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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

HI girls,
all paige's mummies. That is one name i really love, if this bub turns out to be a girl its one of the names at the top of our list.

RKA good luck and i hope you get an early ultrasound smile I had one at about 4 weeks and they could barely make out a sac.

I have another one this thursday, so excited smile I can't wait, just glad its during the morning half of the day so i won't have to wait too

I was having a look at the ultrasound i had with DS to get dates, whih at the time were 6.4 weeks and he had heart rae of 122BPM. So cool. Hopefully this is something like i will see thiss week.

Anyway, feeling good, just really really tired at night and also feeling a little sick at night. But i think it has something to do with being tired, like if i don't crawl into bed right then I will pass out of be sick. Kind of feeling.

How is everyone else feeling?
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new ladies and congratulations!

Someone suggested a list with due dates? Great idea, can be hard to keep updated but if we all help it would be good.

Have a really really sore throat this morning, even hurts to swollow! Hope I don't get sick and that the throat gets better real soon.

I am starting to get a bit tired during the day and can hardly stay awake to watch TV at night, was the same with DS. The only thing is I will wake at about 2.30am still tired but really struggle to get back to sleep!

This just makes me more tired!!! Boobs are a little tender but only really notice when feeding DS, maybe its just his teeth!!

Hope everyone is well.


Hi hoping I can join you please!
I'm Jess, 22 and Dh is 23, we have one ds Blake who is 13 months and I'm only just pregnant with this one. Have done 3 hpt and all bfps (though faint) and just had blood tests done this morning waiting for the call this afternoon. I feel pregnant, bloated, tired, have started feeling queasy since last week and was a bit sick and I get a bit off if I forget to eat. I had early ms with my ds so am guessing will be similar with this one.

I have a gp appointment in 2 weeks time to refer me for an ultrasound and also a referral letter to the hospital for obstetricians to look after me maybe when I get closer to term. I've let my mw know from my last pregnancy and will probably see her after my ultrasound.

I'm so excited, but a bit nervous as mc in dec which was a total shock we weren't even trying it just sort of..happened!

Hope everyone is enjoying the early stages of pregnancy and no one is feeling too queasy yet.

Here is the first draft.....tell me if anything needs to be changed

5monkeychops (Bree)- EDD 1st Feb #6
M2ija (kiri)- EDD 2nd Feb #2
Intermama (Rose) - EDD 4th Feb #4
Lozwatts - EDD 5th Feb #2
Casley931- EDD 5th Feb #2?
Leiajane (leia) - EDD 6th Feb #3
Mummy2Paige (Mel) - EDD 6th Feb #2
00Neatz00 (Neatz)- EDD 6th Feb #1
Mareetina (Tina) - EDD 6th Feb #2
Em09 (Em)- EDD 7th Feb #1
Jaynie81 (Jayne) - EDD 8th Feb #1
GussTownrow (Kylie) - EDD 10th Feb #2
ELIZPETERS - EDD 10th Feb #2
Alisha K (Alisha) - EDD 11th Feb #2
nearlymum23 (Mel) - EDD 12th Feb #3
Jade01 (Tracey) - EDD 12th Feb #1
Paige's Mum (Bec) - EDD 12th Feb #2
TG2229 (Tracey)- EDD 13th Feb #3
Ktjs - EDD 17th Feb #3
Mummyto3boys (Jules) EDD 20th Feb #4 (no doubt hoping for a girl!!!!)
RKA - EDD 21st Feb #2
MollyandChloe's Mum (Kelly) - EDD 22nd Feb #3
Jei (Jess) - EDD 23rd Feb #2
babyafterdepo - EDD 23rd Feb #2

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Lozwatts.....when Dh suggested Paige to me I didn't think much of it, but it grew on me over time and now I couldn't think of any other name that would suit DD. Its a nice name that isn't too popular.

I hoping this one is a boy as we had real trouble with girls names last time and for the life of me I can't think of another nice girl name. You can probably relate being a teacher and how some of our students wreck names for us!!
Hi all,

Wow there are a lot of us due in February. Well I still really dont feel pregnant yet. I dont have any symptoms nor do I think it has really sunk in yet. I have tested 3 times now all with positives and getting progressively darker, so I dont doubt that I am pregnant just dont feel it yet. I have booked an appointment with my GP next tuesday to get it all confirmed (she is a very hard women to get hold of, you basically have to know that you are going to be sick a week in advance) and to get her to book me in for an ultrasound to confirm dates and to make sure there is only one. My DH is an identical twin, his twin's wife is having there second set of twins and there are also twins on my fathers side of the family. Because I have said that I only want one more child I dare say that we will be blessed with 2 this time.

Oh add me to the teachers list aswell. I am primary trained but havent taught since Molly was born in Oct 06. I was acutally looking into daycare for the girls now so I could go back and do some relief work a few days a week. Will have to see how I feel now. As for names some children definatley do wreck names for you. It also gives names a different meaning for me. DH wants Bruce for a boy, always has (I recon that is why we have had two girls), and I think that if I read Bruce on a class list I would think he may be trouble (last Bruce I taught was), will just have to wait and see what we have this time.

We are also building a house at the moment. We are owner builders so it has to be finished by the time bubs is due as we are living with my parents while we are building. There wont be much room for a newborn here aswell.

We have told my parents, brother and grandmother but that is all for the moment. I want to wait unitl everything is confirmed before we go telling too many more people. We cant keep secrets though so after the docs next tuesday I dare say by Wednesday afternoon the world will know. Haha.

Anyways after this novel I had better go.

Hope everyone is well,

Hello ladies!!

It's been a few days since I've been in here and I see our numbers have grown! Congrats to everyone! I noticed that there is quiet a few of us in here who have had previous miscarriage/s, my fingers, toes, arms and legs are crossed that it's smooth sailing for all!!

DD has been sick, which is why I haven't been on as she's been pretty full on. She's feeling much better now and we went to the doctor today for her 2nd flu shot and he checked her over and she's fine! gasp) My brave little girl didn't even flinch when she had the needle.

Well I have my first ultrasound tomorrow and I'm so very excited! I'm a bit nervous too, but mostly excited. I was starting to get worried that there was something wrong becasue I wasn't feeling sick or anything, but then lastnight it hit me, didn't know if I needed to run off and chuck or not. I was talking to DP on the phone and he said I didn't sound very good! Even still I don't feel sick all the time, it will just sort of hit me every now and again. DD I felt sick all the time and would gag and dry reach but never be sick. The only other symptoms I have really are tired all the time, although it does seem to be getting a little better, and my nipples feel like they are going to pop off! lol My boobs don't hurt, just the nipples. It was like that with DD as well, oh and I've had some leaking already which is a left over thing from DD, even though I stopped BF 18months ago, I actually only stopped leaking milk completely about 8 months or so ago, so I guess the hormones have made it kick back in again!

Well sorry for the long post. I'll let you all know how my ultrasound goes tomorrow!

Hope you're all feeling well etc.
Hi Ladies

Lozwatts please to hear all is good so far gasp) and how exciting about the scan hope buba has a good strong heart beat. Still feels werid to me been in the P&B section instead of the TTC threads
Mummy2Paige thanks for the info about MW's i forgot to say sorry where i am, im in the north shore. Have booked a lady who seams really nice, so thats a good start.
RKA I think im due that same day but DS came late so ill keep my edd as the 23rd gasp) sorry to hear about your mc's and i really hope this buba is a sticky one.
MollyandChloe's Mum, Jei, Z.L.B.A welcome gasp)

Well i was good and booked my MW early gasp) and had BFP confirmed today, hormone levels are 148, will have another test 2morw to confirm all is well, and ive been cheeky and requested a scan at 7 weeks gasp) so that will be cool to see buba's heart beat. I dont feel pregy but ive had a headache all day and tired, so off to have a lie down ;o) its time to milk this pregnancy for all its worth hehehe.

Hi all, hope everyone is well. I have MS with avengance. I never had it with the others and am finding it very difficult to conceal. Just feel like I want to throw up constantly and the only thing that tastes nice are oranges! I won't complain though because hopefully it means bub is doing great. Have a scan on Monday, bit nervous about it because the bub I just lost measured 2 weeks smaller than my dates so I will be happy if it measures all right and nervous as hell if it doesn't. Good luck to everyone else, can't wait for us all to be past that magic 12 weeks.

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

HI girls, well i am adicted to huggies. I love this forum smile He he.

I don't really feel preg either. Apart from feeling very tired and a bit off occasionally I don't feel anything much. It makes me look forward to my scan even more so i can see that its real.
hi all .. well bring on the feb bubs so many of us close with due dates babyafterdepo your the same amount of weeks as me have to keep in touch to see who has bub 1st lol.

I'm off to 1st doc appt today and have booked into Swan Districts Hospital as not too keen on going back to King edwards again.
was looking at our spare room today thinking do we move kids in together or have seperate rooms what colour to paint nursery ..then thought got a long way to go yet before getting too excited.

hope everyone going well

Wow there are a heap of us on here now!! Think I only checked it this morning and already there are at least half a dozen more posts!!

I am totally not feeling pregnant yet either but my doctor told me yesterday arvo that it was probably too early to really be feeling anything. I just want to feel something so that I know things are ok. Have to wait another month before I can see my OB and have a scan to see that magic little heartbeat. Having had so many miscarriages it just really takes the fun out of being pregnant as I'm constantly worried. Before I fell with this one I thought it would be easier the next time seeing as I have now had a successful pregnancy but its really not. The same fears are there just as they were before.

Are there any Perth mums on here having bubs at Murdoch? I had DD there so will be going back for this one too but my god the prices for the OB have gone up a tad since last time!! (only on 1 income this time too!)

Is anyone regularly exercising? I've been going to gym since DD was 6 months old and am still going and want to keep going as long as I can but have niggling little worry that I'm hurting the baby - is this silly?

Anyway hope you're all well, those with MS already hang in there!!
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