baby. DH just helps him out with the carrying and fetching. I'm really lucky to have a Dad who's so generous and caring smile


Hello Ladies.

Not sure how much longer I will stay in this forum I feel like Im talking to myself most of the time no offence to anyone.
I'm so tired today just glad I have had no morning sickness at this stage and I will be 9 weeks tomorrow although while cooking a tomatoe and onion sausages cook in the pot last night the smell made me feel really yuk!
Im not sure why I have gone off sausages coz I didnt with my other 2. I find salt'n'vinegar chips gets rid of the nausea if it starts very strange.
Anyhow ladies I must go got soup cooking at the mo DH came home from work early full of a cold thats going to his chest.

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Hey y'all I'm a newbie.
My second bub is due Feb 24th. I'm 8 and a half weeks and I'll sort a ticker out to keep track. Morning sickness has kicked in and I'm not having much luck keeping anything down but I expected that after severe hyperemesis with #1. Still makes for a miserable time especially with a lively 2 year old wanting my attention smile
Hope you're all doing well!
Hi Everyone
I am new to the forum
I am due with baby number 2 on the 21st of February, baby one is 13 so it is almost like it is my first.
Can someone help me with how to get the tracker thinging at the bottome of the posts.

Hey mummy2jayden&hunter,

I knwo what you mean by tired im always tired even gotten into the habbit of having afternoon sleeps. Woot 9 weeks its a good week lol.

Every pregnancy if different just means this baby not ganna like sausages (i dont know but thats what happened with my mum with me) Salt n vinger chips i may have to try your theory.

I was the same with your toms except mine was with onion, i had a craving for egga dn bacon and now i cant stand the smell (except i dont eat egga nd bacon turned off it to begin with)

Hope your dh gets better and your soup is yummy


Hope you feel better soon

Welcome to the newbies in the thread Congratz on your little bundle of joy

HI Ladies
I am 10 week 2 days today and the fatigue seems to be settling a little. No throwing up but still feel nauseous.

Mummy2jayden&hunter - hope DH doesn't pass on his cold
ClareMoore - I am soooo glad it's Friday too.
To all newbies - welcome!!!

Just wanting to see how you are all feeling about the Swine flu news that is hitting today? I am starting to get a little worried. I tend to be an anxious person as it is and hearing today that they are recommending pregnant women wear masks when going out in public is kinda freaking me out.

Wow past 10 weeks Em that's great going you are so close to 12 weeks smile As for swine flu, its flu season, flu happens, and dont stress too much about it. I'm not playing down the fact that its a severe illness but really all you can do is if you start feeling fluey go straight to the doctor and get tested. I have to have this attitude cos I catch the bus to work and there isnt much I can do to avoid it.

MummytoJaydenAndHunter - you arent talking to yourself we're reading your posts, unfortunately when i get halfway through relying to one person I forgot who else said what, get tired and give up smile

Welcome to the new ladies and congratulations.

To the one with severe m/s i feel your pain hunny I have had a few pretty bad weeks myself its been so hard to keep going to work every day.

I am starting to loathe working in the city, Brisbane city is a MINEFIELD of smells and they all make me feel so ill. Smoke is the worst and it feels like everywhere I go someone is walking along it front of me smoking lately! Its clearly the pregnancy as this would not have really bothered me before. Might not be so bad if i didnt dry reach every time i smelt it!!


Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone has had a good week!
I'm not gonna reply to personals at the moment - I have been struck by pregnancy fatigue this last week and just can't even think at the moment!! LOL
Doesn't help running round after my 15 month old who is going through her cling to mum stage! Or getting up during the night to go to the loo Ggggrrrr!! At least touch wood, I have only had a few days of nausea and no real morning sickness yet! With my first it started at 9 weeks so I'm hoping I can get past that point and avoid it this time!! grin

Had my first midwife visit today - went well, was just the standard blood pressure and filling in all the books and discussing where I want to birth and transfer to this time... All gonna be the same so was pretty easy!

Got my booking form for my first scan which won't be till about 14th August - sounds sooooo far away!!! Can't wait to see our wee munchkin though - I love getting scans!!

Well hope you all have a great weekend and those of you suffering with the symptoms, hope they ease up soon and you start 'glowing'!! smile

Take care
Hey ladies

Mummy2Jaydan&Hunter sorry you feel like no one is listening. I only manage to get on and somedays dh wants to go ont he computer and I never get a chance to reply. I hope your dh gets well quickly and doesn't pass the bug on to you and the kiddies. Your dinner sounds yum, I'm now hungry again!

Lizzie - Snap onthe 15 month old wanting attention. Ds is same age and is getting clingy too. Hoping that it will pass in few months time as separation anxiety is meant to peak at 18 months then start letting off. Hope so! And I hope ms keeps away for you for good.

Welcome to the 2 new ladies and congrats on the pregnancies how fantastic smile

Jamie - Glad things are going well and you've told friends for support. I hope they and yuor family all give you the support you need. Glad your partner is looking after you too, does he see his kids much?

Clare I hope you have a good weekend and it goes nice and long for you. Renovations are fantastic, we do them ourselves but with my dads help too ...don't trust dh on his own with tools and the house hehe!

Sorry for those I've missed, I read all posts but am dead tired and in need of my second dinner. Anyone else finding that they can't eat the same portions but have smaller and double? Well i am...
Morning sickness (touch wood) is pretty much gone compared to last week. It's now int he morning, throw up but only excess saliva (who else is making more saliva it's annoying had it with ds) and then for 2 - 3 hours in the morning bit off and then ok. Woohoo roll on feeling even better please!

Alright updated the list hopefully it's all correct. WIll try to make a better effot this weekend to catch up on all posts. Belly rubs to growing bumps.

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Night ladies xxx

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