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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss


off to the doctors tomorrow 1st appt ..

trying to get this ticker thing working any suggestions

ha ha mummy2paige that makes sense, i like it smile but i just wish the pimples would react to facewash and creams, its like they are their own planet HORRIBLE arrgghh.

I have had no session on today so far, only have 5&6 after lunch, but its a new class for semester 2, a year 9 elective so i'm really looking forward to it. NOT!! I can't think of anything more annoying than having to establish class rules and routines halfway through the year. And i have heard this perticular class is not fun sad

Oh well nearly lunch and i have yard duty to go to.
Hi Ladies!

Thought I would join this thread after the past few days of reading your posts! Have just found out that I am pregnant with number 2. DD is 2 years 4 months and will be exactly 3 when this one is born. (Timed that well!! - think this one due around 12th Feb, DD born 4/2/07)

Seeing GP this arvo and have made first appointment with OB on 14th July. Seems like such a long time to wait, will be biting fingernails until then!

So far have told no one we are expecting again, not even my parents. Am quite nervous as I had three miscarriages before DD was born so don't want to get too excited or tell anyone till we know things are "ok" No symptoms yet apart from sore boobs so that also adding to worry of whats going on (or not going on) in there!

Does anyone have any advice on how to dodge the "why aren't you drinking" question? I am known to like a glass or two of wine so normally its a dead give away when I'm not drinking - well it was last time anyway!! Don't want to give the game away too early this time!

Sorry for insanely long post, god have typed a novel here! Anyway congrats everyone, best wishes for the rest of the pregnancy!
Hi Ladies
Hope i can join this group. I am due around the 7th Feb - I am going for an ultrasound this Friday to double check how far along I am due to really irregular cycles.
I am feeling slightly nauseous and for most of the day I don't have an appetite.
I am feeling very tired aswell.

This will be our first baby and we are so excited.


Hi everyone,
i have been reading your posts over the last few days and have finally decided to join in. I have worked out that i will be due with bub number 2 on the 11th Feb. DD is 15 months. I had a missed m/c back in march so am a bit anxious with this one fingers crossed all goes well. And just to make things better i woke up Sunday morning and had a bit of spotting (i think never had it before) so had a major panic but never had anymore so am feeling a bit better anout it, have felt a bit nauseous but havent been sick yet, which isnt helping cause i was sick with both my other pregnancies. Anyways just thought i would finally get the courage up to say hi and hopefully not jinx myself.




Hey congrats to the new old that have joined us.

I know how you feel about jinxing yourself. Everyday I'm afraid something is going to happen. The start to this pregnancy has been nerve racking for us compared to last time. Last time we told all our family and one set of really close friends. This time, no one knows except a couple of people at my work I told (people who needed to know due to working closely with) and surprisely I was unable to lie to two other people who asked me straight up if I was pregnant (one of them is also pregnant, about 2 weeks ahead of me) but if they tell anyone its only going to be the people in my department that will know as they don't to talk to anyone else in other departments.

DD is sick so I'm taking her to the doctor soon and I'm going to ask him to go another HCG test just to put my mind at ease. That will hopefully help with the going to the scan next week so I'm not freaking out too much!

Should we do up a list of people and their due dates?

[Edited on 16/06/2009]
Oh and I was meant to say....Paige's mum....I'm guessing your DD is called Paige? I think you must be guessing that My DD is Paige also. Great choice of name!
Just found out yesterday that I am pregnant with my second (hopefully). I have had 2 previous miscarriages since I had my 2.5 year old daughter. Lets hope its third time lucky. I am due on 21 February 2010 so that makes me just 4 weeks. My first miscarriage happened at 9 and 11 weeks (lost twins separately) and my second miscarriage happened at 8 weeks so I will hopefully be going for an early ultrasound to ease my stress levels.
Anyway, hope everyone is well and fingers crossed for sticky babies
ha ha ha that is the frist thing everyone notices about me aswell the not drinking!!!
have been really lucky this time in that hubby is on health kick so i's "supporting" him its a good cover.
last time was sober driver but would buy the drinks at the bar myself and get lemonade in champagne glass, everyone else was pissy so they didn.t notice as much.
this preg much more sick than last one and definatly skin breaking out all over the place!!

rka , good lick on your early ultrasound hope all is well will be sending good wishes your way and lots of baby dust!!!!

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