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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hey girls, These antibiotics are overrated, i'm still coughing and blowing my nose like every ten seconds and i only have three more days left of them. sad

I found out yesterday that my best friends sister who i am also close to is preg with her first after almost 18mths of trying. She had one early miscarriage, like 5weeks and was told it would be very hard to get preg because of endometriosis problems. So very happy she persisted with it all. But you can never get your timing right with these things as she was supposed to be the other bridesmaide apart from myself in her sisters wedding but her due date is a weeks after the wedding and its too close a call to have her in it in case she goes early or something else.

Well I have my next Ultrasound booked in four weeks. yay only four weeks to go till i find out if i have another little boy or my first girl. smile
Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note from me to say YAY I am 12 weeks today!!
With the constant nausea it feels like it's taken me ages to get here! But at least that is finally starting to let up and starting to get my energy back...

I'm also feeling like nesting but just don't have the energy to do it! I was manic last time so can just imagine I'll be the same this time. Every surface in my house was washed, cleaned, dusted, Every cupboard cleaned out etc etc.....

I have my scan on Tuesday so really looking forward to that....

Well hope you've all had a great weekend, will let you know how the scan goes....

Lizzie smile

P/s Jei - we must have been on the same thread last time?? I don't remember you but mind you since having a kid my memory is shot!!! What date what your son born?? My DD was born 19 April 2008 and this one due 28 Feb 2009....

Hey its good to see theres a feb 2010 thread, im also 13 weeks and still no scan sad been very dissappointed at my doctors visits, just the blood pressure and weight and wee test lol

This is my first pregnancy and im very excited at actually seeing our baby on screen...then maybe it would feel a bit more real...dont get me wrong, the pot belly, the morning sickness and hormone changes are enough for me to believe it...but i still want to know my baby's doing ok!!!

Im due on the 14th or 15th of feb and cant wait smile im feeling all the things i should be...excited, nervous, impatient and scared senseless lol so im guessing i'll be popping in every chance i get for sum preggas chat lol

til then take care, i wish you well with your pregnancy anfd most of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! lol

Posted by: ClareAM
Hi All

well had my first midwife appointment today which was a bit disappointing to be honest! LOL it was just a bunch of questions and answers. In two weeks I go back to see an obstetrician who will assess me then if everything is ok I will be having monthly appointments to see the midwives.

She didnt check the babies heartbeat or anything only really my blood pressure. I asked her and she said they didnt usually do that before 14 weeks and that all that would be done at my next appointment. Boo! Oh well I guess its only two weeks away.

She also said that I have to go back to my GP to get a referral for my 20 week scan. Bit annoyed at all the running around as I thought the hospital would be able to do this part :S

Though just talked to my sister who had a baby last year, she said last time the hospital did it and this time they told her to get a referral from the GP. Pain in the bum!

Oh well at least the ball is rolling now I guess. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend.

Lizzie I never actually joined the due in april thread but joined afterwards when ds was born on 29 april. smile Our bubs aren't going to be far apart this time around either hehe. Glad to hear you are at 12 weeks and things are slowly improving. I'm nesting a bit too, but think I will do more so when we get all the clothes etc from storage so I can wash wash wash everything hehe. Good luck with the scan tomorrow I know everything will be ok smile

Welcome Tanya-Lee hope you are enjoying your first pregnancy so far and it hasn't been too down with nausea etc. It does improve into the second trimester.

Rose Oh a surprise that will be nice for you for lucky number 4 smile I hope everything is going well. All I remember too is the fortnightly then weekly appointments where they are constantly checking fundal height. I think my midwife did it once at 12 weeks with ds and then not until around 18 weeks when I was in hospital.

Lozwatts so sorry to hear the antibiotics aren't working. That sucks! Hopefully it keeps clearing everyday and you are back on your feet again soon. I can't believe 4 weeks until your anatomy scan. Wow 15 weeks! I'm still overjoyed I've made it to 13 weeks lol. Not long and you are half way!
That is wonderful news about your friend falling pregnant after trying so long with endo. well done to her I hope she has a very uncomplicated and smooth pregnancy and labour.

Things are well here, nausea is gone just get a slight bit in the morning and throw up once, early evening I feel a bit yucky but I think it's from all that running around I do. Backs a bit sore with things slowly shifting and doesn't help that ds is near 14kg and carrying him is a bit uncomfortable at times. Yesterday had a really long dizzy spell that lasted 3 hours and pins and needles all through my left leg and numbness in my hands, my midwife said I needed to go and lie down and rest so a 2 hour nap fixed it. I never had that with ds, it will be interesting to see how low my bp has dropped. It was quite low with ds, but since 2 weeks before having him my bp started to rise to a "normal" amouth and it's stayed that way which is weird. With ds it sometimes was 90/50 and then just before it was 140/70 which apparently is normal when you are about to go into labour your bp rises slightly.
Not having dreams at the moment which is a nice change but still waking tons to pee, I've timed them at night it's almost bang on every 2 hours, and I'm not even drinking throughout the night. Time to get used to it I think!

Am finally starting to enjoy the pregnancy a bit more since the common complaints are slowly easing up, and feeling very gentle kicks or quickening makes it more real too.

Hope everyone is keeping well. Better go start the day. Hope everyone has a great week

Hi ladies,
Well DS#1 is home from school today with and upset tum sad
Its 850am and I am already eating choccy its so bad I cant believe Im craving so much sweet stuff with this pregnancy hope I dont gain too much weight hehe.

I even did the ring over the palm of my hand trick that a few of my friends have done all in good fun but it has been accurate for them. when I did it, it came back as 2 boys which I already have and then a girl so fingers crossed hehehe
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hey everyone

How r u ?

Well im 14 weeks today yay!! ive started getting the cold, which ive tried so hard not to get and my bro passed it on to me trying to say its hayfeaver not the cold grr, glad hes on camp this week, but miss him already lol.

Been getting bad nightmares again, last night i dream i sliped over at the hairdressers and had to have a ultrasound, and they found everything wrong with the baby, that scared the shit outta me!! So many bad dreams and restless sleep it sucks.

Been a realaxing weekend apart from the lack of sleep. can anyone help me, i cant get confortable when i am sleeping. does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do with the pillows etc i used to sleep on my tummy all the time and have found it hard since being pregnant that i cant anymore, i sometimes wake up and i am on my tummy so frustrating.!! any suggestions will be great thank u!!

Tracey - Hope u feel better soon!! and Happy birthday for last week! My midwifes are cathy middleton and ruth dunno her last name, i see ruth this week on thursday for my 2nd midwife visit so i hope that goes well, bit nervous going on my own but nevermind. I dont work, but am trying to do some partime waittressing work at some places with a couple of interviews today and straight after mw appoint on thursday, feels like another full on week which will be tiring.

Hope everyone is well


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Hi All smile

I've now made it to 13wks, well I was 13wks on Saturday! So hard to believe the time is flying by so quickly. Think it feels quicker this time with running around after 2 munchkins & thankfully have little or no m/s (but after the first 2 pregnancies I think I deserve no m/s this time lol)

Have my first midwife appt in just over a week now, will be so reassuring to finally hear the heartbeat, as in one way having no m/s has been a bit unsettling. It is so disappointing to hear so many haven't been happy with their first appt's. I am very lucky as the hospital where I go is awesome - at every appt they do heartbeat, fundal height & all the other routine bits. With both my boys my first appt was around 12wks & they also listened to the heartbeat then, so must be different hospital's have different ways of doing things. Only thing I'm not looking forward to is the blood tests as I hate needles!

Was thankful over the weekend hubby pretty much looked after DS1 so on Saturday I got some nice one on one time with DS2 & also snuck in a 2hr nanna nap whilst he slept! & then yesterday I had a burst of energy so my whole garden got a good water & I pottered around doing odd jobs. Feeling like today I have an urge to clean walls lol.

Sorry no personals today, as I forgot to take notes whilst reading through. Must remember to leave a notepad near the computer as there is always so much to read!
Chat soon,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Wow so many posts to read, I have been a bit slack on here smile

Well have my GP appointment booked so I can get a referral for my 20 week scan. Will try to book it for about 6 weeks time as I am 14 weeks today hurray!

Welcome Tanya-Lee and congrats!

Thanks to all the ladies that said they felt the same during the early appointments. I guess we are all just excited about our babies and its hard when the drs and midwives who see so many of us every day just arent quite as excited hehe.

Seeing an OB from the hospital in two weeks though to make sure I can continue on with just Midwife appointments and hopefully they will listen to bubby then.

Lozwatts what antibiotics did they put you on? When I got a chest infection during that horrible swine flu I had the dr initially gave me something called Keflex, did absolutely nothing so he changed me to amoxicillin which is apparently better for respitory infections and still category A. Sorry you are feeling sick still.

My poor sister who is nine weeks just got really ill and thinks she has tonsilitis so I hope she gets better soon. Its really awful being sick and pregnant.

Jei my morning sickness sounds about like yours. Its mostly gone, but I'm still sick in the mornings then ok for the rest of the day. Then when I get home from work I feel a bit blahhh till i eat dinner.

Had the worst nights sleep last night, had been using a body pillow but i think i got too hot so i threw it out of the bed and was more comfy heat wise but then less comfy lying on my left side.

Anyway enough of a ramble from me! I am trying very hard to stop procrastinating at work but its very hard when I really dont feel like being here haha.

Hope everyone is well


Hi Clare, yes they gave me Keflex, I will have taken the last tablet wednesday night. I think i may need to go back as i'm still coughing up and blowing out of my nose this horrible green stuff (sorry if that was TMI)

Anyway I bit the bullet and told work today that I'm preg. I sent the principal and assisstant principal an email, exressing my interest in an ongoing position and like for the school. So hopefully they don't find a way to discriminate me because i'm preg when they conduct interviews for offers of ongoing positions next month. A bit worried about it though but i',sick of hiding it like its something to be ashamed of. Just over it all really. I told some close work mates about the email and they looked mortified and just said WHY? It wasnt the reaction i was hoping for and has actually made me feel a bit crap sad
Loz dont be too down, just remember people can react really weirdly to pregancy news and their reaction is about them not you. I'm really certain the school wont be prejudice because you are pregnant.

This is probably WAY TMI but I just wanted to complain that I already have some stretch marks on one boob!! What the?!?! Admittedly i have had to get new bras because I've gone from a small B to a full C but still it was alarming. I dont want stretch marks LOL esp this early. My tummy isnt even that big yet.


Hello ladies,

How are all the bumps going?

Looking for a bit of advice here, I slipped over at a restaurant a few days ago. (The type of slip where you cant get your footing, so I slipped about 4 times!) And I'm getting short stabbing pains down there. I was thinking I had just pulled a muscle or something. I started getting them every now and then, but I'm getting them more frequently now.

I don't know if it's anything to worry about, but should I contact my midwife? I'm not bleeding or anything like that.

Thanks for any advice smile
Oh Sarah, sorry to hear you slipped over, hope you're feeling ok? I'm sure you and bubs are fine but I think to put your mind at ease you should definately get yourself checked out - at least tell your midwife and go from there. I definately would if I was in your position. Pregnancy is such a scary time isn't it? I mean its really wonderful but it can scare the crap out of you at the same time because there is so much to consider.

Lozwatts sorry to hear you didn't get a positive reaction from some of your friends, Clare was right, their reaction was all about them and nothing to do with you. Its really hard when someone doesn't give you the reaction you expect. When I told a girl in my mums group that I was pregnant she didn't look thrilled for me and I felt really bad. I know she's been trying for number 2 for approx 18 months now and I ended up feeling really guilty about my news and then I thought no hang on a minute its not my fault she's having problems and I shouldn't be feeling guilty for being pregnant. Its so hard.

Anyway hope everyone is feeling well x
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