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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Posted by: GussTownrow
Also wasn't too happy someone the other day at our playgroup wreckon i was jumping the gun for telling people at 5wks..

Probably just jealous, it is totally your own decision who to tell and when! Dont worry about it smile

I had someone say the same thing to me last time, and I was 6 weeks and just over the moon - and this was a family member who made the remark! Dont know why people cant keep their opinions to themselves and just be happy for you. grrrr
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mmm can anyone tell me about these tickers trying to do this ... not working

Hi, My name is Mel ive been following this thread and finally have decided to join if you will have me?
I found out a little over a week ago i am pregnant with my 3rd, was a bit surprised as we hadnt really started trying yet. I have 2 DS 3yrs and 11mths. According to my dates im due 12th Feb, have yet to make doc appointment. Look forward to getting to know you all.

Morning ladies,

My name is tracey i found out last week that im pregnant and would love to join your thread,all all seem like a lovely pack of girls and full of advice.My due date at the mo is 12thfeb,going for a scan in 3weeks so fingers crossed all good,im scared to be going for a scan as i lost twins on 30th december 2008 at our routine 12wwek scan,had very rare twins (momo twins,they share a sac and placenta),but i know thisa time is going to be perfect,all the best to you all smile

Tracey XOXO

Hi ladies hope you dont mind if i jump in
I just found out im pregnant after trying for 10 months !! gasp)
I am 30 and DH is 33 on wednesday, so im holding off from telling him until then. We have 1 DS who is 2 10months i think im due the 23rd of Feb.

Congrats to the new ones that have joined. Lets hope all our pregnancies are sticky ones smile

I just rang my Midwife I had for my first pregnancy and I'm getting a little excited now (I just love my MW), she is sending me for early natal bloods and another HCG bloods (to help ease my mind since I told her about the bleeding I got when AF was due) and for a scan. She wants me to go at the end of next week so that gives me something to look forward to (as well as be nervous about). When I told her about my HCG levels she reckons I'm close to 6 weeks preggers.

From memory last time my MS kicked in about 6-7weeks. It wasn't too bad, just a constant motion sickness feeling. I think I needly puked a couple of times but nothing happened. I'm hoping to get away with the same this time too. I really don't like feeling sick.

Hows everyone else feeling?

Lozwatts has the cream helped? If you are itchy and sore it sounds like Thrush.
Mummy2Paige, can i ask you a question, i see you are in nz.
What is the best why to go to get a good MW in nz?
I live in Auckland but was in the uk when i had DS, im a kiwi but have know idea how it works as it is all different to the uk.

thanks gasp)


Hope you dont mind me joining in,A BIG CONGRATS TO YOU ALL
I found out last week we are expecting #3 around the 17 february i have a 3&1/2 year old ds & an 18 month old dd, havent told any family or friends yet as i have a friend how started ivf 2 weeks ago & want to wait awhile as i dont want to rub it in iykwim, so far i dont have any ms ,only tender boobies & feeling xtra sleepy


Where abouts in Auckland are you? I'm out west so my MW is excellent but she only delivers at waitakere Hospital. I know another MW out south Auckland and I think she does Central as well (she was recommended to me for a friend from my MW). If you are on the North shore I could find out some MWs names and details for you as I have a few friends who had babies and live on the shore.

Welcome and congratulations to all the newbies on here. We are certainly turing into a big group. I was on huggies when I had DS and found it great. Nice talking to other women in similar situations.

I still feel nausous most of the time, but at night is worse. DH is great and has been cooking dinner.

Lozwatts - Kate from Jan 2010 said to say hi, she is my sister!

Have many/any of you tandem BF before? DS is almost 10 months and has 2 feeds a day. Was thinking of weaning him at 12 months but maybe we will keep going?? Not sure? Would like my boobs back for a bit.

Hello everyone,
Welcome all the newbies. Special hi to babyafterdepo I have been in a number of TTC threads with you. Congratulations smile

Well as for me the cream is helping heaps, i have had some burning and uncomfortableness the last week. And this morning NO SPOTTING smile yay so hopefully it was just thrush causing it.

I have no morning sickness or anything yet. BUT really really bad skin issues. And my hair has gone funny, it feels wierd, like thin, like i used way to much conditioner.
Glad to hear the cream is working Lozwats. I can empathise about the skin issues....I'm breaking out like a teenager and I hate it!!! I usually get the odd pimple around AF but the moment I seem to be getting a quite a few and big ones too.

On the hair thing, apparently its quite common to have more oily and thicker hair. Less hair falls out when pregnant so it makes it thicker. You also produce more oil in the skin (hence for some means more pimples) and that can make your hair oily or in my case, as I have normally dry hair, my hair is actually nice!

The extra oil gives us that "pregnancy glow" because extra blood is supplied to the skin so your lips might be more redder in colour too. Apparently there is a biological significance to pregnant woman being more attractive, something to do with making sure the mate stays around through the pregnancy and to care for the baby when it comes out.

Haha, I just read what I wrote....can you tell I'm a Biology teacher lol
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