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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

WOW Heaps of us are due in february,my sisters birthday is the 6th,my sister bf is the 7th,dh is the 8th & my mum is the 13th ,this bub is meant to be due around the 17th,will be interesting to see if i go full term,my dd was born @ 36 weeks,ds was born on his edd. Starting to feel a little sick & i couldnt even stay awake to watch desparate house wives last night,i hate missing an episode lol
anyway hope i can keep up with all the posts ,there has been heaps since i was on here a day ago take care

It's nice to see the ladies from ttc thread! smile

Sorry to hear ms is hitting some of you, it's not fun and I'm dreading it if it is anything like I had with ds. I had ms last week and threw up a few times, but have been ok so far this week. Am not feeling very pregnant either apart from feeling bloated and getting tired early.

Hope everyone who is having scans soon go well and you get to see the little bean with a fast and strong heartrate. I'm looking forward to mine if 2 or so weeks. It's very touching that first one, but unfortunately dh won't be coming.

Kiki good luck with us tomorrow!

I'm really looking forward to being cared for by my mw who looked after me with ds she was so fantastic.

Hope everyone stays well and are getting lots of rest. Anyone finding it hard to sleep? I'm getting that when trying to go to bed and I'm dead tired.

hey ladies is anyone else have any ideas to help with head cold?!?
spent all weekend in bed with the flu now have what feels like head cold and its driving me nuts!!!
apart from being sick i been walking daily for exercise and was told by a doc that you shouldn't let heart rate get up to high but can't memba exactly what the bpm are but if you go back to the gym the pt's should be able to tailor something for you think more of listen to what your body is telling you.
have another doc app tomorrow for referral to mw clinic at the hospital, can't wait for scan
undecided as to find out sex or not????
waht does everyone else think??
we kept it secret for #1
anywhos chat later

hi all well went to doctors today and funny found out that I'm actually 7wks almost 8 .. got ultrasound thursday can't wait so excited . no ms just bit of nausea when driving car and sore boobs other than that all good


Wowzers! This thread has grown since I last checked in grin

Glad to see you in here Jei! I have been popping back into the TTC threads every now and then and I knew I would see you in here soon with all your symptoms you were having smile
Hopefully some more from TTC June will be joining us soon.

I have been feeling good. Very tired and sick on and off, still very sore bb's too. Cant wait for my appointment, hopefully will have a scan wink

Time is going sooooo slowly... I just cant wait to get to 12 weeks! I wanna tell everyone!!!

Good job on the list, sorry cant remember who actually did it wink

Hey Ladies

Well I'm joining this thread with my fingers crossed. It seems I'm pregnant again! (Hey Lozwatts!!!)

A little bit about us - I'm 30 and DH is almost 31 and this will be our first. After 15 mths of TTC#1 we fel pg in March but then at the 10 week scan found out our baby had died at 7.5weeks, so off for a d&c I went. DH works away 6 weeks on 6 weeks off and I've just put him on the plane this morning actually! Yay, NOT!!

Anyways I had not yet got my first af after mc but my OB didn't seem to fussed at about 6 post. So I tested myself and got a faint BFP! I couldn't believe it, still can't! Got bloods last week and yep, but pretty early tho, so had bloods yesdy to make sure my levels are rising.

Although I am at risk of having further miscarriages from my ANA test, whatever that is, so I now have to take Cartia, a low dose aspirin for the duration of any pregnancy.

So I'm saying hello but not adding a ticker just yet - although my boobs are doing their alien thing already, very hot, achy and stabbing-like pains!

I hope you're all well
Hey everyone,
Kylie isn't it good when your dates go forward, it moves up the time smile I hate it when you hear about dates being moved backwards, frustrating. That happened with DS at about 10weeks, they told me i was only 8. something days.

I am so excited about US tomorrow smile

Hello to the new couple of ladies who joined us yesterday, congratulations.
Welcome Mrssummo....get back to me with your EDD so I can add you too the list.

Kylie if you are close to 8 weeks, wouldn't that put you due in late Jan?

Just rang the Doctors to get the results of another HCG blood test and yep the level has gone up as expected, rang DH to tell him as he is home with sick DD today and he says to me "do you believe your pregnant now?" But I don't think I will believe it until I see it on the scan. Going to have to wait until end of next week to do that one. MW reckons I could go this week, but I just want to hold off just to make sure we get to see the heartbeating.

Good luck for those going to scans over the next couple of days.
[Edited on 17/06/2009]
Hey Tonee
I remember you from the due November 2009 thread - I think we were both in there and both had miscarriages.
Fingers and toes crossed for us both this time around.
Hey Girls,
I just got my dating ultrasound and it makes me due on the 8th of feb so im 6 weeks 3 days along.
Very nervous as i had a miscarriage in april.. fingers crossed and lots of sticky baby dust to all.
My DS just turned 15 months yesterday so im very happy we got the age gap we wanted!

Looking forward to this journey with all of you!!
Welcome to the newbies and congratulations!!

Everytime I come on here there are new ladies, very exciting. We had a small dinner party last night and almost spilled the beans! Can't wait to tell everyone.

I have a really sore throat and ended up with a fever last night. In the shower throwing up at 2am this morning, not much fun. Hence I am very tired today, think I will have a nap when DS goes down for his lunch sleep.


Hello ladies

Tonee a big congratulations and tons of sticky baby dust to you. I really hope this sticks (you are on my facebook LOL).

Jadeoskah glad to hear the scan went well and you are quite far along already woohoo lucky smile

Stupid doctors wouldn't give out my blood results yesterday, and this morning at the "one hour period" you can call they wouldn't either so I have to wait another 1.5 hours to get the confirmation. I know I shouldn't need it since 3 tests are bfps but's all about those blood tests. They just cannot lie.

Hi Jaynie, I was quietly hoping I would make it to Feb as March is a bit close to ds birthday in April and don't really want to be complete zombie state for that. Just half zombie state will do. Time will pick up the pace eventually, once everyone knows, once you start showing and when you are coming off work. Lots of milestones to look forward to smile

Am feeling more tired today and quite bloated. Ds is being a right so and so and I'm just not in the mood for his playups today. All I really want to do is go take a nana nap but ds is still taking his sweet time in falling asleep for his nap.

A question for the mums who already had one or more children...when did you start showing and how early did you have to go into maternity clothes?
I am finding that my normal pants are barely doing up already, with ds I made the switch at 9 weeks but before was walking around with everything undone and bellybands to cover it up.

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