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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi ladies.
Felling pretty good today only feel a little yuk when I think of food. Finally 7 weeks yesterday although I would have been 10 if my dates didnt get put back.
Since iv been pregnant I have been having dreams about being really grumpy with someone and when I wake up in the morning I have noticed that I have been real annoyed because of it I think this is really weird because I never had that with the last 2. Has anyone else had this problem or am I just strange lol.
Mareetina I had to drink a litre of water with both my kids and was busting to go to the toilet while I waited and then got told to go empty my bladder just before the scan started I guess it depends where you live. With my date scan for this pregnancy I couldnt hold on any longer and went to the toilet before going in and then when the scan got done the lady told me my bladder was still full which I thought was amaizing I thought I was going to get sent away because of it being empty.
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Hi All

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Rishaylas_Mum. Pretty shitty that you were made to wait like that with obvious discomfort sad
There isnt much I can say that will take away your pain but know we are thinking of you here.

Hi Tina there seem to be a lot of conflicting stories about drinking water before the 12 week scan or not. I rang the place where mine is booked to ask and they said that I didnt need to, and that it was only the earlier dating scans where I would have needed to do that. I guess it depends on the place and the equipment they use?

Lozwatts I've had a bit of back pain too as the occasional stitch like pain which fortunately always go away. And sorry if its TMI but seriously bad wind pains sometimes!!

BBs are always pretty sore first thing AM when I wake up.

Oh well my ms has been fairly mild the last week although have had a couple of waves where i've had to stop sit down and breath. Tonight though really had a craving for peas mashed potato and gravy haha so thats what we had with some steak and other vegies.

Hope everyone else is well, have Sunday night blues atm hate the thought of Monday morning at work already!

Take care all


Sorry about the angel babies... I really feel for you (having three angel babies in the past).
Went for our ultrasound on Friday... We were both so nervous... I barely slept the night before.
Turns out we didn't need to be. We have a little bubby in there measuring 4mm with a heart beat of 117bpm and all on track. Their dates were a couple of days out from mine but I am sticking to mine as I know my dates (it was the same with my daughter).
Going for another scan in 3 weeks just to put my mind at ease... I am still not convinced that this one is going to stick. But I tell you those 3 weeks are going to take forever!
Morning sickness has well and truly kicked in - just feel really "off" and yuck. So so so so so tired.
Take care
yay i can join the due threads,

Sorry for crashing but just letting all you girls that i met through TTC threads that im here and due March 10, but gonna check in here too lol

Be back soon C

Congrats Carolyn

I feel awful today. Woke up at 6am and puked for about an hour *groan*


Yay, yay, yay! Congrats Carolyn!! I just posted a congrats to you in due March thread as well, hehehe. I am so, soooooooooo happy for you. Glad you didnt have to stay in TTC for much longer smile

Well I am off for my first apnt with ob in a couple of hours. Dont know if I will get a scan, as they have the equipment to do it, dont really know what to expect as my first apnt last time turned into a 'sorry no heartbeat'. But that not happening this time, this bubba is meant to be smile Will be good to have a scan though and confirm my EDD.

anyway, I will be back later with the details smile

Hey Girls,
Im only new to all this,
Im 6 weeks pregnant with my first child and due on February 25th 2010
It's very exciting and my partner and i are ecstatic.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated smile

Take care and congrats/good luck to everyone with their own pregnancies.


Congrats Proud Mummy this is my first too and its oh so exciting isnt it!?


Congrates Proud Mummy and Welcome. I am due with #2 and have a 10 month old DS. Who is a delight!

I am sure that any of the other mums on here will be happy to help out where we can.

I was part of a huggies forum when pregnant last time and found it a great source of information.

M/s is still here and I feel so ill! Wish I was able to throw up as it might ease it a little. Unfortunatly I only throw up when I am really really sick.

Pants are getting tight and I recon my tummy has popped, although prob just look 'fat'. Trying to find the motivation to eat healthy things and also go for a walk!

Hope all is well.


I am very excited, as is my partner for the whole pregnancy, although it will be quite a change to the lifestyle we are used to being 19 years old (20 when bubba comes along).

im feeling a little ill but nothing water and some dry toast cant settle..not looking forward to it getting any worse, i hate vomitting at the best of times!

My pants still fit but i have that whole belly issue where i feel 'fat' when putting on a pair of jeans, until i remember its all for a great reason!

Hope you are all well and excited!
Take care!!


Hey ladies

Congrats Proud Mummy on your first pregnancy, I hope it has been going well so far and that you join us to get through the pregnancies together. smile

A huge congratulations to Carolyn. I've already talked to you today but god I'm still over the moon for you. I think I'm more excited you are pregnant than myself LOL! I've put you on the edd list for Feb but due March until we know later what will happen. Crash with us the whole way please smile

Clare so sorry to hear you were so sick this morning. It does get better, I know you are probably thinking yeah right when will that happen, but another month and you will notice (hopefully) that you aren't sick every day. Take it easy on yourself.

Seasickness bands are helping the ms stay at bay right now, but when I wear them I realise I am so hungry, all the time hunger. Then I eat and I feel full, I stop and I'm hungry. I had forgotten what the first trimester was like, it's been nearly 2 year since falling pg with ds and I forgot just how hard it all is. Am so tired and now going to sleep around 8pm so spending hardly any time with dh.

Anyway hope you are all well and there are lots of sticky babies in there. Still sorry to hear Rishaylas mum about the loss.

Here is the list updated smile

5monkeychops (Bree)- EDD 1st Feb #6
M2ija (kiri)- EDD 2nd Feb #2
Intermama (Rose) - EDD 4th Feb #4
JonRah – EDD 4th Feb #1
Casley931- EDD 5th Feb #2?
Leiajane (leia) - EDD 6th Feb #3
00Neatz00 (Neatz)- EDD 6th Feb #1
Mareetina (Tina) - EDD 6th Feb #2
Lozwatts - EDD 7th Feb #2
Jadeoskah - EDD 8th Feb #2
Jaynie81 (Jayne) - EDD 8th Feb #1
ELIZPETERS - EDD 10th Feb #2
Em09 (Em)- EDD 10th Feb #1
Alisha K (Alisha) - EDD 11th Feb #2
nearlymum23 (Mel) - EDD 12th Feb #3
Jade01 (Tracey) - EDD 12th Feb #1
Paige's Mum (Bec) - EDD 12th Feb #2
TG2229 (Tracey)- EDD 13th Feb #3
JamieLH (jamie)- EDD 15th Feb #1
ClareMoore (Clare)- EDD 15th Feb #1
Yoda18 (Tiffany) – EDD 16 Feb #2
Ktjs - EDD 17th Feb #3
GussTownrow (Kylie) - EDD 18th Feb #2
Mummy2Jaydan&hunter – EDD 20 Feb #3
Mummyto3boys (Jules) EDD 20th Feb #4
RKA - EDD 21st Feb #2
babyafterdepo - EDD 23rd Feb #2
Jei (Jess) - EDD 24rd Feb #2
Mumm21- EDD 24th Feb #2
Proud Mummy To Be – EDD 25 Feb #1
MollyandChloe's Mum (Kelly) - EDD 27nd Feb #3
Mummy2Cody (Carolyn) – EDD 8 March (possibly?) #2 (this will be the stickiest bub ever!)
Bump23 (EM) – EDD? #2

Rishaylas Mum – Angel Baby
Mummy2Paige – Angel Baby

hey girls,
well DS 2nd birthday party went smoothly, we had family dinner sat night and childrens party at indoor play centre on the sunday.

I am exhausted now though smile but it was worth it. I love birthday parties.

An update on the funny stitch like pains. Last night i had some bright pink spotting , there was enough to be there when i wiped. But this morning it was nothing but browny coloured mucus. I think the pains were stretching, I had some bleeding at 10weeks with DS and i followed through and had an ultrasound and they said it was probably just from the uterus moving up above the pelvis.

So i'm not too worried, as the spotting and the pains have both stopped now.

Welcome to the new ladies and congratulations.,
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