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Clare I got stretch marks on my boobs really early on with ds pregnancy because they grew out of control like yours sound to have done, I went from small c to almost a small d in 12 weeks and they were painful. They do fade, but breastfeeding also makes them a bit shapier...putting it nicely smile I can't see mine so much anymore. I hardly got a stretch mark on my stomach though if that helps, I only got about 6 small ones (the size of a staple) on my right side near my hip because ds laid there spine out and stretched that side more. Unfortunately my butt and thighs caught the bad side of it and dh never told me how bad until ds was born and I saw for myself. I cried but honestly they fade and it's worth it. smile Hope that helps you hun it will be alright! Oh I got a stretch mark on my belly button because of my operation there and it got warped BUT it's completely gone! Can't see it at all.

JonRah I'd call your midwife just to check what they think, it may be some pulled muscles but if it eases your mind then don't hesitate. I called my mw with the dumbest questions when pregnant with ds, and I've already called her 3 times already LOL she must think I'm a fruit loop. Hope you are well, elevate your legs and keep resting. Oh if you were wearing something slightly with heels that may have caused slipping? I slipped all the time and had to be in flat shoes from about 10 weeks with ds because my balance was so bad.

Oh the sleeping comfy thing, it's ok to sleep on your tummy you can get pillows, just don't do it if it's too uncomfortable but your body will turn you over. Sleeping on your left side is meant to be the best way, but through my pregnancy the only way I got comfy was to sleep on my right side because of the way he lay inside my stomach. A pillow between your knees can help keep pressure off your uterus and stop you from rolling your stomach, and also a pillow wedging under your side so you are lying on it can help too, especially when the bump gets bigger.

Anyway better go have my second dinner. Hope everyone is well sorry if I missed anyone.

Well had my scan today and all is looking good. Haven't got the results for the down syndrome thing but the part on the back of the neck was fine so should be all good. We took our daughter (nearly 3) along with us. She loved it! Baby waved at her and all!
Morning sickness has eased heaps - seems to only be every couple of days - yeehah!
Still waiting on that pregnancy glow.
Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
Hi Ladies gasp)

great to hear some of us are starting to enjoy been preggy gasp) and sorry to hear some of us are not well with colds and flu xx

Sarah i can totally understand you been worried, i would contact your midwife just so she can confirm all is ok gasp) i think the fact you have had no bleeding is a good sign x

Clare, stretch marks are poo ! i got away with having none until the last week of pregnancy with DS and then my skin just gave way gasp( So this time round im using 'living Nature' Belly oil. It has been proven to reduce stretch marks and scares though clinical trials, and also i know a few mums who swear by it gasp) Im going to use it from now until ive lost the baby weight. Can use the oil on bb's too just not on face gasp)

RKA, great news about your scan going well gasp)

Well im finding the weeks just go to slowly gasp( LOL i have my scan at the end of this week and i wish that would hurry up gasp) and i wish my bump would just hurry up and grow so i looked preggy and not just fat LOL never happy me. However what is really really nice is i have felt bubs a bit more lately at night when im resting and it is really easy to listen to the heart beat now and sits at a happy 160 gasp) Was listening to bubs heart beat and DS said 'hello baby in the tummy' and gave my tummy a kiss. awww is was soo sweet.

Hi All,

Sounds like things are going really well for everyone and that we are all starting to enjoy our pregnancies! I too wish my tummy would just pop, just look fat at the moment.

As for stretch marks, well I have had heaps since puperty! On my boobs, thighs, hips and also arms. Got so with DS but never worried about them. DH rubs my tummy ever night with cream which is really nice.

Oh and on bood size. I went from a 12E (i think?) to 16G. Currently about a 14F/14G, just depends but I am still BF, but only once a day.

Ok I am off to the shops and need to go wake up DS.

Hope all is good.


hey all, havent been on in a while, been busy with work and uni and all those things.

good to hear that not many people are experiencing morning sickness, i was 13 weeks yesterday and have only had 3 days where i had ms. fingers crossed it stays this way smile

we have our first ultrasound today!! we are both sooo excited!!

hope everyone is taking care of themselves!!



Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd let you all know I had my scan today and unfortunately it wasn't good....
Bubs didn't have a heartbeat sad
I should have been 12 weeks 2 days but bubs was only measuring 11 weeks 3 days.

Midwife said it was quite strange as I was quite far along and had no bleeding, symptoms anything. Bloods and urine etc had all been perfect and have had no cramps or anything...

Have to go to the hospital tomorrow and talk to the gynies there and have a D&C which hopefully they can do tomorrow. It sounds awful but now I know I would just rather it happen straight away.....

So anyway, this is where I'll love you and leave you.
All the best for your pregnancies and good luck with your gorgeous babies.....

Lizzie x
My heart goes out to you and your family. I trust that you are doing as well as can be expected. Not sure what else I can say.

Lots of hugs.



I am so sorry for your loss, Im not sure anything I say will make you feel any better.

I will be thinking of you and your family and please take care xox


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hope everyone and their bellies are doing good. had to see doc today have sinus and throat infection not very fun!!
can't wait to get this out the way so can enjoy this baby!!
also have really bad reflux type heartburn this time around!!
sorry bout the grumbles girls - got off way to easy with dd.

i have strecthmarks all over belly partly to gaining so much weight however. boobs also gone up size already
loz - sorry to hear bout the grumbles at work some ppl can be so hurtful!!! we are all happy for you smile

have finally started to grave food other than things from the bread and deep fried food groups yay!! wanting fruit and stacks of it. still taking my vitamins are calcium tablets able to be taking in preg??
will have to eat more cheese and yogy then and have been craving hot chocolate made only from milk yum yum!!
hope everyones week will be smooth sailing
chat soon


I'm also due Feb 2010. I am a teacher but was lucky enough to go part time during pregnancy. I don't know how you don't fall asleep in class by the end of the week.
Oh Lizzie I'm so sorry, obviously nothing I can say will make you feel better but know that we all feel for you here sad

Take care hun and hopefully before long you'll be back in here and pregnant again


oh Lizzie, I am so sorry to hear your news. I wish i could say something that would offer you and your family some comfort, but i know words wouldnt even touch the surface. xxx

Rest in peace little baby angle xx

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