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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Happy Birthday for yesterday to your little man ! Mareetina gasp) it is scary how fast they grow up.

Jen, sorry to hear you have to wait for blood test results for so long, but hopefully all will be ok xx and i know what you mean about feeling emotional, i seam to be crying at every little thing.

Liz great to hear your starting to feel a little bit better and have more energy gasp)

Well yesterday i went for my NT scan and all is ok, came up as low risk so happy with that and bubs looks so cute just tucked up on its tummy. Can tell already that this bubs is going to be very different to DS, at my 12week scan with DS he wouldnt stay still, and still doesnt LOL where as this one is a lot more chilled gasp) oh and lady thinks it might be a boy ! will see what they say at the 20week scan gasp)

Hope everyone is taking care and enjoying the better weather where ever we are all based oh and Australian Pop Idol has started in nz and got to watch it last night, god that was funny, love all that sort of stuff ehehehe

Hi everyone

Im quite new to the message boards here and spotted this one! will it be ok if i join you guys on your preggy journeys? my names cenedra and i am due 09th Feb next year so already at 16 weeks (well tuesday lol)

hope all of pregnancies have been great and congratulations

Havent been on in a while so firstly
Lizzie - I am so so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. Look after yourself.
Well we all (partner, 3 year old daughter and I) felt baby moving around on Saturday morning (I am 14 weeks today). It was awesome to be able to all experience it together. I had been feeling little movements for about a week but nothing from the outside until yesterday. I felt my daughter move for the first time at 16 weeks so this one was certainly a bit earlier - I think because second time round you know what it feels like, so know what to look for.
Morning sickness has all but gone. Just pops back every now and again to remind me how horrible it was.... and I think, but dont want to speak to soon, that I finally have that "glow" that I missed out on last time because I was sick for 6 months!! YAY for a completely different pregnancy this time round.
Hope everyone is well.
RKA glad to hear sickness is almost gone. Like you I had it for about 7 months though the throwing up stopped just nausea, and this time around I'm finding at about now if I get too hungry I get sick and in the morning I have to throw up and then I'm on my way. Bizarre things pregnancy does to us! Yay for you all feeling baby move smile I can't quite feel bubs move on the outside and it's still at random times of day but looking forward to a few weeks time when they get stronger and others can feel when there is a bit of routine.

I'm going through bad preggo brain, yesterday I left to go to work drove the 20 minutes there got out of my car and realised...I LEFT MY OFFICE KEYS AT HOME! Had to drive all the way back and by then I just called left a message saying oops not making it in sorry. LOL what a ditz. Bad enough that I'm blonde but a blonde pregnant brain just doesn't work right!

Sorry I've not taken notes tonight and I'm about to eat dinner. Hope all is well with everyone.

Hi All!
I am also new to the forum life and pregnancy. My first is due Feb. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow. Would love to chat with everyone now and then. I hadn't thought much about others who may be due around the same time. It's pretty awesome to know that others can understand right now what you are experiencing. Hope you don't mind me joinging the forum.
Hi ladies,
well i think preggy brain seems to have well and truly hit everyone. My DH, DS and I staid at my mums last night and it was my job to pack the bags well, Dh didn't get a jacket or a clean pair of undies. I forgot my shoes to go with my dress I wore out to an engagement party last night and had to borrow some off my sister, I completely forgot DH whole outfir and we had to drive the 35mins home to get it.

On the upside I weiged myself and still have only put on 4 kilos yay. My baby bump is getting a bit more noticable but still looking like a big fat giggle beer bump lol
Hi all, sorry I havent taken notes, preggo brain is pretty bad right now. Other than that though I feel pretty great. Till about 6pm each day when I get tired then I dont feel so great lol. We seem to have skipped the end of winter and even spring here in Brisbane. 33 degrees max today! Not a jacket in sight. Not sure what this is going to mean for me when heavily pregnant in January!!!! Might have to just stay in the air con as much as possible.

Have another hospital appointment Friday to meet with an obstetrician. Have to remember to write down my questions so that I dont draw a blank this time. This is just for them to assess me and my pregnancy risk and make sure I'm low enough risk just to see the midwife clinic for the rest of the pregnancy.

Having some bizarre dreams again. Last night I dreamt that we got our little boy home (a sign maybe?? hehe) and then I realise we had NO clothes, NO nappies not one thing for the baby!!! I was freaking out!! LOL

Got a referral for my 20 week scan on Saturday so I booked it in this morning hurray! How handy that I happen to have a scan place at the end of my road too (its a very long road tongue). So that is booked for the 28th of September, god only knows how I am going to drink and not pee out a litre of water that morning. 5 weeks and we have decided we are definitely finding out the sex of our little one.

Anyway better get some work done!

Hope everyone is well, will try to do better with personals next time


Hi All smile

Haven't been on here for a bit, so much to catch up on & guess what as I was reading the 2nd last post I thought I didn't take notes! Silly me!

Firstly though, Lizzie I was so sad to read your news, please take care of yourself, it is a difficult time & I hope you are doing as well as can be expected x

Welcome to our newcomers! Good to have you on board & look forward to getting to know you on our journey to February.

Preggo brain has also settled in here, I went to the corner store specifically for bread yesterday & came home without it, so of course had to go back again.

Was 14wks on Saturday & late Saturday night I felt my first kick! Very exciting!

Have my first midwife appointment on Thursday, can't wait to hear the heartbeat & book my 18-19wk scan.

Well must be off, the boys have finished breakfast & I need to clean up the mess. Have a good day!


DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hello all,
is anyone else having massive problems falling asleep even thought they are really really tired ????? It is taking me nearly an hour to fall asleep every night and its so so getting to me because i'm waking up about three - four times to go to the toilet of because DS is awake and so on.

AAARRGGHHHH I want the school holidays to come so i can sleep during the day when DS has his sleep. Only four weeks to go.
Hi and welcome to the new mums. Hope to share this wonderful experience with you all.

All is going well here. DS had his party on Saturday and enjoyed his cake!

I am ok, get moments when I feel a bit dizzy and other times when I feel a bit sick. Tummy still just looks fat!

Hope all is well.


Hi ladies,

Yay i have my first midwife appointment today was beginning to think she was never going to come see me as i was meant to see her 3 weeks ago and she cancelled.

Feel a bit sad today as my brothers gf had to have an op yesterday and when the surgeon saw her last night he told her she has very bad scarring in and outside her tubes she had a large area of endo as well dr removed that, he told her he didnt remove her tubes but it will have to be done soon. What a thing to go through at 21 sad

I hope she will get to enjoy having at least 1 child before she has to go through this because its not fair no one should have to ever go through that.

sorry about the moan ladies sad

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Well my midwife has gone and done it again she has cancelled my appointment on me because she is still on holiday.
Im at the point of wanting to change midwives because I am starting to lose confidence in her maybe I should have listened to what I was told about her.

I was already down this morning and now my hormones have got the better of me and the tears have taken over I have even had to put hunter to bed so I can just try calm down sad

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