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So sorry you are feeling so crappy mummy2jayden&hunter sad Gosh these hormonse play havock with us. I was in the weirdest mood last night I was up then down then up then down. My poor DH dont think he knew what to do! It also sounds like your Midwife is being a real pain I'd be looking for another one if it was me but thats just me.


hi girls, mummy2jayden&hunter t doesn't sound like your midwife is very reliable, I would look into another option, cancelling two appointments like that is not good sad

Well girls, I had to use my belly belt today, my favourite grey pair of work pants won't do up. I'm coming short by about 1.5 cm's at the button but then can't get the zip all the way up. he he, its very wierd as I had no bump at all till 25 weeks last time. I must admit I kind of like having somthing on show this time though smile i was a little bump envious last time of my two friends who were also preg but are naturally much skinnier than me and the looked huge by 20 weeks.

looking forward to my US in 14 days. smile
Sorry to hear your midwife has cancelled again Mummy2Jaydan&Hunter. Maybe it's time to look for a new one who is more reliable and is actually not on holiday all the time. She sounds a bit hopeless telling you the day of your appt and not telling you sooner. So sorry to hear about your brothers gf. A close friend had fluid in both her tubes (no endo) and had one removed because it was causing so much pain, the surgeon then realised the other was getting blocked and 6 months later that was removed just before she was 21. Out of the awfulness of it all though, the government does pay 3 ivf treatments in nz - well that is her option given to her. I hope your brothers gf will be able to successfully have children through ivf treatment in future. It's not fair especially at 21.

I've gone 2 days without throwing up I am feeling great apart from no glow yet LOL and not really covered in teenage acne anymore just have red marks on my chin because they won't go away no matter what face wash etc I use. Oh well. Am looking so pregnant now and I can feel that the top of the fundus is only a few cms below the belly button, and is getting harder which helps make it all real. That boring first trimester no one knows you feel like **** and look like it too. So glad it's improving for us all now!

Baby definitely tapping away lots more now and I don't miss any of them so has grown big enough to notice all the time smile My back is still sore so will most likely hit midwife up for physio when I see her in September. Don't want to badger her before then though I probably will!

Clare so glad you aren't throwing up either. Makes a nice change huh!

Hope everyone is keeping well.

Hey Ladies.

Sorry havent been on here or huggies for ages, been really busy smile

Wow! lots of new people.

Things are great with me, I ended up not having the nuchal scan, I figured there wasnt much I could do anyway.. so am hanging out for my 19 week scan which is booked for 2 october, cant wait to see bubs and find out the sex. Had my first appt with my midwife who is just lovely, I heard the babys heartbeat and it was soo amazing, I cried so much, I wish that I had've taken my partner along with me - I wasnt expecting to hear the heartbeat at all, I thought it would just be paperwork and a check up.. smile

Oh yeah and 2nd time mums do you think it is too early for me to feel quickening?, I am 13w3days.. I was lying in bed on sunday reading the paper and I felt this fluttery kinda feeling in my tummy I lay completely still and it kept going for about 20 seconds... its the only time I felt it and I havent felt it since... hope it was the baby and not just my imagination!

I went back to NZ 2 weeks ago and my older sister just found out she was pregnant too ! yay. she is 9 weeks ATM. so happy for her, she has 4 boys already but her and her husband have decided to have 2 more .. crazy town!! hehe, but shes one of those people that is just a born mother, her life revolves around her kids, shes always busy with school/kohanga/kindy parent helping, gala days, school fetes,rugby teams, home work groups, clubs lol
then my sister in law and her husband came for a holiday the next weekend and she did a test at our place - 2 lines!!! shes pregnant too!! but early days for her only about 4 or 5 weeks. so my bub is gonna have 2 cousins around the same age! so exciting for all of us.

Does anyone have a bugaboo pram? Im really consifdering buying one, they seem so awesome and you can use them from birth to 4 years old, I know its a big inital outlay but I figure I wont need to buy another pram/stroller at all if I have that one..

Hope everyone is great... xox

hey everyone

this is a cool thread. mummy to hunter and jayden (sorry dont remember the short version) you should maybe look at a new midwife? this is suppose to be the best time and you should feel relaxed and comfortable smile

well i am 16weeks today and already huge. i dont fit any of my clothes lol so its really hit me now! how is everyone doing today?

Hi ladies,

Good news I got myself a new midwife she sounds so lovely and it turns out she knew my husband when he was a lil boy hehe smile
I get to see her tomorrow avo so excited smile

I been crying off and on today its driving me nuts being so emotional at the mo I would just be sitting in the chair doing nothing and i will start lol

Well must go DH is cooking dinner smile

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the welcome.
I just started to beat the M.S & collapsed at work. I have low PB adn have been 'prescribed' by my doc to eat jellybeans during the day. I am a part time teacher, so that could be interesting. smile

Since I'm all so new to this stuff, I am wondering if someone could fill me in on the jargon. Such as what does DS, DD, DH etc?
smile (sorry don't know your name!) wow eating jellybeans, wish my dr would tell me that! Unfortunatly I put on 30kg last time, so trying for alot less this time. LOL I too am a teacher but a stay at home for now.

Some of the abbreviations.

DH - Darling Husband
DP - Darling Partner
DS - Darling Son
DD - Darling Daughter
EDD - Estimated Due Date
AF - Aunty Flow (period)
DTD or BD - Doing the deed or Baby dance
TMI - Too much information

Okay baby brain has struck and I can't remember any more, plus DS is trying to 'help' me type which is very annoying.


Thanks a ton Tina. Sorry bout the name thing. It's Nichole. I've only put on 2kg for now...but I'm only just over 15 weeks... with all the sugar I'm to intake...who knows where it will go!
Hi there all. Sorry I haven't been on huggies for ages and ages but I have been so busy. DD hospitalized with chest infection for over a week, Me in hospital 3 times with severe morning sickness, weekly blood tests and dr's visit's, blah blah blah. I'm over it all ready.

Uh well I'm 16 weeks 4 days today and feeling quite ok. Weird cravings of fish, seaweed, strawberries, rockmelon and cereal. (Not all at once tho.) Any one else got some really obscure cravings?? or am I just nut's?? LOL

Anyway have dribbled enough,
chat later,

M xx
Hello all,
Hope you are all plotting along well. I'm 16weeks and 1 day. Very concerned about putting on 5.5kgs so far. Belly is getting so big and my boobs are growing at a rapid rate. Had to go and buy a 12E maternity bra on the weekend. Has anyone else gained this much? Feel like my bad eating habits have slowed right down now that I have no ms but still feel like the kilos are increasing too quickly.
Heard the babies heart beat last week which was really exciting and look forward to my 20week scan. Haven't had any food cravings as such just like to knibble on chocolate here and there (probably the cause of extra weight gain).
Hi everyone, been a while since i was last on. Hope evryone had a great weekend and week so far. I still am drained from my cold, and all the couging that i have been having. Its getting annoying, and last night i coughed and my whole stomach went so tight and hurt so much!! I tried not to think about so hopefully it wont happen again.

Havent been doing much except resting up and taking it easy, and getting ready to do study work again which im so over!!! so exausting and boring lol.

Counting down till my scan 4 weeks today yay!!! and 3 weeks till my midwife visit yay. Hopefully this time i will see my proper midwifes and finally meet the other one. Im getting annoyed at the system they use it is not good at all, even the dr thinks so too!!

Gonna do some baking today when i get home from course, so looking forward to making some yummy treats for my self lol.

I still cant find a position i like to sleep on. Lately i been sleeping on my bakc and half on my left side, this has come annoying cause i wake up to frequently trying to get comfy, but eventuallly i will get there, who else is having trouble sleeping??

Hope everyone is doing ok


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